Are chiropractic neck adjustments safe

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After a bone fracture, the surgeon ensures that the bones are optimally aligned. The body, with its ability to heal itself, is responsible for ossification. Like any process, healing takes time.

It is a dynamic process, depending on many factors, for example an unaffected nervous system, good nutrition, daily exercise, adequate sleep and mental equilibrium. Chiropractic reduces the disturbances of the nervous system by the targeted adjustment of spinal column-related misalignments (subluxations).


What is the chiropractic treatment plan?



The treatment plan is similar to a training plan. Each training session builds on the previous one. It is the same in chiropractic. The treatment plan is divided into three phases.


Phase 1
The start

The symptomatic phase

Symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg. Chronic misalignments have damaged the spine, muscles, ligaments and the nervous system. The body cannot yet hold the adjustments or the impulses set because it is now in the process of adjusting. Regular adjustments at short intervals are therefore necessary in order to break the old / familiar patterns and achieve positive changes.

Phase 2
The way

The stabilizing phase

The body stabilizes and the symptoms decrease. Posture, flexibility and vitality should improve. The body now begins to hold the impulses set for a longer period of time. However, there is the possibility of falling back into old patterns, so further adjustments are necessary. The adjustments continue to be made, but at longer intervals.

Phase 3
The goal

The phase of well-being

This phase is used for health care and wellbeing. Regular adjustment of the spine should be as natural as daily cleaning of the teeth. The intervals between the appointments vary depending on the individual workload.


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