Is Prince Harry the Queens favorite?

Royal News about Meghan: "If anyone should be offended, we will!"

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have published a detailed statement on their resignation as senior royals on their website. British newspapers and Royal commentators reacted with disbelief and outrage. Now it seeps through what Meghan thinks about the fuss. Warning, spoiler: Someone is not amused!

Disrespectful. Offensive. An attack on the Queen. The reactions to Duchess Meghans, 38, and Prince Harys, 35, most recent statement on Megxit, were like that. It was published last Friday (February 21). The Duchess is said to have had enough of the days of negative headlines and is defending herself with the help of her friends.

Duchess Meghan speaks up

Meghan Markle believes she and Harry are being "harassed" by the palace and the restrictions that have been placed on them are "retaliation" for their desire for independence. She is said to have revealed this to her close friends, according to The February 21 statement is said to have been a reaction to this.

"Meghan said [she and Harry] had no choice but to make a public statement," explained one of her friends. "She said if anyone should be offended, it should be. She never intended to capitalize on the word 'royal'. To claim that they had somehow abused their privileges is absurd."

The Duchess is above all things, it seems. The insider continued, "She said she and Harry will continue to rise above jealousy and pettiness and focus on the good they create and on being the best parents to Archie."

The word "royal" is now taboo for Prince Harry and his wife

In their statement, Harry and Meghan had confirmed the rumor that they are no longer allowed to operate under the designation "Royal" in terms of business and representation. First and foremost, there are legal reasons for this. Apart from that, Queen Elizabeth, 93 - or much more her advisors - is said to have spoken a word of power.

Court reporters expect that the couple will have to rename both their website and their Instagram account of the same name when the Megxit comes into force on March 31. What will hurt Harry and Meghan more is the general loss of the prestige word "royal" for their branding.

Perhaps the reason why they pointed out in their February 21st statement that "Royal" is only legally protected in the UK and could be used abroad. The Sussexes want to do without that. To emphasize this and thus to indicate a kind of trial of strength with the Queen, met with harsh criticism.

Meghan is said to have protected Queen Elizabeth from her friends. Meghan believes the Queen "was under pressure to make these name change demands" because Harry is the "Queen's Favorite" and others simply cannot handle it.

"Never complain, never explain yourself" is the golden rule of image at the British court. The palace will certainly not like to see that Meghan broke this - albeit through a back door.

Source used: Daily Mail