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Why should I learn this language?

Professional: This is the best way to improve your career opportunities, as you can now speak the Urdu language fluently and with business fluency. You now have the ability to work in Pakistan at any time - either immediately or later, in case bad times break down in your industry.

to travel: Broaden your horizons with a trip to Pakistan. There you will understand all the people and be able to communicate fluently with the Urdu people.

Relationships: Flirt in Urdu and meet lots of interesting people - and maybe even the love of your life! If you live in a bilingual relationship, having a perfect Urdu will improve your communication with one another.

leisure: Watch Urdu movies, videos, and television as if it were your native language. Read Urdu magazines and books for fun.

Stay mentally fit: Scientific studies have shown: A higher level of education increases the quality of life and life expectancy. Train your brain by studying an Urdu language course. Studies have shown that learning in old age is the best way to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Unique learning methods

Thanks to the unique long-term memory learning method, beginners and advanced learners learn the Urdu language online in a very short time with this language course and can speak fluently with a large number of newly learned verbs.

Varied tasks and a huge selection of the best learning methods will motivate you to continue learning the Urdu language every day.

The Sprachlernen24 insider learning community

After completing a day of learning, you have the option of transferring your score online. This can be done free of charge and no registration is required. You can use it to compare yourself to others. Here you will find the current list of the best of all language course learners who have transferred their learning status: List of the best: Top 1000

Similar to a frequent flyer program, the points in the language course can also be redeemed for over 50 valuable rewards. The more you study, the more rewards you will get!

You will also learn to exchange ideas with other learners in the Sprachlernen24 insider learning community and make new friends with like-minded people. Find a tandem partner from Pakistan there and you can support and motivate each other in learning. In addition, it is also very easy to make interesting friendships with Urdu learners or people from Pakistan.

31 day money back guarantee

If you want to learn Urdu with a language course, then test the Urdu language course now without any risk! If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price. No ifs and buts.

Worth knowing about this language:

Urdu is an Indo-European language that originated at the time of the Sultanate of Delhi and the Mughal Empire on the South Asian subcontinent (Pakistan, India). Urdu is the mother tongue of 58 million people worldwide. 150–200 million people speak Urdu with second language speakers. Urdu is an Indo-European language and is the national language as well as the official language in Pakistan and some Indian states with high Muslim populations.