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Why take part?

Everyone is very welcome to contribute to bab.la and thus make our English-German dictionary as good as possible. There are always new English translations and interpretations of German terms. In addition, an English translation for a German technical term can differ greatly from area to area. That is why the English-German dictionary includes a large number of translations in English and German. Every new suggestion for the English-German dictionary is helpful. However, a suggestion from ten other users must be confirmed in order to guarantee the quality of the English translations in the English-German dictionary. Only then will the suggestion be included in the English-German dictionary. Before that, the suggestion only appears as an unconfirmed entry in the English-German dictionary.
You can become part of the bab.la community by simply registering. So you can collect points for the world rankings. For example, you get points if you suggest new English-German translations for the English-German dictionary. You can contact other bab.la users in the English-German forum. Here you can ask questions about the German language or about particularly difficult English and German translations.

Learn a language with the English-German dictionary

Why should you learn a new language? Because it will be useful for you to understand other people, their cultural background, way of thinking and much more. English is a world language spoken by billions of people as their mother tongue and chosen as their first foreign language for millions more. English is also the language of business and wherever you are in the world there is a very good chance that you will meet someone who can understand and speak English. German, on the other hand, is spoken in an economically strong country like Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. Do you need any other reasons to learn either English or German?

If you want to learn a new language, the bab.la dictionaries can help you overcome the first hurdles and discover new opportunities. In our dictionary you can find English and German translations, but also other useful tools to help you master a new language. The bab.la dictionary will bring you closer to your goal of speaking more fluently, learning new words, broadening your horizons about culture and becoming part of a large community that has one vision: to be part of it and to become the largest language portal on the Internet become.

Now we come to the part, how can you actually learn a new language? It is a way of starting a language course. This could either take place in your own country or in the country where the language is spoken. A dictionary can then be your best friend. The bab.la dictionaries will be of great help in your process of learning the language. For example, when you do your homework after the language class, use games and puzzles to playfully learn new words and phrases or look through the conjugation tables. Learning English or German is a real challenge, be it the pronunciation of certain words, the structure of sentences or the use of certain phrases. But the bab.la English-German dictionary will accompany you on the journey to better understand English or German.

Some people learn new vocabulary more easily when they see them written down. Many also say that it is best to learn the language in a country where it is the national language. However, beginners prefer to see the spelling of the word and in conjunction with articles, the correct prepositions, or other sentence forms. That's why a dictionary can be a valuable learning resource. In the English-German dictionary you will have many opportunities to improve your skills in English and German. Both languages ​​are Germanic languages; English, as mentioned before, is a global language and is the national language of a total of 54 countries, whereas German is a European language and is spoken by Germans, Austrians and Swiss. The English-German dictionary, like all other bab.la dictionaries, contains thousands of entries, words that you use every day, subject-specific terms, regional expressions or other translations. Is English your mother tongue and would you like to improve your German or are you German and would you like to learn English? You will find your answers for both languages ​​in the bab.la English-German dictionary.