Why can't I register for Instagram?

Instagram: "Unfortunately there was a problem with your request" - what to do?

When trying to log into Instagram, sometimes the error message "Sorry, there was a problem with your request" appears. We will help you to solve the problem so that you can log into Instagram again without any problems.

There is no precise cause for the problem. So you'll need to go through the various suggested solutions to get rid of the notification when you sign up.

Instagram: "Unfortunately there was a problem with your request" - solutions

Usually the problem is device-related. On other smartphones, registration usually works without any obstacles. If you don't have another phone or tablet handy, try the following:

  • You will find the option below the login window Get help signing up. You will receive an email with a link that will lead you to login to Instagram.
  • Resetting the Instagram password also often helps to solve the login problem.
  • Link your Instagram account with Facebook and log in to Instagram using your Facebook data.
  • Clear the Instagram app cache.
  • Uninstall Instagram from the phone and then reinstall the application.

Further suggested solutions

Also, check that your phone is properly connected to the internet. If necessary, switch from WiFi to the mobile network or vice versa. It is possible that the problem is not with your account, but with Instagram itself. You can use the website allestören.de to check whether there are currently any problems with the Instagram servers that are preventing you from logging in.

Also make sure that the latest version of Instagram is installed on your phone. Update the app if necessary. If your problem cannot be solved permanently and the message "Unfortunately a problem occurred with your request" does not disappear, a smartphone reset could help. Before resetting, you should create a backup of your data.

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