How clever is Michael from Vsauce

The conscientious Doctor Whatson

This meticulous work gives Cedric Engels a good feeling. He knows he's a perfectionist. But his main concern is to uphold the values ​​of science and of course also to defend the truth - especially in times when conspiracy theorists are popular. If nonsense appears in the comment bars under his videos, he counters, "even if it feels like a fight against windmills". Because a correction including a link to the reputable source usually immediately triggers a flood of new false comments, says the science tuber.

These are the moments when Cedric Engels ruins his otherwise good work-life balance: He holds back. He likes to do that because he knows how great his influence is on the younger generation. If you only read through the comment bars later, you shouldn't get the impression that there might be something to wrong comments, says Engels: “It's not about the one person who made the original wrong comment, but about 100 or 500 afterwards, who just scroll through the comments but don't interact at all. "

Doctor Whatson is an excellent role model - especially because Cedric Engels, at 24 years of age, is very experienced and can deal professionally with the pitfalls of the Internet. As a teenager, he had already experimented as a YouTuber.

Fast Forward Science

Since 2013 the Stifterverband has been organizing together with Science in dialogue the Fast Forward Science web video competition. This calls on students, communicators, researchers, web video makers and those interested in science to submit extraordinary web videos on science and research. The challenge: The videos should be entertaining, scientifically sound and understandable at the same time. Also Doctor Whatson participates regularly in the competition. With success: this year the channel achieved third place in the “Substance” category with the video “Is this slime mold intelligent without a brain?”.