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Translation of "-feindlich" in English

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-hostile  adjsufanti-
anti-German anti-German
All these movements come from outside, from the universal lower nature or are suggested or thrown at you by hostile forces - hostile towards your spiritual progress.
All these movements come from outside, from the universal lower nature, or are suggested or thrown upon you by adverse forces - adverse to your spiritual progress.
The Kenyan Center for Human Rights and Democracy draws attention to the fact that there is currently a kind of arms race between the ethnic groups that took place in the 2007 elections - in which the questioner took part as an observer - hostile faced and caused slaughter.
The Kenyan Center for Human Rights and Democracy has warned that an arms race is under way between the two ethnic communities that clashed violently during the 2007 elections, leading to much bloodshed which I witnessed at first hand.

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Checks worldwide mappings that the sources more hostile Attacks and hostile Show traffic.
Review worldwide maps showing the source of hostile attacks and traffic.
Start with the storm towards the hostile Castle, kill more hostile Warriors and destroy towers.
Start with storming towards the enemy castle, killing enemy warriors, and destroying towers.
Dodge hostile Fire and destroy hostile Score tanks and ships.
Dodge enemy fire, and destroy enemy tanks and ships to score points.
After the new crushed hostile Ground forces move in hostile Territory to consolidate victory ...
After the new crushed enemy ground troops move into enemy territory to consolidate the victory ...
A hostile Person lives in a hostile World.
Hostile ones Torpedo machines on your side, Chase.
Enemy Torpedo planes coming up on your side, Chase.
Hostile ones Ground units are targeted in the same way as air units.
Acquiring the next enemy ground target is done the same way as the air targets.
Hostile ones Paratroopers can do tremendous damage to your team.
Enemy paratroopers can do your team a lot of harm.
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus makes your PC run for hostile Internet traffic invisible.
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus helps make a PC invisible to hostile Internet traffic.
Optronic shooting aid device for handguns and application for progress in more hostile Surroundings.
Optronic shooting aid device for hand weapon and its application to progress in a hostile environment.
Correct. Our shield defense against hostile Missiles.
That's right, our umbrella defense against enemy missiles.
It was amplified hostile Activity reported.
We've been notified about a lot of hostile activity in the area.
An effective one more hostile Attack could be successful.
A forceful enemy thrust could stand a good chance of breaking through.
But there aren't any here hostile Indians.
I'm telling you, there are no hostile Indians around here.
I could do it hostile Do not control bullet fire.
I couldn't control the enemy's incoming rounds.
The hostile Armed forces have withdrawn behind this mountain.
None. The enemy forces withdrew from this mountain near the Cambodian border.
There could be more out there hostile Simulation programs fly around.
There may be more hostile simulation programs out there.
He got a plan of the hostile Positions.
He promised me he'd come back with a map of the union positions.
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