Compassion is love

Compassion and love

"By empathizing I give my fellow human beings my precious presence"says the author Doris Fuentes. To suffer with others weakens our strength. Let us show compassion for it, let us show them true love. We do not give away our life force, but our love. Therefore, it would be very valuable for all of us to learn to empathize with our fellow human beings and to show them love and compassion instead of having pity on others.

Blog Parade “Find Your Inner Truth”

The blog parade “Find Your Inner Truth” is currently running and I'm looking forward to being there with around 20 other bloggers, as the book Seelengeflüster. Am I dreaming, or are you still telling a story? very touched. The book serves as a starting point and inspiration for dealing with important spiritual questions and topics.

Compassion instead of pity

I chose chapter 16 on love and compassion for my participation in the blog parade because I find the essence so important and I would therefore like to share it with all my readers: compassion means that we respect our fellow man, his story and his life plan. If I give my counterpart my fullest sympathy instead of pity, I respect my counterpart for the experiences he is making. Why those love is so infinitely important, I probably don't have to explain to you: "Love is the essence of the soul." - describes Doris Fuentes in chapter 16. Often there are no bigger and more valuable movements in the world than those of love!

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The other topics of the blog parade on the soul whispering book are also very exciting, because it is about the power of resonance, being free, living inner truth and finding peace in the heart. I'm really looking forward to the other posts. If you take part in everything besides me in the blog parade, you will find this post by the blogger “Sissi dances in the rain”. Let the next few weeks be an inspiration for you!

What is soul whispering about?

The young girl Ramona falls into a coma after a serious snowboarding accident and has a truly extraordinary near-death experience. She can suddenly speak to her autistic brother Henry. He explains his little sister in a very humorous and touching way, the secret of life, the wonders of creation and everything about the soul. Ramona is amazed at her brother's deep spiritual knowledge and she discovers that in his mind the Key to everlasting happiness is hidden.

Compassion and love

The author Doris Fuentes has the following prayer for you on the subject of compassion and love:

Dear God (angels, helpers, allies, ancestors, etc.),

Your light is balm for my soul.
Help me discover the properties of
To live with compassion and generosity,

towards myself and my fellow human beings.
Give me abundance in my existence.

Radiant light fills my whole being.

Thanks for the blessing.

At this point, many thanks to Doris Fuentes for the wonderful book “Seelengeflüster” and the prayer on the subject of compassion and love. It not only touched me deeply, but also inspired and created clarity. It is an excellent book about existence and the meaning of it all, written very profoundly and emotionally.

Anyone who is open to spirituality, is interested in near-death experiences or is currently searching for meaning will find the deep spiritual knowledge clearly explained in clear, easily understandable words in “Seelengeflüster”. I now have a lot of dear people in my head whom I would like to give the book to so that they can get to know this true path to more peace in their hearts.

Mantra Meditation: Love & Compassion

Another nice way to fill your heart with a lot of love and compassion is mantra meditation. In this meditation you can inhale "Love" and on the exhale "Compassion" say in mind. To do this, repeat your mantra in your mind for at least 3 minutes.

I wish you a life full of love and compassion - courage and strength to live these feelings in everyday life!

your Stefanie

P.S. Tomorrow is at the blog parade “Find your own truth” Monika Maurer live from ease for you! It's her turn to write on the important topic of dying.