How do I congratulate the boss

Here's how to make a good impression with a letter of congratulations on your promotion

Written congratulations on a promotion are part of good style. As a good business partner, nice colleague or even as a superior, your boss should take the opportunity to congratulate the promoted person. It is a nice occasion to strengthen friendships and contacts.

The congratulatory letter is divided into four main parts

For a successful promotion letter, you usually need formulations for four different areas:

  1. Started
  2. Congratulations - which can also be at the end of the letter
  3. something appreciative
  4. good wishes at the end

1. Formulation ideas for starting your congratulatory letter

  • There should be more occasions as enjoyable as this one.
  • Your commitment has paid off. Your professional skills have enabled you to achieve your professional goal: a more responsible position.
  • As we learned from Ms. Henke, you were promoted to head of the development department.

2. Wording ideas for the congratulations

  • Congratulations on your appointment - and welcome to the Executive Committee!
  • We congratulate you on this step forward with one laughing and one crying eye, because we regret that you will now be leaving our department.

3. Wording ideas for the "recognition paragraph" of your congratulatory letter

  • Over the difficult years of development, something like a "hard core" has emerged in our work team. You always belonged to the thought leaders and gave essential impulses.
  • With your internally and externally recognized professional competence, you have significantly shaped the success of our department. I would like to thank you for this on behalf of all colleagues.

4. Formulation ideas for good wishes at the end of the congratulatory letter

  • I look forward to working even more closely with you and I wish you the luck of the capable one remains true to you.
  • Each of us wishes that you will achieve the goals that you have set for your new tasks as head of department. Good luck!

Writing congratulations and congratulations to your business partners is not always easy. How do you find the right words that don't sound too personal, but also not too cool and business-like?

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