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4 Easy Ways You Can Instantly Pimp Your Student Life

by Tim Reichel

It's not going well. Not in a long time.

Somehow you've grown apart. The euphoria used to be great; you enjoyed every minute together and the enthusiasm about your togetherness made you jump out of bed with joy every day. But meanwhile everyday life has caught up with you.

There is a crisis.

You and your studies - you need couples therapy.

Fortunately, I have an office hour right now.


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When student life is annoying

Almost every day students come to me, call me or write long emails about how dissatisfied they are with their studies. Every lecture is boring, no subject is interesting. Getting up is difficult and learning is difficult anyway. Self-discipline burned out weeks ago with motivation.

Everything looks overwhelmingly boring. Student life is annoying.

But many students forget one important point: it's not just any student life. It's YOUR student life. You can do something. You can tackle it, design it and change it; Throw it away and make a new one. You don't have to be annoyed - you can take action.

And that's easier than you think.


The 4 basic principles of change

You can study in two ways: Either you let yourself be told what you have to do and allow outside influences to determine your path, or you take your studies into your own hands and become a changer.

The advantage of self-determined studies: freedom.

The disadvantage: work.

But most of the work arises because the mechanisms of successful change are not clear. These basic principles are ridiculously simple and pragmatic in their application.

Stick to these four ways and you can tackle, change and pimp your student life immediately:


1. Do a little more!

The level of success and happiness is mainly determined by the things you actively do. If you passively wait all day for something to happen or for someone else to do your job for you, you will never evolve and become happy. You will then not even stay at your current level, but rather fall back and continuously deteriorate.

The first possible path to change is therefore to do something more or for longer that is conducive to your personal development during your studies. Do more of something that will help you progress and make you satisfied in the long term - even if it's only five minutes a day.


  • Learn five minutes more every day for your next exam!
  • Read a textbook five minutes longer every day!
  • Get up five minutes earlier every day until you have reached your preferred get-up time!

If you invest an additional five minutes in your studies every day, that's 25 minutes a week and almost two hours a month if you work five days a week. And now don't tell me that you don't have five minutes.


2. Do a little less!

The other way around, this type of change is just as possible.

Many students ruin their everyday life by doing activities that cost time and energy - without any concrete benefit for their level of happiness. I don't mean that you have to work every free minute for your academic success, but if you waste your time day after day with small things and unnecessary tasks, you are throwing yourself in your way. And these stones can be really annoying.

So if you feel that your student life is being ravaged by time wasters and energy robbers, you need to start doing less disturbing things.


  • Spend five minutes less each day in front of the TV!
  • Use your smartphone five minutes less every day!
  • Read five minutes less every day in online newspapers or social media profiles!

Devote yourself every day to a different source of interference for your personal happiness. This will make you more productive and satisfied - and you will also have more time for new things.


3. Start with something new!

Do you feel like something is missing from your student life? Or do you believe that a certain activity would do you good and could lead to more happiness and well-being in the long term? Very good, because today is the second best time to start (the best time was yesterday).

Dare to start something new that promises to be of great, positive benefit to you in the long run. Don't be satisfied with the current status and be ready to take a new step. I promise you: you will manage it. Somehow. And to start with, only five minutes are enough.


  • Try out a new learning technique for five minutes! (More specifically: create mind maps for your lecture material for five minutes!)
  • Learn a new foreign language for five minutes every day!
  • Do five minutes of exercise a day that you've never done before!

If you want to include something in your life, do it. Make a bold decision and go for it. You don't have unlimited time and you can't wait any longer. No one else will do it for you - you have to act yourself. And you can act. You just have to trust yourself.


4. Stop doing something old!

If you want to start with great things, that also means that you have to somehow make room in your life for them. The easiest way to do this is to stop bad old habits.

You can either proceed step by step and slowly but steadily ban old things from your student life (see point 2), or you draw a hard line and stop on the spot.


  • Immediately stop spending your time with people who make you feel bad and want to keep you down!
  • Stop complaining immediately and take responsibility!
  • Stop drinking alcohol right away during the week!

Quitting something old right now takes a lot of self-discipline and a strong will. But the effort will be worth it. Because if you gradually work on yourself and your bad habits, you will quickly (and especially in the long term) achieve a level of high satisfaction and self-esteem.


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Will you change

I don't want to lie to you: change is hard and change hurts.

But there is no shortcut from an annoying to a happy student life. But: You can design the way there yourself and make it easy for yourself by adhering to the four basic principles:

  • Do a little more!
  • Do a little less!
  • Start with something new!
  • Stop with something old!

These four ways sound natural and the examples seem child's play - but they are not. You are heavy. Because with every change you have to fight against your strongest opponent: yourself.

But with the right strategy and a little courage, you will succeed.

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