Who killed Frankenstein's monster

Viktor Frankenstein in Ingolstadt

One of the oldest and most famous stories in the world is Mary Shelley's novel about Viktor Frankenstein in Ingolstadtwho created artificial life from dead matter and thus a human monster.

The making of the novel "Frankenstein"

Mary Shelley was still a young woman when she got the idea to write this gruesome story because of a rainy summer in the early 19th century. She originally wanted to compete with friends for the best scary story, but when the weather got better, the friends left the house and went hiking in the mountains while Mary busily continued to write her novel.

The result was one of the most famous horror novels in the world, which was filmed several times in the 20th century. However, since she could hardly publish such a book as a woman, her husband Percy was initially given as the author. Until later it turned out that the young woman was the creator of Viktor Frankenstein and his monster was.

Viktor Frankenstein in Ingolstadt and his studies

The 17 year old from Geneva Viktor Frankenstein from a wealthy family, his father sends him to Ingolstadt to study natural sciences. When he got down to town with the carriage Ingolstadt when he approaches, the first thing he recognizes is the city's white towers. These were probably those of the Moritzkirche and the New Palace.

He found an apartment in a house on the Schleifmühle and devoted himself to his studies at the high school in Ingolstadt, the former Bavarian state university.

Dissection at the high school in Ingolstadt and in the ancient anatomy

At that time, the dissection of the dead in the old anatomy in Ingolstadt, which belonged to the high school, was also part of the natural sciences study. Frankenstein is fascinated and comes up with a crazy idea:

He wants to create life out of dead matter! He wants to breathe life into a person made up of body parts!

Frankenstein's monster in Ingolstadt

The young student is becoming more and more lonely and often speaks of wanting to create life. His fellow students and professors consider him a strange contemporary and do not take him seriously.

But begins secretly and undiscovered Viktor Frankenstein in Ingolstadt to create an artificial human in the attic of his house. In the nightly darkness he collects body parts in the cemetery at the time near the Moritzkirche and from the executioner at the Taschentorturm. Little by little a monster of a person emerges, with numerous seams and consisting of various individual parts. But there is still no life in this being.

Bringing dead matter to life

Anyone looking for a clue in the original novel on how Frankenstein breathed life into the monster, it will be disappointed. In just a few lines, what is the greatest sensation in the book happens. Frankenstein brings this creature to life! Mary Shelley keeps that to herself. It has often been suggested that the body parts were brought to life with the help of electricity.

Horrified by his own deed, Viktor Frankenstein flees - and on his return the monster is gone.

The tragic end of Viktor Frankenstein and his monster

Through various occurrences will Frankenstein distracted from thoughts of his creature. He returns to Geneva, where his little brother finds a tragic death. You hold an acquaintance of the house responsible for the death and judge her. Only in retrospect does it turn out that the disgusting creature killed the boy.

Eventually the monster and its creator meet. The creature asks for a mate made just like him. He feels too lonely and has been shunned and rejected by the people. So that he thinks he can only find a life worth living in a companion of equal value. Frankenstein initially agrees. Only to then destroy the almost finished and repulsive second creature before he breathes life into it.

The monster's revenge on Frankenstein

The monster is raging and will take terrible revenge: On the wedding night, it kills Frankenstein's new wife. A chase begins northwards into the Arctic ice. Frankenstein wants to kill the creature that has brought so much suffering to his family.

A ship stuck in the ice picks up the completely exhausted and almost frozen Viktor. He tells his story and eventually dies on board. The monster dies in the ice-cold water and remains forever in people's minds as Frankenstein's monster.

The Frankenstein story from Hint-Caching in Ingolstadt

We were fascinated by the thought Frankenstein's story in Ingolstadt to make it tangible. But to be honest, we found it too boring to just replay the familiar scenes. We wanted to have our own story Viktor Frankenstein in Ingolstadt design. And then we came up with the idea of ​​associating the creation of this kind of life with the church.

The result was the title:

Frankenstein: genius on the wrong track

How would the Church have dealt with someone who claims to want to create life out of dead matter? What if a young student cannot permanently hide his dark nocturnal machinations and was sometimes spotted in the cemetery and at the hangman's with full sacks and sacks?

Someone who wants to create life like God and who makes use of dead human matter would be persecuted by the church and charged with blasphemy!

Hint-Caching takes up the story of Frankenstein in Ingolstadt

The church council is alarmed and wants to charge the student Viktor Frankenstein with blasphemy. But there is no conclusive evidence! It is important to find them before Frankenstein leave the city with the horse-drawn carriage in the direction of Geneva!

Face this adventure and explore the city of Ingolstadt with your team as a church councilor on the trail Frankensteins! The experience "Frankenstein: genius on the wrong track" you can book here!