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Amazon - Everything there is to know about the new Sales Partner API (SP API)

Amazon recently announced the launch of its new Selling Partner API. As a replacement for the outdated Amazon MWS, this new API is also an opportunity for all brands and retailers who are concerned about their presence on the marketplace. At Lengow, our teams are currently working on making this API available to our dealers and brands. So let's take a closer look at what this major upgrade brings and what changes you need to prepare for.

What is Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS)?

For more than ten years it has been Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) the interface to access Seller Central and control everything related to your Amazon shop: product shipping, order management, inventory management, automatic price changes, etc.

MWS is a powerful tool, but it needs to be revised. It's an XML-based API, a design that has been largely abandoned as JSON-based APIs have grown in popularity. MWS also has throughput limitations and error handling is cumbersome.

The new sales partner API (SP API)

The Reseller API (SP API) is a modernized update to the API using the standards expected by today's developers. Migrating from older Amazon MWS APIs has been made as easy as possible. This new API includes all of the legacy MWS functionality as well as a dozen new APIs, including APIs for Vendor Central.

SP-API offers a number of improvements over Amazon MWS to all retailers, brands and third-party developers, such as: B .:

  • Modernized REST API design standards based on JSON
  • The development of API call rates in a dynamic manner as the merchant's needs evolve
  • Better authentication and authorization management: Authentication is done with LWA (Login with Amazon), OAuth2.0 sales partner authorization
  • A sandbox version (or test endpoint) of the API (the most requested feature in MWS) to test before going live.
  • The very first API for Vendor Central (the model where retailers / brands sell their items directly to Amazon, which then sells them).

SP-API is also used to further automate the flow of data, to sell more efficiently, to automate manual processes and to access insights and projections about the purchase intentions of Internet users, etc.

What should I do?

Don't worry, the transition won't happen overnight: SP-API is available in all stores that currently support Amazon MWS. In the future, all new functions will be integrated into the SP-API, with MWS updates only coming for business-critical changes. Therefore, it is not mandatory to migrate to SP-API immediately, but we recommend that you review your existing integration to start planning your migration.

Amazon SP API + Lengow

At Lengow, our teams are currently working on the API so that we can start developing in a few weeks.

  • Are you already present on Amazon via Seller or Vendor Central?
  • Do you want autonomy with regard to your technical teams?
  • Are you planning to start on the marketplace soon?
  • Are you responsible for managing the APIs at a retailer, a brand, an agency?

In these cases, our platform can help you make the transition smoothly and ensure continuity when selling your products on Amazon. At the same time, you can easily test many other marketplaces via Lengow!

Adrian Gmelch

Adrian Gmelch is enthusiastic about tech and e-commerce. He initially looked after large tech companies at an international PR agency in Paris before working for Lengow in international public relations.

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