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Pokémon GO: Star Slash Attack for Metagross - How Strong is it?

The Star Slash attack makes Metagross particularly powerful in Pokémon GO. The Community Day in October will therefore be more interesting.

Community Day in Pokémon GO starts on Sunday, October 21st. The special Pokémon during the event is Tanhel, which can evolve into Metang and Metagross. Metagross will then be able to learn the Star Slash attack on Sunday. As experts found out, this attack is particularly powerful.

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A few days ago, Niantic announced that the special attack for Community Day in October is Star Slash.

This has been suspected for a long time because corresponding files were found in the code of Pokémon GO.

This is how strong the attack is: As Dataminer now found out, Star Strike is now with the combat values ​​in the code of Pokémon GO. The attack deals 100 damage and the animation lasts 2.6 seconds.

Star Slash (Meteor Mash in English) is a 2-beam steel-type charge attack. Experts say: This is the strongest steel-type charge attack for Metagross.

Comparison with other attacks: PokémonGOHub compares the new attack to other attacks from Metagross. This shows clear DPS (damage per second) differences to attacks such as light cannon, psychokinesis or earthquakes.

How strong will this make Metagross overall? According to initial tests, a Metagross with a Star Chop is said to be the best steel attacker in Pokémon GO - at least of the Pokémon that have been in the game so far.

So you should definitely take part in Community Day to secure Metagross with this attack. It is said to receive a damage increase of up to 25.7% from the attack compared to its other moves.

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Even so, steel attackers are rarely important: While Metagross is much stronger with this new attack, one should keep in mind that steel is only effective against ice, fairy and rock types. And for them there are many better counterattackers who are not of the Steel type.

Compared to other Community Days attacks: The Reddit user TesMath from the Calcy IV team looked at the data from Sternenhieb and compared it with other attacks that were exclusive to these monthly events.

It is noticeable that the strength and the DPS value are as high as Flora statue. This is the attack that Bisaflor learned about at Community Day in March.

Important Community Day: It is now clear that a metagross with a star blow is particularly strong. So it is worthwhile to catch a lot of Tanhel and develop strong ones during Community Day Sunday. Note that the time window for this has been specially extended.

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