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Character information

Combat information


9999 (box),

1600 (EX),
30000 (NEO),


30 (box),

47 (EX),
90 [10] (NEO),


255 (box),

47 (EX),
9 [-40000] (NEO),


Scream, burn, turn around, shout (box),

Show off, pose, turn around quickly (EX)

- Mettaton

Mettaton is a robot with a soul built by Alphys, who originally played a manhunter, but later turns out to be the only TV star of the underground.

Description [edit | Edit source]

Shapes [edit | Edit source]

Initial form [edit | Edit source]

Mettaton initially appears as a gray, rectangular box with a grid of lights on top that change color depending on Mettaton's behavior. It has four discs on the underside of its body and has a single leg that ends in a wheel. His two arms are segmented and end in white gloves.

Mettaton EX [edit | Edit source]

After flipping his switch on his back

Mettaton transforms into Mettaton EX, a new body he asked Alphys for. In this humanoid form, he has black hair covering his right eye, pale "skin" and visible metal segments under and above his left eye.

He has a pink chest with a rotary dial on one side and a speaker on the other, a narrow metallic waist that keeps his soul upside down[1] and black shoulder guards over his segmented arms that end in white gloves. His long black-clad legs are tucked into pink heeled boots.

Mettaton NEO [edit | Edit source]

In the Genocide Route, Mettaton transforms into Mettaton NEO, which is similar to Mettaton EX but has a more combat-oriented design.

His right forearm has been replaced by a cannon, his shoulders are covered with leg-shaped shoulder plates that are longer than his arms. Wings protrude from its back. The soul at his waist points upwards, more like a monster, and he has a heart shape engraved on his chest plate like Undyne the Immortal. The hair on his right side is spiky, revealing a completely black segment of his face, with a glitter or crosshair in place of his right eye.

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Mettaton is a staunch and charming TV host who loves drama, action, and violence. He lives for his reviews and loves to perform. He allegedly always takes a pose when he does something wrong and always finds the time to fortune "sales-turning bad guys". He sometimes shows a rather superficial appreciation for his existence. In contrast to his seemingly vain personality, the positive impression that his program leaves on the inhabitants of the underground is very important to him.

Main story Edit source]

Neutral route Edit source]

Alphys warns the protagonist about a machine she built herself, Mettaton. Alphys describes him as a robot who was originally made as a TV star, but eventually got anti-human combat features (presumably to get Asgore's attention).

Immediately after this warning, Mettaton breaks through the wall (only a few meters, which suggests that he has been lying in wait for a long time) and forces the protagonist to a deadly quiz show.

Mettaton asks a series of multiple choice questions that must be answered correctly within the specified time (the number is 30, but goes down about two numbers per second, so only 15 seconds of response time is available). If answered incorrectly or not within the time limit, Mettaton will fire an inevitable electric shock that does a lot of damage. Alphys at the top right gives the correct answer with a show of hands; Noticing this, Mettaton decides to expose Alphys by asking a question about Alphys' love life. Ultimately, Mettaton leaves with the words that the quiz show has lost all dramatic tension.

While the protagonist travels through Hotland, Mettaton embroils him in deadly imitations of various television genres. The first trap is a cooking show where mettaton is a dish with a human soul as the main ingredient. Alphys calls and suggests that a few onlookers could be vegans to keep Mettaton from using the protagonist's soul as an ingredient, so Mettaton points to a replacement on a distant dresser.

However, the dresser begins to rise from the floor at a rapid pace. The protagonist becomes

thereby forced to use the jetpack function of his cell phone and fly upstairs to get the replacement within the allotted time. If the protagonist manages, Mettaton says that he baked the cake in advance before he left. If he doesn't make it, Mettaton suddenly notices that the show is on a commercial break and that he doesn't want to kill the protagonist without a viewer. In any case, he says that Alphys thwarted his plans. Second comes a breaking news segment in which the protagonist should report one of the several items in the room, all of which turn out to be bombs. Mettaton distributes the bombs

then in the room and the protagonist has to defuse everyone with one of the programs installed by Alphys on the mobile phone before a larger bomb explodes in the middle. If the protagonist defuses everyone in time, Mettaton announces that the big bomb will now explode in two seconds instead of two minutes. Regardless of whether the bombs have been defused or not, Alphys hacks into the big bomb and deactivates it.

Third and last, Mettaton catches the protagonist in a musical, in which Mettaton is about a forbidden love between him, a monster, and the protagonist, a person. He mentions how sad it is that the human being is sent into a dungeon before a trap door opens and the protagonist falls into a room with a color tile puzzle. Mettaton announces that the protagonist has to complete the puzzle within a certain time, otherwise he will be burned to death by a wall of flames. If the protagonist completes the puzzle, Mettaton deactivates the fire as Alphys would have done it anyway. If it fails, the flames get closer and closer before Alphys can detect them. If you have stood on a green tile on failure, Mettaton reminds the protagonist that this tile summons a monster that turns out to be Mettaton itself. If you fail to complete the puzzle and have not stepped on a green tile, Mettaton says "now" before he acknowledges that the protagonist never stood on a green tile, but attacks him anyway.

Mettaton continues to confront the player after the tile puzzle. Alphys has one last program installed on the protagonist's cell phone. This yellow button fires projectiles at Mettaton, who gives in and flees.

After the protagonist reaches the end of the core, Mettaton stands in his way one last time. This time, however, he reveals that it was he who rebuilt the core and hired monsters to kill the protagonist. He claims that Alphys devised an elaborate plan to put herself in the story because she likes the protagonist so much and wanted to feel important by helping them. All previous threats to Mettaton were completely faked and everything was faked and used by Alphys to align even more with the protagonist; Alphys plans to interrupt the fight by 'deactivating' Mettaton so that she appears heroic to the protagonist. This time Mettaton has a plan to prevent Alphys' help so that he can have an honest fight against the protagonist and locks the door to prevent Alphys from entering. He explains that he wants to use the protagonist's SOUL to leave the underground and become a superstar on the surface. As a result, Asgore cannot destroy the barrier and continue the war between humans and monsters, which would mean fewer spectators.

Mettaton EX [edit | Edit source]

Mettaton attacks the protagonist, but under the (now urgent) advice of Alphys, the protagonist makes Mettaton turn around so he can flip the switch on his back, making him vulnerable. This transforms Mettaton into Mettaton EX and the real game show begins. Sustaining damage, using popular items or using special ACTs increases the number of viewers for the program. When over 10,000 (12,000 if he still has limbs) Mettaton ends the fight.

He is surprised because this is the highest rated episode he has ever had and starts taking calls from viewers. Several spectators, the first of them Napstablook, convince Mettaton that he is highly valued in the underground and is the main entertainer of the residents. He is touched by her passion for the show and decides that he no longer wants to leave the underground. He also explains that the protagonist is strong enough to defeat Asgore. Then he switches off, with no limbs - regardless of whether they fell off during the fight or not - because he no longer has a battery; his body can then be found in the laboratory, where it will be repaired.

Mysterious key Edit source]

If the protagonist buys the Mysterious Key from Bratty and Catty, he can enter the house to the right of Napstablook's house. A series of diaries show that the house belongs to another ghost known as "Napstablook's Cousin". After meeting Alphys, she designed a body for Mettaton and this spirit inhabits Mettaton's body.

True pacifist route Edit source]

There is an entry in the True Laboratory that tells Alphys of her fear that Mettaton will no longer come after the

Getting told of his new body would speak to her.

At the end of the game, when all the boss monsters gather before being interrupted by Flowey, Metatton EX shows his leg from the side of the screen. He orders Alphys and Undyne that they should finally kiss, because the entire audience wants it.

After defeating Asriel, if the protagonist returns to Waterfall before leaving the New Home, Mettaton can be seen standing in front of Napstablook's house. Napstablook was hired as the sound mixer and Shyren as the backup singer. He is shown on tour during the credits. He is able to use his original shape in conjunction with the legs of his new body.

Genocide Route Edit source]

Mettaton appears when the protagonist reaches Alphys' house and tells him that he will not fight, knowing that he is not up to the protagonist. He reappears in the core and realizes that the path of the protagonist means not only the destruction of the monsters, but that of humanity as well. He claims that the human annihilation features were never completely removed and turns into Mettaton NEO. Despite the dramatic structure, it has no attacks and can be destroyed in one fell swoop.

The genocide route will only continue when all monsters in the hotland / core area have been killed. If this is not the case, Mettaton notices that the protagonist has no intention of killing and tells him that he is not 'completely evil' before he dies. This changes the route to the neutral route and the completion ends with a call from Alphys instead of Sans.

Beta holdover, warped concept and concept type [edit | Edit source]

On January 8, 2017, Toby Fox posted various concept arts and ideas on his Twitter account.

One of them was a sentence that could have come from Mettaton.

In battle Edit source]

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

Frisk [edit | Edit source]

In the beginning, Mettaton actively fought the protagonist, assuming that a mistake brought him hatred for people and the will to kill them. This turns out to be a drama, as Mettaton mentions loving humanity, but took action against the protagonist to take his SOUL and prevent a war. After the fight, however, he firmly believes in the strength of the protagonist and that humans can prevent the same.

Alphys [edit | Edit source]

Mettaton and Alphys shared a common interest in human culture and he is very grateful to Alphys for building his physical body. Soon after receiving it, he belittles her and her interests. He owed Alphys enough to play the role of a murderous robot in their scheme before pushing through his own program. Despite everything, he mentions that he regrets being mean to her in the ending where he becomes king of the underground.

Napstablook [edit | Edit source]

Before receiving his body, Mettaton was Napstablook's cousin, he helped on the snail farm and lived next to him. The two were very close, Mettaton even proclaiming that he would never leave him behind and often calling him "Blooky" (a quality he kept). Although he left him to become a star, he cared very much for his cousin as he looks regretful when Napstablook calls on his show to show his gratitude for his shows. Once he got his permanent new body, he immediately hired his cousin for his tour so they could stay together.

Name [edit | Edit source]

"Mettaton" is spelled and pronounced similarly to "Metatron", the highest angel in Jewish tradition, in Greek as MTT. It could also be a portmanteau made of "metal" and "automaton", or else made of "metal", "dance" and "clay".

If the Fallen Person wants to be given the name "METTA" or "METT", the answer will be "OOOOH !!! DO YOU SUPPORT MY BRAND?".

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Mettaton's design is similar to other, non-Undertale characters.
  • Mettaton is, along with Flowey, the only character who has a voice in the game. He shouts "Oh, yes!" when it turns into Mettaton EX and "Yeah!" when attacked in the EX form.
    • Stepping on a green tile during the color tile puzzle plays the same "Yeah".
  • The answers to the question What are robots made of? refers to several things.
  • Mettaton's box shape is identical to the color tile labyrinth in Snowdin.
  • During Mettaton's vocal performance, the program window is called "UNDERTALE, the musical".
  • Mettaton EX has reactions to "sexy", "foxy" and "tantalizing" in its essay question, but since you cannot use the X and Z keys, you cannot see them in the game.
  • Mettaton EX originally saved images of all the essays on the computer's hard drive. However, this feature was removed because it had too many bugs.[3]
  • According to the Undertale Kickstarter, there were plans to have a robot husband for the protagonist[4]who is suspected to be Mettaton. It wasn't included in the final game for unknown reasons.[5]
    • Additional evidence shows that this event is an untapped variation of the home screen found in the game files and like Mettaton and Napstablook suddenly appearing in the home menu.
  • In Undertale v1.001, Mettaton's ATK and DEF were changed from "10 ATK 999 DEF" to "ATK 30 DEF 255".
  • Mettaton and Napstablook are the only opponents in the game that use gray attacks.
  • Mettaton is literally a "ghost in a machine". This philosophical phrase is a criticism of the perception that the mind and body are separate entities because they are not really comparable; a physical entity cannot be compared to an abstract one.
  • According to Toby Fox, the fight against Mettaton EX was the hardest one for him to design.[6] There were some attack ideas that were discarded, such as small Mettaton robots and robots dancing in a disco throwing stars.
  • In fact, it is likely that Frisk will meet Mettaton before Alphys' laboratory, as the device with which Papyrus starts the color tile puzzle looks exactly like Mettaton, only switched off. Furthermore, Papyrus mentions that the apparatus was developed by Alphys (like Mettaton). It would also explain why Mettaton knows that the rules of the color tile puzzle have already been explained to you.[7][8]

Individual evidence [edit | Edit source]

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