Why isn't education free?

Zambo - Not everyone can take education for granted

According to the UN, that is the United Nations, 264 million children worldwide do not go to school. This is a big problem, because without schooling, children cannot grow up to be active and self-confident young people.

School in other countries

There is a lack of access to education, especially in many rural areas around the world. Could you imagine walking to school for three hours each day and then back home again? If there are schools, they are usually very poorly equipped. There is a lack of books, learning material and well-trained teachers. In addition, children often have to help as workers in the family and parents cannot even afford to go to school. Even where lessons would be free, parents often lack money for school books or travel expenses.

Here we have put together seven reasons why education is so important:

  • With a school leaving certificate, you have a good one Basic training. So you can learn different professions and yourself educate.
  • The more people have a good education, the more will find a good job. So there are fewer unemployment and thus less poverty.
  • Through education you can find out what is happening in the world right now. Only if you news can read, you can understand them too.
  • Only through education do you see that many countries in the world are having a difficult time. Therefore, through education, you can try to make the world one better place close.
  • Through an apprenticeship you will always get to know new people. So you can always make contacts and new ones Friendships shut down.
  • Education does too Fun: You can pursue your interests at the latest when choosing a career or course of study. Until then, however, you need a good basic education in which you also have to pass subjects that may not suit you.

Education is the way out of poverty. Unfortunately, it is a vicious circle, because poverty prevents education in many places. Conversely, education would also prevent poverty. That is the jumping point!

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