Delhi is safe for everyone at night

Faith, Spirits and GiftsThe Djinn of Delhi

"They all meet here at night, they are invisible to the naked eye, they appear in the shape of cats."

Surjit Kumar speaks softly when he talks about the jinn. You could hear and see people. People, on the other hand, have to make a lot of effort. Only then is it possible to hear the jinn's breath and whispering. According to Islamic mythology, Allah created these creatures out of fire.

Kites are still circling over the walls, in the evening the jinn dare to venture out, so the belief is. (Deutschlandradio / Silke Diettrich)

Now - during the day - kites draw their large circles over the fortress with the dome, which the Sultan Feroz Shah Kotla had built in the 14th century. 700 years later, the crumbling walls are sandwiched between a cricket stadium and the multi-lane ring road of the mega-metropolis of Delhi.

People come with problems and desires

It doesn't matter what religion people belong to. People like Reena Kumar come here because they have problems:

"I have three daughters. My mother-in-law wanted me to have a son. I have come here and prayed as often as possible, and so has my husband. And our prayers have been answered. We have also been blessed with a son. "

The Kumar Tak family believes that their prayers have been answered (Deutschlandradio / Silke Diettrich)

Between the flower garlands and the incense sticks are handwritten letters in every niche of the wall. A desperate father asks his eldest son to break up his daughter because she is a bad person. An elderly couple asks that their son find a job and a wife. They copied their letter several times. Better safe than sorry.

wishes come true

Khatoun Mansouri's wishes have often been fulfilled: "We had to move out of our apartment because the owner wanted us out. We were very worried because we didn't know where we could go. And then I prayed here, and only for a few days later we found a new apartment on the same street! "

Clay bowls with desserts are spread out in the corners of the ruin - as a thank you to the jinn for helping.

"I only came today to say thank you because my last wish came true. Although the wishes never run out. You have them all your life. As soon as one is fulfilled, the next one is due. Me someone just comes back to mind - but I'm not going to tell you. "

As soon as it gets dark, everyone has to leave the fortress so as not to disturb the jinn, who then gather here to make wishes come true.