Why do Americans like to eat chicken?

21 food quirks that Americans strangely don't find super weird

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From easy cheese to red velvet cake, this is kind of weird to Europeans about American food.

1. Red Velvet Cake

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Do whatever you want, of course, America, but why color a cake red? Especially if it doesn't even taste like something red!

2. Combine sweet potatoes and toasted marshmallows.

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Sweet potato casserole is delicious. But the concept of combining a vegetable with a melted candy is just very strange.

3. This mayonnaise lust

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For most of the world, mayonnaise isn't a salad dressing, a topping on bread, or, worse, a favorite food.

4. Lots of ice in the water, no matter what time of year it is.

It's refreshing in summer, but why put five ice cubes in your drink in mid-January?

5. Call this grated semi-fat cheese "Mozzarella".

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Mozzarella should not be processed and grated, it should be eaten fresh.

6. Hawaiian pizza.

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Pineapple should never be anywhere near, much less on, a pizza.

7. Eat lunch at your desk.

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Lunch breaks are the best because 1) you get a break, 2) that eats in time. So why don't Americans do them?

8. Drink milk with the main meal.

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According to old Hollywood movies, Americans always drink a glass of milk with their main meal. And that, my friend, is very strange.

9. Drink your coffee on the go.

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Sure, it's more efficient, but it's also a lot less enjoyable than sipping on it in a coffee shop.

10. And add tons of different flavors to the coffee.

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Caramel frappuccino, peppermint mocha, gingerbread latte, pumpkin spice latte ... What's wrong with simple coffee?

11. Fry everything.

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Fried butter? Fried Oreos? America, aren't you ashamed ??

12. Fried Chicken with Waffles and Syrup

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At first I wondered what kind of monster decided to put these ingredients together. But then I tried it and now I'm wondering what kind of genius decided to put these ingredients together. But it's still WEIRD, OK ?!

13. String cheese

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String cheese is a (strangely addictive) abomination. Seriously, what do Americans have against good cheese.

14. Frito Pie

BuzzFeed.de © eatingmywaythroughoc / instagram.com

1) It's not a pie. 2) What is it then ???

15. Three liter wine bottles.

You have to admire the thirst and dedication, but the American love of super sizes is a bit strange.

16. Put a scoop of ice in the root beer.

BuzzFeed.de © bungabungabungadahlia / instagram.com

Think of root beer with vanilla ice cream, think really about it, and tell me it's not strange.

17. Easy cheese spray cheese.

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Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can explain or excuse this travesty.

18. Combine peanut butter and jam.

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It's just such an odd combination for non-Americans (although it kind of makes sense once you've tried it).

19. Shaved ice with syrup.

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Covering ice cream with syrup is just weird. Why not just have an ice cream or sorbet?

20. Eat crackers with cheese.

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Crackers are good, but bread is better.

21. And spam canned meat.

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