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FAQ vaccination registration

ATTENTION: Have you already made a reservation for the corona vaccination? If not, please make the reservation via the portal You can find all information on this here: FAQ vaccination registration platform.

As soon as you are designated as a registered person for the vaccination, you will receive a link to the registration platform by email or SMS. There you can select and fix your vaccination appointment.

On the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs you will find information and relevant documents for carrying out the vaccination:

FAQ vaccination registration platform

Registration for vaccination

How does the registration for vaccination work?

As soon as you are scheduled for a vaccination appointment, you will receive an invitation to register for a vaccination by email or SMS. There you have to click on the invitation link and this will take you to the registration platform. After clicking on the yellow "Start registration" field, you will be sent a TAN by email and / or SMS. For security reasons, you must enter this in the corresponding field on the registration platform. If necessary, you can request a new TAN at any time.

In the next step you can choose in which district and at which vaccination site you want to be vaccinated. You can then select a free date (day and time). Your appointment booking will then be confirmed. You will also receive a registration confirmation by email and / or SMS. This also includes your personal vaccination ticket and an information sheet.

When I register, can I see which vaccine I am receiving? Can I choose the vaccine?

Yes, which vaccine is intended for you is already stated in the invitation to register for vaccination. You will receive this via email and / or SMS. Choosing a specific vaccine is not possible.

I accidentally deleted my vaccination ticket or the SMS / email with the invitation link. Can I get it again?

Please provide your first name, surname, social security number, mobile phone number and / or email address by email to [email protected] or by calling the Carinthian Corona hotline 050 536 53003. Then the vaccination ticket or the invitation link will be sent to you again.

I have reserved myself and one other person with the same cell phone number / email address. Can we both now register for the vaccination anyway? Do we get the invitation link sent twice?

A separate invitation is sent for each person. In the invitation and also afterwards during the registration process you will see the first name and surname of the person concerned. So there can be no mix-ups. ATTENTION: Not all people who have registered from a family are invited and vaccinated at the same time! The dates are arranged according to precisely defined criteria and can therefore be different for several people from the same family.

I don't have a smartphone, just a cell phone without internet access. I don't have my own email address either. What should I do?

To register, an invitation link will be sent to your mobile phone number via SMS. You can forward this SMS to the internet-enabled smartphone of someone you trust or your community of residence. The person you trust or the community can then click on the link and register with you, preferably by telephone. If you have a computer with Internet access, you can also type the link from the SMS into the Internet browser yourself.

In the next step, you will receive a so-called TAN on your mobile phone via SMS. The TAN simply has to be entered as a confirmation on the registration platform. When you have finished registering, you will receive a link to your vaccination ticket via SMS. You must then forward this link to your trusted person or community via SMS or type it into your computer's Internet browser. Then the vaccination ticket can be printed out.

When I made my reservation, I gave the e-mail address / mobile phone number of a person I trust or my community of residence. What's happening now?

In this case, the person you trust or the municipality will receive the invitation link for your vaccination registration. The person you trust or the community must inform you about this and then please also help you register for the vaccination. Together, preferably over the phone, you choose a vaccination date and the location where you want to be vaccinated. Once you have registered, the person you trust or the community will receive your vaccination ticket electronically. Please have the vaccination ticket printed out and sent to you.

Changes to the registration

Can I change or cancel my vaccination appointment?

Yes. To do this, open the invitation to register for vaccinations received by email and / or SMS. After a TAN confirmation and starting the registration, the vaccination appointment you have booked will be displayed. Click on the yellow field "Cancel appointment". Then comes the security question “Do you really want to cancel the appointment?”. Confirm with OK". You can use your invitation to register for vaccinations, as long as it is still open, to book a new appointment for the current vaccination campaign at any time.

What happens if I miss my vaccination appointment?

You will be invited or reminded one more time to register. If you do not do that or miss the second appointment, you will drop out of the reservation system and have to make a new reservation.

Other questions about vaccination registration

I have not received a TAN or the TAN I entered is invalid. What's going on there?

Sometimes the sending of the TAN via SMS can be delayed by a few minutes. Please do not click repeatedly on "Request TAN again". Please just wait a few minutes until you do not receive a new TAN. Use the TAN you received last. The TAN is then valid for ten minutes.

The group of people to which I belong is already vaccinated and I have not yet received any notification. What can that be?

It is possible that you did not receive a confirmation when you reserved the vaccination because you made a mistake when entering your email address or mobile phone number. It is possible, however, that you have inadvertently entered your date of birth or membership of a group of people incorrectly when making the reservation. However, it is also possible that, due to your age, it is not your turn to receive the vaccine used in the vaccination campaign.

Vaccination appointment

What do I have to bring to the vaccination appointment?

Your vaccination ticket, a photo ID (passport, identity card, driver's license), your e-card or social security number (if available), your vaccination pass (if available), the declaration of consent --- Implementation-und-Organization.html a confirmation of the information you provided when registering for the vaccination - e.g. proof of your membership in a (high) risk group or previous illnesses (medical confirmation), or proof of your membership of the invited group of people (confirmation employer, institution, organization, etc.). Without these documents you will not be vaccinated. You will also not receive a vaccination if false information is proven.

I don't have a printer. Do I have to print out the vaccination ticket? Can I also show it on my cell phone?

Yes, it is also possible to show the vaccination ticket with the QR code on your mobile phone.

Waiting list

What is the waiting list?

The waiting list is a list of people who have received an invitation to be vaccinated but have not been able to book a fixed vaccination appointment. There is a separate waiting list for each vaccination day and individually for each vaccination site.

Why is there the waiting list?

The aim of this waiting list is to divide the available vaccine doses even more efficiently. Vaccination doses should not be left over and should not be discarded.

How do I get on the waiting list?

The prerequisite is that you have received an invitation link by email and / or SMS. Without an invitation, you cannot be put on the waiting list. If you have received an invitation link for the vaccination and the desired vaccination center is fully booked on that day, you will have the opportunity to put yourself on the waiting list. You have to actively decide by clicking on "Yes, please add to the waiting list" or "No, do not add to the waiting list". Please state a mobile phone number for the waiting list.

What if i'm on the waiting list?

People on this waiting list can be contacted by phone at short notice and move up if people registered for the vaccination do not keep their appointments and vaccine doses would be left over. With the entry in the waiting list, however, it is not guaranteed to get your turn on the specific vaccination day. Please be sure to be available by phone on this day.

What if I was on the waiting list and couldn't get it?

Then you will definitely receive a new invitation link and will be vaccinated at the next possible appointment.

How long is the waiting list valid?

The waiting list is only valid for the respective vaccination center and only for a specific vaccination day, after which it is automatically deleted.

Second vaccination

When do I get the appointment for the second vaccination?

The second vaccination takes place four weeks (Moderna), six weeks (BioNTech-Pfizer) or eleven weeks (AstraZeneca) after the first vaccination appointment, depending on the vaccine. You will then be vaccinated again in the same vaccination center and at the same time as the first vaccination. One week before the second vaccination, you will receive a reminder with your vaccination ticket by email and / or SMS.