How much do union truck drivers earn

Salary in logistics: this is how much skilled workers and managers earn

Warehouse managers, specialists for warehouse logistics and Co.
Business economist for logistics, specialist for warehouse logistics or supply chain manager: the jobs in the logistics industry and warehouse logistics are diverse. The salaries also differ considerably. An overview of who earns what.

The shortage of skilled workers does not stop at the logistics industry. The German Economic Institute warns that around 10,000 vehicle drivers, mainly truck drivers, will be missing from the job market by 2020. This primarily affects freight forwarders, but medium-sized businesses are likely to feel the indirect consequences of the vacant jobs. After all, he needs the specialists himself, for example in warehouse logistics, but also in other departments.

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Employees are desperately sought after in other job profiles in logistics and warehouse logistics. In the medium term, this could lead to rising salaries, but logisticians still earn relatively little, at least when they start their careers.

Some job profiles in logistics and warehouse logistics are regulated in collective agreements - mostly at state level. According to the tariff archive of the union-related Hans Böckler Foundation in Saxony, a semi-skilled warehouse worker earns 2,473 euros gross per month according to the tariff in the metal industry and has to work 38 hours, in Baden-Württemberg he would get 10 euros less wages, but would only have to Work 35 hours.

The remuneration atlas of the Federal Employment Agency shows what employees earn in the individual job profiles today (or in 2017, when data was last collected so far). It contains information on salaries in numerous industries and occupations and shows the so-called median for different occupational groups and groups of people. That means: half of the employees in the respective occupation earn more than this amount, the other half less. Extremely high salaries for a few respondents therefore do not distort the value.

Salary of a specialist in warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics specialists, according to Berufenet, the employment agency's information portal, “accept goods, check them and store them properly. They compile deliveries and route plans, load and dispatch goods. They also help to optimize logistical processes. ”In the remuneration atlas, the occupation is summarized with other similar occupational profiles such as warehouse clerks and order pickers. The gross monthly salary in the occupational category “Jobs in warehouse management - professionally oriented activities”, which also includes skilled workers - logistics / materials management, is 2,695 euros. West German skilled workers earn almost 600 euros more than East Germans (2,779 and 2,184 euros).

Salary of a clerk for freight forwarding and logistics

West German freight forwarding and logistics clerks (merchants for freight forwarding and logistics) even get 800 euros more than their East German colleagues, according to the fee atlas. While the gross salary in the old federal states is 3,175 euros, in the new federal states it is only 2,379 euros (total: 3,089 euros).

Salary of a business economist (college) for logistics

Business economists for logistics with a technical college education "exercise steering and controlling activities in transport, traffic and storage and provide decision-making aids for management," according to the Federal Agency. The state-certified business economists earn EUR 3,899 gross per month, in East Germany, however, only EUR 2,898.

Salary of qualified logisticians, business economists (university) for logistics and supply chain managers

Business economists for logistics who have studied at a university are summarized in the remuneration atlas under the professional category "Forwarding and logistics clerks - highly complex activities", including qualified logistics specialists and supply chain managers. This group earns 3,495 euros a month, although here in the new federal states, too, at 2,445 euros, it is significantly less than in the west. However, the occupational group is one of the few in which women (who make up a good fifth of the full-time workers here) earn slightly more than men (3,786 to 3,404 euros).

Salary of a head of warehouse management

The warehouse managers are responsible for the organization and management of the warehouse and earn 3,832 euros a month. Women make up only 8 percent of the workforce here and, at 3,583, earn slightly less than their male colleagues.

(This article was created on July 21, 2016 and was last revised and updated on April 24, 2019.)