What is your favorite Arabic food

Order in Arabic - afoch tasty, afoch Mjam!

Are you ready for a little tickle on the palate? Then you should definitely order something Arabic. The cuisine of the Orient has a lot to offer. Your taste buds will throw wild parties in the frenzy of numerous spices such as cumin, garlic, chilli and coriander. Speaking of which: If you want to offer delicious Arabic food at your next party without cooking, then let Mjam show you some delivery services in Graz, Linz, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck and Salzburg. Not enough cash? It would be laughable if that were a problem. At Mjam, you can conveniently pay your invoice in advance with PayPal, credit card or instant transfer. This saves you the hassle of counting money at the door.

Arabic delivery service - treat yourself to the specialties of the Bosporus

When thinking of Arabic cuisine, most people immediately think of Turkish food - and rightly so! The varied dishes are not so popular for nothing. Order something from the doner kebab delivery service and look forward to crispy pide, juicy meat and a crunchy salad with a delicious sauce. Get yourself some spicy kofte and think of the large portion of bulgur! Instead of a doner kebab, you can also have a richly filled Dürüm or Lahmacun. As a starter one of the spicy soups is ordered, which in many countries should not be missing at any lunch; And your Arabic delivery service will surely bring you a tempting dessert too - how about baklava, for example? You can also treat yourself to a glass of Ayran or a stylish cup of tea.

Arabic restaurant - all halal or what?

Since a large part of the population of the Orient are Muslims, many dishes are also prepared halal. You can order halal in most Arabic restaurants. Just pay attention to the specified kitchen options under the restaurant name or search directly for halal delivery services. You can find more information about your food in the form of small, colorful symbols on the cards of the delivery services. They tell you at a glance whether gluten, dairy products, crustaceans, eggs or other allergenic substances have been processed.

Ordering Arabic food - it's that easy

Thanks to Mjam, the Far East is very close. With just a few clicks you can order tasty Arabic food for yourself and your friends. There are plenty of excellent delivery services available on mjam.at and in the Mjam app. They even make the herbivores among your friends happy. And maybe one or the other can be persuaded to eat without meat more often. You can order vegan food from the Araber without any problems. Grab one of the delicious lentil dishes and be happy without meat.