How do I cure impatience and laziness

Dear Father, please help everyone who feels strange, sad and lost.

God please protect all showmen and all their animals.

Dear God, I ask for health for Kris. She is very, very sick. Amen.

Please, dear Father in Heaven, help my husband in his job and give us health. Amen.

I ask that we tolerate the vaccination and that only good things will be achieved. Amen

Please, dear God, give Ren and me another chance.

Dear God, ask for health for my best friend's parents. Miss you, Marti and Toni. God's blessing. Amen

Dear Divine Father, please save, help and heal us. Urgently ask for work. In the name of Jesus. Amen

Dear father, please protect and guard my wife always u in all your ways. Amen in Jesus name, etc. Holy Spirit

For peace in the world!

For all the best in the world, for my family, especially my dad and my state examination ... forgive me my sins.

Dear God, please let me go back to my home, where I can breathe again and have a life. I am desperate and sad.

Forgive me for praying so seldom in the past few years. I was so happy that I forgot to thank you.

For my colleague and all women who suffer violence.

About peace in the places, the land that so many people consider sacred.

Please, dear God, free me from all frauds. Let me stand on my feet again. thanks

Please heal me from my severe COPD. Heal my dear daughter-in-law. Protect my family.

A candle for Olaf and Steffi to start over and live happily together

Request for a successful interview for my daughter Anna

Dear Father, please bless my wife and let's be happy together again. Help us with your angels.

Dear God, heal my marriage and 40 years of injuries. Turn and change everything for the good. Bring love into my life Amen

I ask God for help for my child

Dear God, please heal my marriage.

For everyone who is about to start a new career.

Please let me stay sane, thank you

Dear God, you know my thoughts and prayers. Please make it come true.

Mary Mother of God. Help my knee stop hurting and get better.

Dear God, please heal me from my severe COPD so that I can breathe again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my lively relationship with God, which sustains and holds me.

Dear God, please heal my wife from the psychological symptoms caused by the stress.

For everyone who no longer feels at home in the church.

Lord I pray to you in full love. Help my papa that he keeps his strength and that he gets through everything well. thanks

Dear God, I ask you for the sick people, be with them and let them feel your closeness. Amen

Dear God,
please answer my prayers. Would be overjoyed. Amen

Dear God, forgive me my sins and answer my prayers. Give me back the person who is most important to me.

Please let me die

Lord rescue me from the depression and the legal drugs because they do not help but prolong the illness.

Lord our good shepherd, I thank you for your kind hand. It is good to know that you can be safe with you. Amen

For Anja, who gets first communion on Sunday.

Dear God, protect my dear friend Julia during her serious surgery. Let them get through everything well and get well.

Dear God, please make that mother come to you in heaven, my daughter too.

Oh God, please don't let me get lost and set me free.

Dear God, help everyone who cares about their existence.

Please God heal my depression and forgive my sins

Dear God, let everything go well! I beg you thank you with all my heart

For all who listen with their hearts and can get involved with what is hidden behind the words.

Dear God, please take away my pain. I am in dire straits. Please help me quickly.

For the pastors, that they have perseverance and patience and an open heart for the people who need them.

Holy Mary Mother of God, I implore you to please free me from my excruciating knee pain. Help me in need.

Dear God our all Father, help my brother that he does not have to be put on dialysis

Merciful Jesus, I ask you to send a dear friend to my side so that loneliness comes to an end.

Dear God please let it be a new beginning for Olaf and me

Dear God, please let my daughter-in-law Marion get well again. Thanks a million and heal me from COPD

Protect everyone who is on the run.

For everyone who is currently looking for work.

For everyone who works in the nursing profession.

Dear God, for everyone who yearns for change.

Holy Mary Mother of God, please heal my knee pain. So that I can take care of my family.

Please God heal my depression and forgive my sins.

God be praised

For all students, especially those who are preparing for final exams

For everyone who is currently not allowed to work

Dear father, please protect my heavenly mom. She has birthday today. Miss YOU deeply, forgive me. Love you.

Dear God, please let everything go well tomorrow with my daughter-in-law Marion. Heal them from their suffering.

For all relatives of those who have died of Corona

For all children who are going to Holy Communion for the first time these days.

For all lovers!

Dear God forgive me all my sins and heal my COPD. Heal my daughter-in-law too. Protect us. thanks

Please dear God help me finally to get well again.

Dear Father, please remove my doubts before I lose faith.

For everyone who can also see opportunities during this time, new inner spaces that invite you to discover and dream.

For everyone who feels homeless

For all those who are unhappy in love

For everyone who is in emotional need

Dear God, help everyone who cares about their existence.

I've suffered from depression since 2014. I can't sleep without sleeping pills and psychotropic drugs. Ask for prayer!

Dear God, please answer my prayers. Save our marriage and let's get back to our friends.

I want to become a nurse. I don't have an apprenticeship yet and would like a place. I want to make it.

I ask for a good friend, she needs help with seel. Handle injuries well.

Could you please pray for a friend who, because of seel. Injuries has major marital problems?

I pray for my grandchild who is depressed from the circumstances of life. We must forgive the father. God help us

Dear Father, please answer our prayers.

My concern is that my son, who is 2 months old, gets well again. He suffers from the rsv virus and can hardly breathe.

Dear God, please answer my prayers. Would be very happy. Amen

For everyone who keeps asking their questions about themselves, about life and about God.

Dear God, give me hope that my situation will turn for the better and that I will have a perspective again, Amen

Dear father, please hear me

For Sebastian, who is leaving for Tanzania tomorrow to work on a project for children and young people.

For Sabrina and Alessandro, for the children Giosue, Gabriel and Gioel, for marriage.

For all those who are unhappy in love.

Dear God, please help me to find myself again on the way.

Dear God, please answer my prayers.

For my friends and neighbors, for all people who are on the way of Ramadan.

God help me to be healed and to manage my everyday life again, give me joy of life and inner peace again. Dan

As a thank you in front of the cross from the Au. Jesus healed.
Mt 17:20 "If your faith is even as great as a mustard seed ..."

Dear God and Mary
Please protect my mind from accusation and conviction

Dear God, please help me overcome my laziness.

Dear God, please help Mathias and I to find a happy family together.

For Mary and all old people who long for redemption from their sufferings and for a return to God.

Dear God, help me get through my illness. Please give me the strength, please let me get well again. Amen.

Dear father, please let me keep my promises. Trust in YOU and your son Jesus Christ🙏

Lord, let René finally get rid of his worries and depressions. He should be the old one again.

Dear God, please give me this man back. And give that he can find his way back to his previous essence.

For Andrea and everyone who suffers from the long-term effects of a corona disease.

Dear Father, please help us and let us return.

In memory of my mother's recently deceased father-in-law.

Lord, you give us such a happy marriage, I thank you for it. Protect us and please stay with us. Amen

Psychic and physical strength and strength for my daughters Sibel and Selin happiness and contentment

I ask for release from my old fears and doubts in people and my loved ones

In memory of my father, who would have celebrated name day yesterday.

I ask God to heal my daughter's sick soul. May she experience the love and grace of God and may he guide her

Dear jesus Bless our son, his wife and the little daughter! Give YOU oh Lord them a future with YOU.

I ask for your health

Miłosierny Jezu, przez TwojÄ mÄ czeńskÄ śmierÄ i cud Zmartwychwstania, proszÄ CiÄ o zdrowie dla mojego ukochanego Syna Edwarda Merciful Jesus, through your death on the cross and the miracle of your resurrection, I ask you for good health for my beloved son Edward

Dobry Boże, daj dobrze i głÄ boko przeżyÄ czas Wielkanocy.Chroń mnie od złego i daj mi zdrowie, tak jak parafianom i gościom. Good God, let me experience Easter well and deeply. Protect me from evil and give me health, just like all parishioners and guests.

Dear father, I am worried about Günther. Get in touch my brother, miss and need you. God lead me back to him. Amen

That we can draw strength, consolation and confidence from the joy of Easter even in illness, suffering and difficult times.

For all who were baptized at Easter that they find a home in faith and in the church. 😊

Forgive me

Dear God, please answer my prayers. Amen

Dear father, despite many doubts, please do not let me lose faith in YOU. Save, redeem and please help me.

Dear Father, in the name of your Son Jesus, please let me go home too. I just want to live in peace. Amen

Dear father, please lead us back to life. Miss Günther, my friends, just everything in my homeland. Amen oh father

Dear father, please send me my heart man now. I've been waiting for him for so many years. Forgive me for my wrong ways.

Dear God, I ask you for our pastor, let him get well soon, his congregations need him. Lord hear me

Dear father, please end this situation and take me where I belong. Forgive me for my decision.

Dear father, please hear me and give me a sign. Let me back to Switzerland before my depression kills me. Amen

Dear father, please make a job possible for us urgently. I'm depressed, without a future and will to live. Help u save us.

Dear God, please bring me together with my heart man. Always wanted a man like him. Amen

Dear God and all heavenly helpers, please help me in my financial need. Finally help me to get out of debt!

Dear God, please let me go back to my loved ones. Let a miracle happen, O Lord Almighty God, and forgive me. Amen.

Heavenly Father, please deliver me from the painful and awful nights. The deep emotional wounds of my injury

Dear God, please set me free and save me. Günther, Dani, Monique and all my friends, please help me back to you. Amen

Please dear God, let them see their mistakes, apologize and let me have my cure. Amen

Please dear God, let people understand me, take me seriously and let them know that I am good for J. Amen

Please dear God, heal my jaw joint and silence the noises in my ears. Please help me get well.

Dear God, please answer my prayers. I miss him. Amen

Dear God, help my mom to tolerate the vaccination

God give all your kindness and love to the little boy who was resuscitated on Friday, he needs a miracle from God ..

Dear God, please answer my prayers. Amen

Dear God, I ask you to help my daughter so that her pain subsides and that everything will be fine and she will be set free.

Dear God, please free my brother Alexander from all evil power / depression, illness. Let him find God.

Please dear God, let the decisions end well for us. Please never let this happen again and make me strong

Dear God, please take me back home. Let Günther contact you and my friends too. I need them all.

Lead this church on a path of tolerance and openness into the future to live in diversity and unity

Dear God, please let people see that I am speaking the truth and that the rumors are not true. Please help us

Dear father, save and deliver me from here. Hear my prayers and protect Günther and my friends. Need your angels. Amen

Dear God, I don't know what to do next. Please let's go back to the CH. Work a miracle, please help us. Amen

My God. Please heal my brother Matthias, who is seriously ill with cancer. He's got a tumor in his head. Amen.

Dear father, please free me from my anxiety disorders and depression. Please give me back the joy of life. Peace on earth.

Please dear God, don't let it be cancer ... I would really like to see my girls grow up and stand by them!

Dear God, please give Vava and me back our lives in Switzerland. Work a miracle with my leg too.

Dear God, please let your Son Jesus Christ take my hand and guide me. Amen

God help my poor Ewa, she suffered so much misery through me that she didn't deserve it. She is the best woman.

My God, please let me find my way in life

Dear God, please answer my prayers that the man of my heart will report and that we will find each other. Amen

Dear father, please help me. I can't and don't know what to do next. I have to go back. I need YOU, forgive me father, please.

Dear father, please bring me back to Switzerland. Miss my friends, need work and forgiveness from YOU oh Lord.

Dear father, please let me return. Give me a future with my friends Heal my leg Save me.

For everyone who trusts the word of God and is also in trouble with their family.

Saint Joseph, please protect the church.

God Almighty Father forgive me for all my sins, heal me from COPD. Please give me air to breathe. Protect my loved ones

For all people who are about to move.

Dear Father, please work a miracle for my return. Have no more life and no future here. Save me.

Please give my pregnant daughter a nice wedding tomorrow, unfortunately I can't be there because I'm depressed

Dear God, please make my return to Switzerland possible as a matter of urgency. End suffering and open happiness to life.

Dear God, answer my prayers. Take me back to where I can live. I need Günther and my friends, please.

Dear God! Look down on us and please make us all well again.

I ask for everyone who is preparing for the exam.

For my two daughters

Please god heal me

Dear God, please protect and shield me day and night. My father, I ask so much for your help. Amen

Dear God, please get me out of here. I ask for my life back in Switzerland. Please let it happen.

Dear God Jesus Christ, please heal my severe COPD and let me get my driver's license back.

Dear God, I wish very much that the man of my heart contacts me, we meet again and we find each other, amen

Dear father, please let me go back where I belong. Can no longer. Amen

Peter and Ana, Andi and Claudia, Walo and Susi, Titus, Dani, Adriano, Daniela, Fritz and Cuk be blessed and pray for me, please. Amen

Dear father, protect Martin during this difficult time that he is going through and heal him from all bad things. Amen

Dear father, I can no longer. Got it all wrong. Please help and forgive me. Günther please forgive me. Love you}

Dear God, please answer my wife's prayers. I love and need you. I pray that she has the same concerns. Amen

My brother is suspected of having Corona. God save him and his family; my 88 year old. Father and everyone belonging to it.

Dear father, please heal my leg that I need for a job. Amen

Dear father, please answer my requests for work that I urgently need. Please give me back my friends. Amen

Dear God, please let me come back, I can't take it here anymore. Save and deliver me from this suffering. Amen

Miłosierny Boże, przez Twój ŚwiÄ ty Krzyż, daj zdrowie i miej w swojej opiece mojego ukochanego Syna Edwarda.

Dear God, help me to get well, I can no longer bear this great suffering, help me and everyone, thank you!

Dear God, I very much wish that the man of my heart gets in touch. Please let it happen. Thanks amen

Dear God, please touch my brother. I really need him and I ask his forgiveness. Get in touch, please please.

Dear father, please please touch my brother and tell him that I need him and that I miss him very much. Amen

Please help me to get well again, I have no more strength

Dear father, I can no longer. Please please help me. Let me go back to my home, to my friends. Please please

Dear God, please release me from my disastrous decision. I ask for a way back, save me Savior. Ame

Dear God, I wish very much that I see my heart man again. Miss him. Amen

Dear God, please help us! Let life be worth living again. Give us strength.

Please God help me out of the depression

Good God, we have been holding out this pandemic, a dark time, for a long time. But spring gives hope. thanks

For everyone who has to take an exam today

I love our God the Almighty Father

Where have you gone you don't help anymore my strength is in the end please have mercy

For everyone who feels lonely.

Dear God, strengthen the cohesion in our society!

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. Jesus Mercy - Help my longing cause.

Almighty God, help everyone in their deep prayers: nothing should frighten you. Nothing scare you. God doesn't change. Blessed live today. Live in blessings. Amen

Our heart is restless until it rests in you. You created us for yourself. You still the longing of my heart!

Holy Mother of God Mary - you knot looser - untie the knots of my life.

Great Saint Anthony, you can find what is lost. Help me!

Dear God, I ask for all students.

For all single parents!

Think of you a lot and with longing, my dear friend. Rest in peace and watch over us.

Dear God, free me from this situation that is becoming unbearable. Can no longer. Save me before it's too late Amen

Lord, accompany us with your Holy Spirit.

For all stillborn children and their grieving parents.

For all people who are persecuted and oppressed for liberation.

For everyone who longs for affection and tenderness.

Heavenly Father, please, by your great mercy and grace, heal my husband from his destructive disease.

For everyone who feels lonely.

Dear God, give the couples who wish this a second chance.

Dear God, help all who call to you!

Dear father, thank you very much for Martin answering me. Pray for a positive outcome. Praise be to you, oh Lord. Amen

For everyone who is currently reorienting themselves.

Dear God, I ask so much for your help. By your great mercy, make a miracle happen. Amen.

For everyone who has taken the blame.

For everyone who is in a separation situation.

For everyone who works for a fair distribution of the world's goods.

For Pope Francis and his commitment to understanding between religions.

I want to sincerely love my sick husband again and no longer my boss. You're welcome!

Dear God, I want my husband to be better! Thanks!

Dear God, I hope that my lady of the heart will get in touch and give our family another chance.

For all families, especially for those who are having a hard time together.

For everyone who takes responsibility for children and young people.

Dear God, please let me get together with the man of my heart. I would wish it very much. Amen

For everyone who mourns a loved one.

For everyone who suffers from Corona.

Dear God, I have no more income and can barely make a living. Help me.

Dear God, you know my requests. Thanks!

For all lovers!

Dear God, please let it come true that I come together with the man of my heart. Would be the happiest person.

Dear father, please get me out of here. My wife deserves the husband I was. Would like to live again. Please help us.

Dear God, please contact my friends and let Martin see my message. Must see you again. Amen

Dear father, I urgently need work in my homeland in order to be able to live and breathe again. I'm going to perish here. You're welcome

Satan beats me, please help me holy trinity amen

Dear God, please don't leave me alone and answer my prayers. Help me, my Savior and Redeemer. I really need YOU.

Dear God, I wish that my man of the heart gets in touch and that he gives us a chance that we enter into a relationship.

God please forgive me and heal me

Dear God, I wish very much that my man of the heart gets in touch and he gives us a chance for a relationship. Amen

Dear father, please give me a job for my return. Please touch my friends, together we can do it. Amen god

Dear God, please take me back and let this nightmare end. I ask for a chance. Deliver me and forgive

Dear God, I wish very much that I get together with the man of my heart. Please let it come true. Amen

Thank God!

Dear father, I pray that my former friend Martin will have a job for me. Only YOU work miracles. Thanks amen

Teach us to dream. Give us dreams, images of the soul that gently motivate us to take the next steps.

Dear father, please help and show me a way out of here. Can't take it anymore. Need my life back

Dear God please help me in my fear. Please protect my beloved husband and give confidence and hope.

Dear Father, please listen to my request and let me return home to start my life again.

For the newborn Clara and her parents: wrap them with your abundant blessings!

Dear God, we've been married for 55 years now, let's see a few more years. THANKS

Dear God, I sincerely wish that someday I will get together with my dream partner and that we will have a future.

Dear God, help all who are alone. Be with me, I am alone too. Give me power! I need your help.

I wish that I will see the man who loves me again and that we will have a future together at some point. Amen

Dear God. Please heal Kathleen. She is blind and is in a wheelchair. Heal my psyche. Thanks!

Dear Jesus, dear Mother of God, all angels and saints: please hear my calls and help me out of the valley of tears.

Dear God, I can't take it anymore. I can't take it much longer. Please help me, I don't know how long my strength will last.

Dear father, please protect and care for Marta and Toni. Give you a lot of health and joy in your heart. I love you.

Dear father, please return and start again in my homeland soon. Need my friends. Amen

Dear God, bless my husband and me, our families and your creation - be with us. Amen.

Please help so that my grandchildren don't become completely alienated from me

Dear God, help my mother to get well again and give her a lot of strength! Thank you dear, good God.

Please lord my father give me back my husband. Give my dear neighbor strength and health. Amen

Dear God, I am very afraid for my beloved husband. Please don't let the lumps on the skin be black skin cancer.

Dear gracious god, please bless and touch my best friend and brother. I urgently need her closeness and love.

Dear Father, please please bless and protect Daniel and enable a life with him close to him. Amen

Dear father, please help me to get well again

Dear God, I would like to thank you for always standing by us when we need you. THANKS

Dear God, please please let Ms. R. and Ms. W. be allowed to go. Ms. W. is always screaming ... Please help both.

Dear God, I don't know what to do next. Got it all wrong. Send me angels please please please

Dear Father, please please let a miracle happen. Only you know my problems and worries. Please help me, my Redeemer

Dear father, please help us and let me go from this place that is destroying me. Ask forgiveness for everything, save me!

Dear father, please help and let us both live in peace. Make a decision that is best for us. Deliver us.

Dear father, please help me to get well again.
Thank you dear Lord Jesus.

For all participants and companions of retreats in everyday life to have a fruitful time in God's presence.

Dear father, just THANK YOU for being there. Our Savior and Redeemer, we need you in our hearts.

Father, thank you for knowing me and still loving me ... please, take my fear away from me.

Dear Father, please make our return possible, where we can experience joy, happiness and the future again.

Please God release me from my pain. Please let me recover so that I can regain strength.

Dear Father, please help and free us from this devastating situation. Save and redeem us, Almighty God.

Dear father, please get me out of this situation. Nothing is impossible for YOU, let it happen. Save me savior

Dear God, thank you that my husband Dieter is doing a little better and please let it be and stay even better every day

Dear Heavenly Father, please strengthen and heal my son Marcello! Please please please my heart aches with fear.

Dear father, please help and give me work to return to where I have contentment, joy and the air to live again.

Please, please, please dear God, let a miracle happen and my husband Dieter get well again

Dear almighty father, please let my husband Dieter get well again. Let a miracle happen.

Dear God, thank you for asking you to look after my family. Please protect my son Marcello he is very sick!

Dear god heal my father. Heal his lungs. You can take away the bad. Give him strength.

Dear father, please let my wife and me be happy again. Bring us back to life. Please hear us. Amen Jesus

Give my nights peace to heal my deep wounds. Please hear and hear me. Amen.

Jesus, please guard and protect me, come to my aid with your mercy and protect me from all evil AT ALL TIMES

Dear father, for my brother and best friend. Please touch and bless them and let's be together again.

For my brother, help him solve his family problems ...

Dear Father, please help me and answer my prayers. Take my hand and lead me back to where my heart feels happy again.

Dear Almighty Father, release me from all my emotional suffering and pave my way for a long life filled with happiness and joy. Protect my family from evil and death.

Dear God, I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help me. My dearest Jesus, please help me. Please hear and hear me. Amen

Dear God, please set me free and let me return home to where I belong and my heart is. Ask for fulfillment and grace.

Dear God, please help my mum Maria to get well again. Thank you for being with us during this difficult time.

Dear father, break my bonds and free me from this place. Please return to my loved ones. Please help.

Dear Father, I ask for my healing, my friends and a return to life. Please get me out of here.

Dear father, for Daniel, who does not forget me. I need him urgently because we belong together. Bless him, Marta and Toni

Dear father, thank you for being there. Praise and praise you are our savior. Amen, alleluia.

Dear Father, please help, change and lead us out of this situation. Nothing is impossible for YOU almighty. Forgive me. Amen

For Dennis, who died at the age of 25, for his wife Sara and for daughter Marie.

Dear father, please please touch DANIEL, GÜNTHER, MONIQUE and all my friends. Rescue Me. Love you all. Amen

Dear God, please touch my family / friends. Without you, everything is bleak and sad. Let me return home longingly.

Dear father, please please absolutely need a job to return. Need peace and joy in heart to live, amen

Dear God, please give me back my daughter's love, help her understand that I love and need her above all else

Dear Almighty God, I ask you from the bottom of my heart: heal me from my serious lung disease COPD.

Dear father, please forgive me and heal me. Please give back our previous life together with our beloved friends.

Request for recovery

God be with my future husband Dennis, protect and keep him, lead him back home safe and sound.

Dear God, I ask for your blessings and your protection. Please let me get well again and give me strength.

For everyone who longs for change.

Dear father, please bring back my previous life and friends. Can't live here anymore. Please forgive me. Amen

For everyone who wants more freedom and yet acts responsibly!

Dear God, I ask you for health for my family and for me and thank you for everything you have given me.

Dear community,

I would be very happy if you could pray for me. I started again professionally, but unfortunately my health is in poor health. Please pray that my health will improve and that I will have a lot of joy with my work.

Dear Father, please help me get back to where my home and family are. Free me from this place that is destroying me and robbing me of all my joy. Please reverse my rash decision and escape. Amen

Dear God, please lead me away from here, to the country of my birth. I need air again to breathe and live, this is where I break down. Need my loved ones so much, please help me. Father, forgive my negative thoughts, help me. Amen my Redeemer

Dear God, need you here and now and always. Take my hand and lead me back to the joy of life. Wanna exist again and hug my family. Please father help me. Amen

Please, dear God, my mother is very seriously ill, let her get well again, we still need her, we have no one else in this world.

Dear God, my Redeemer and Savior. Touch and bring me back to where I can live and breathe again. I want and have to help my family. Please heal my leg and our souls. Forgive me.

Dear God, please please let my friends know that I urgently need their help and assistance. Touch u Bless her as well as my wife. Jesus, lead me back to my promised land. Amen my Redeemer and Savior

Dear father, take my hand and lead me to the promised land to see your son's ways. Need this to heal my heart, soul and body. Touch Marcia with these words. Praise be to YOU ​​Jesus Christ for all eternity.

Dear God, please help us. Let the inflammations of my beloved Günter heal again. I ask you with all my heart and from the bottom of my soul. Please help all sick people in their need. Give me signs that everything will be alright Lord thank you for that.

Healing depression and anxiety and healing my physical ailments

Our Father in Heaven, please forgive me for all my sins. Please dear sir, heal my mother from cancer. Please give us many more years together, we love and need our mother. Make it up to you! Protect her, thank you!

I ask for prayers for my family, for my brother Markus, because of his addiction problems, psychological problems and all legal things that come his way. For my brother Stefan because of all his physical ailments. For my mother.

Dear father, please please help us. Only YOU know our deepest desires and problems that can only be fulfilled and solved by YOU. With confidence in our Savior and Healer. Amen

Heavenly Father forgive me my sins, my envy and selfishness and much more. Please forgive my loved ones whom I miss so infinitely. Need my homeland that I didn't appreciate. Bring me back my Savior & Redeemer

In the name of the Father and the Son, please answer our prayers. Lead us back to the place where we can both be happy again and learn to love each other again, without my illness, which is destroying everything here. Amen

Please dear God, give our lives back to my wife and me.Only YOU can do that, that's why we believe and trust in you. In the name of Jesus Christ protect our loved ones too.

I ask you dear holy God, please heal my bad COPD. Let me breathe again. And please give me my driver's license back. Please forgive me for all my sins. Please protect my family to always stay healthy.

Ask for the ability to do without a lot of physical things

Heavenly Father ask for prayers for a return and work to my home where my life and friends are. I need and love you, I now realized. Forgive me dear father amen

God Almighty, take me back home where I belong. I really need your help and that of my friends. Gü, Da, Mo. ask for forgiveness. Amen

Heavenly Father. YOU, see my marriage, YOU, see my wounds and pain, YOU, see my despair and only YOU, see the truth! YOU ARE THE TRUTH! YOU, all alone know the way! YOU are my way! Heavenly Father help PLEASE

I ask for a prayer for my brother Danijel, who died in January 2016. He would have turned 50 today on January 30th, 2021.
We think of him every day and he will not be forgotten. Nazdavlje my dear!

For Martina and everyone who helps with the integration of refugees.

My heavenly father. You see my marriage, you see my wounds and pains, you see my despair. You know what my husband did; You know what serious mistakes he made. I beg you, PLEASE HELP!

Dear God, need my friends, work and my past life and joy back. Got it all wrong. Forgive and please please help me. Amen

Dear God, let me find the right words when I want to tell my friend Rainer that he cannot move in with me because I like him but don't love him. I know I hurt him lb. God help me when the time comes.

Dear God, please do not let my beloved brother-in-law die as a result of his stroke. Help my sister in her desperation and accompany her.

Dear God, I pray for my colleague and her family

Dear God, thank you for allowing me to pray to you here. Dear God, you know all of our worries, you know my fears. Please please help me or my children. Please do not let any calamity or misfortune come upon us, bless our way and be us

Dear God, this longing and sadness totally changes me. Let me feel joy again and come back home, into my world, where I belong. Ask everyone for forgiveness. Amen

Dear God, please please free me from this situation and give me back my surroundings, which I so urgently need. Please please give me back my life that I didn't appreciate before. Amen

Dear father, please please give me work and joy to live again. Touch and Bless my friends, family and I ask their forgiveness. Healing for all sick. Amen

Dear God, please help me. Jesus, give me strength, please help me and heal my wife ...

For my loved ones, please please I need you. Let's get together again. Be touched in the name of God and the Holy Spirit. Amen

we ask for kindness to people who have to work a lot so that they can find strength

For Walther and his family give them hope and confidence.

Lord our Creator, forgive me. Please lead me back to where I belong and where I can feel life and joy again. Let my friends forgive me because I need their presence and love. Touch my wife too and change her. Amen

Dear God, please give me my old life back. Let me feel joy and courage again. Take me back to where my home and friends are. Please also ask for a cure for my leg. Amen

For my son and everyone who is celebrating name day today, especially for all the young people who are thinking and acting in solidarity right now.

We would like a larger apartment or a small house for the family. So that our 4 children can grow up in the right context.

For all teams in which people work together who react very differently to the challenges of this time. Let the courageously forward and the fearful keeping find ways that will be a blessing for many.

Please support my prayer: Dear God, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, help me. My dearest Jesus, please help me and heal my husband.

God protect my unborn grandchild that I no longer experience because I don't feel any more love because nobody can help

Dear God give me the air to breathe again and heal my COPD. Forgive me all my sins. That my families are always doing well. That I can get my driver's license back. Thank you Jesus Christ, I don't want to be angry with anyone anymore. You're welcome

Dear God, I wholeheartedly ask you to help my sister get better, because if anyone deserves it, then she is. She is a wonderful person who is always there for others when they are needed; that's why I ask you for help.

Dear God, I ask you to help my sister get better. Please help her!

Dear God, I pray for my sister that she will soon be healthy again and that everything will be the same as it used to be.

Please, gracious, merciful God, since I am seriously ill, I ask your help and your mercy. Give me a few more years with loved ones and family. I thank you with all my heart.

For my brother and his whole family who have Corona. Please let them all get well again without complications.

For all who give hope a face - make it stronger and closer.

I asked you to pray for my unborn grandchild, daughter-in-law, and son. There was a diagnosis of trisomy in the room. A small miracle: the results of the amniotic fluid test were normal and the hole in the heart is also smaller. Thanks!

I beg you! You have already helped me once, now I have a nerve-muscle disease and can no longer walk, and soon no longer eat alone. Please help me to conquer this disease, please help me! Thanks.

I ask for healing and health, because I suffer from a muscle disease, nerve disease. Thanks.

Dear God, please help me to get well again and give me the strength I need to do it.

Oh god, I ask for my husband's recovery from cancer. Please ensure that the upcoming examination next Tuesday goes well and that the therapy helps. Thank God with all my heart.

Liberation from compulsions and blasphemous thoughts.

Please give us patience and hope for the next few weeks with all the distance in life. Let us feel connected!

Health and love for my niece Julia and strength for her family. Amen

O Lord, please give me back my past life and my friends whom I beg your pardon. I want to be happy again and be able to show my love to my wife. Heal my leg too and strengthen my faith in you. Amen

Lord God please let my knee heal and endure the pain. thanks

God please help me!

Help me, it's been a long time since I can go on, please, please!

Oh Lord, I beg your health for the new year. Please help us all out of the difficult times of the pandemic and give us peace. Please protect and keep us. Amen

We ask for healing of body, mind and soul through Jesus Christ for my husband and me, his wife. Thanks amen

For New Year's Eve and all men who have found happiness in their calling as priests.

For my unborn grandchild, for my daughter-in-law and for my son.

Please dear God, let me have my child with me again quickly and permanently! Please let me
to get back to the way I was and that I can do anything. Please let J. love me, come with me and let us be good for each other! Amen

Dear God, should everything work out that I sent away today. I promise you to keep my word to you.
Thank you and may all people stay healthy ... Love you

Please God, help me persevere and believe in healing through you.

For my friend M., whose father died early this morning, for comfort.

I ask for healing of body, mind and soul through Jesus Christ.

Dear Mother of God, dear God, dear Guardian Angels, this candle is for mine, for our mom, who is in hospital with pneumonia. We ask from the bottom of our hearts, stand by her, help her to get well again. WE THANK YOU

For my friend Monika and her family for loving support in this difficult situation.

Please God, Jesus Christ, heal me from my severe COPD. I would like to be there for my granddaughter Alina for a few more years and have many more wonderful hours with her and be able to help Alina. Forgive me of my sins!

I need help

For our dear niece Luisa, who contracted it while fighting the virus. That you will get well again as soon as possible.

For those involved in the musical advent calendar. Thanks for the musical delight. 🤗

Dear God, why don't you help? At least protect my kids when I can't anymore.

Dear God, help me so that I get well again and that everyone loves me. Amen

I ask for healing and health as I suffer from diabetes and heart disease. Marc

Good God, I beg You, for all single people who feel alone and lonely. Be with them and give them warmth. Amen

Good God, I pray for the patients who are lonely in the hospitals at this Christmas time. You stand by them and comfort them. Amen

For Monika and everyone who dares to start over. All about success, luck and perseverance.

Good God, please give all the sick, worried and caregivers a lot of strength and hope in this difficult time. Hold your protective hands over her. I thank you dear god ... amen

Dear God, I ask you to give Anja and her family a lot of strength. Yesterday you took her father to you. Give them hope and strength in this painful time. I ask you good God be with you and protect you. Thank you good god. Amen

I have a very bad heartache and please
God for healing

Dear God, in my deep need and desperation, I pray to you for help. Free me from this need and help me finally to be able to live happily again.
Give me people who will help me and free me from this deep need. Thanks amen

Dear God give me a sign of hope. Don't let my fear perish me. Dear god help me.

Dear God the Father, Mary and Jesus,
Please let my mom Christine get well again in the Rosenheim hospital. I ask you with all my heart and soul.

Dear fellow Christians!

PLEASE all pray for me for healing and health as I suffer from diabetes and heart disease.
Thank you and god bless !!!
Marc L.

Please don't let Anna have Corona!

Help me ensure that my work colleague does not test positive for Corona! Help us all to keep working! Please hear my prayer! Help! Please help that we get positive news today!

Good and Merciful God
I am so dizzy and can no longer walk.
You will be my savior and healer in my illness.
I trust in your merciful goodness.
I praise, praise and adore YOU.

Good Lord, I thank you for your help, the operation ended well, as I just learned. I am infinitely grateful to you. You were present at the brain operation and guided the surgeon's hands.

Great God, please heal my brother Günter, who is currently being operated on on his brain.

Dear God, free me from these confusing thoughts that I can function properly again. That the feeling of numbness disappears ... and I can see the right path again. Protect my child, he needs me and I need him.

For Nancy and everyone who can no longer believe.

For my godson Florian, who is celebrating his 30th birthday today. Accompany and protect him with your blessing, so that he may continue to walk his way so upright, with mind and heart.

Lord, I ask you for protection and healing for my parents, my loved ones and all people who need it. Please hold us in your hand and be with us every day of our lives. Help us to accept your will and to trust in you.

Dear God, please let us heal our body and mind. Protect the lonely and the sick, the traumatized and the hopeful. Amen.

For everyone who shows interest, support and sympathy for others.

For everyone who is particularly stressed out during this Advent season.

For everyone who cares about others.

Please make our dog Henry get well again. That he still has a few good years ahead of him. AMEN

For everyone who is terminally ill. May you take good care of yourself with a healthy diet, moderate exercise and everything that is good for your soul and brings peace.

Please dear God and Mother of God please heal me from my severe COPD so that I can do all my household chores again. And I would like to help my daughter-in-law and granddaughter again and be there for them

For Daniela that she can regain courage and strength. And for my father that his health will improve and that he will live healthier and stay with us for a long time.

For my friend Gabi and her family, that she can master the challenges ahead with confidence and strength

Dear God, please protect my son Fabian. Please dispel the fears and disturbances and let him lead a normal life. Let him know what to do. Many Thanks. A.

For Maria and everyone who has Corona.

Dear God, I ask you with all my heart and from the bottom of my soul, please let my beloved Günter get well again. Amen

Dear God, strengthen the lonely.

Please God help me strengthen my faith

God give us all insight and guidance on how to behave considerately in these troubled times.

Please free Daria from her mental ones
Suffer and make it stop

For Kathleen and for me (Jürgen)
Please save us from poverty and

for Karin

Dear God please help me! Free and heal me of the tumor and cysts in my left breast. Heal me completely so that I will live in good health for a long time. My children need me and I need my children. thanks

For those in power

Dear God, I ask for our friend Flo that he will be better soon. Please give him strength and confidence. Please help him and his loved ones. Thank you good god. Amen

Dear God, please protect and keep us and our loved ones. Please give strength, courage and good thoughts to all sick people. Give you confidence. I thank you. Amen

I ask for a prayer that God will help me to cure my COPD. I find it very difficult to breathe. And that I will get my driver's license again next year without the MPU Thank God for everything

For Christiane. Ask for a miracle. Let them get well and live on for a long time.

For Matthias (surnames cannot be published)

For everyone who takes part in the Ecumenical Peace Decade and realizes peace in different ways.

For my sick father in the hospital and for my lonely mother.

Comfort all those who mourn and give them strength

For all people in the school environment - hold them in your loving, caring hand.

For Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, dear God help them, that they can meet the enormous expectations and give the whole world a little more hope.

Dear God, please help me to get well again and give me the strength I need to do it.

For all people in this world who take responsibility, both in big events and in seemingly small, everyday actions.

For a peaceful outcome to the US elections.

For my friend Dagmar, let your confidence shine bright and warm on her and her family.

Dear God, I ask you for your blessings, help and protection for my beloved Günter and all of our family and friends who are sick. Please get me out of my deep depression. Amen

Dear God please help my mother in her last hours of life. Please give me the strength to accompany you well, Amen

Dear God, please give strength and good thoughts to all sick and worried people. Give them courage and confidence and hold your protective hand over them. I ask you to give us a lot of strength in this special time. Thank you good god

Dear God, I pray for my father that he can have a place in your holy kingdom. I hope that he is always happy and full of joy there.
I hope I can meet with him later in your glory ♥ ️

Please, dear god help.

Please dear God, take away my fears and give me the strength to take care of my own things. Give strength and health to all people ❤️

Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for my mother and all widows, widowers and orphans who feel the loneliness even more at this time. Be with them and let them feel you are close to you. Amen

Thank you, Lord, for the rich gifts of nature die and the good harvest.🍎

Dear God, I am constantly afraid of losing my beloved husband. Please help me Give me strength and confidence for the future. And hold your kind hands over our family and friends. Amen

For the community officers who were sent out on Saturday. May the joy in the Lord be and remain their strength.

For everyone who has the power not to abuse it, but to use it for the benefit of those entrusted to them.

Dear God help me in my great financial need. For the health of my friend and my health. Thank you very much

Dear God, help my seriously ill wife to get well again, help my family to draw strength from your words and deeds to survive these difficult times. Forgive me my sins and give us the grace of your mercy.

For Antoni and everyone who is about to retire, that they can let go and find new, fulfilling tasks.

Dear god i hope sebastian is fine i haven't heard from him for days. We parted in an argument and yet I worry that he's okay

I ask for help for my husband and father of my young children. Lord make that everything will be fine again.

For the Christians in the congregations whose houses of God are closed and sold. For help in their grief.

For Michael, Gabriela and Rafael, may God's angels accompany them and all of us, protect, heal, open our hearts to God's word and help us to oppose evil.

For brother Damian and all hermits.

Dear God, I ask for help for my beloved husband. That he will get well again and heal all inflammation in his body. To do this, light a candle. Amen

For everyone who does not want to admit that the Catholic Church needs women at all levels and in all offices. May the Holy Spirit expand their hearts.

For all volunteers who help to keep the church alive.

- I ask for a loving home for Luc (approx. 1.5 years), a mother who will take care of her
Son cares with love. Holy Spirit, next week let the youth welfare office see what is the best solution for the child.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us from your Son, our Lord:
- Holy Spirit please remove all inflammation from my body and heal my eyes.

For Sabine and all alternative practitioners and fasting course leaders. For Aleksander and all doctors who treat their patients holistically.

For everyone in financial need.

Dear Mother of God, I pray for everyone who is in great pain.

Dear God, please help me so that my worries and needs finally come to an end.

... that God watches over our two star children and maybe soon a little soul will reach us who will stay with us.

For everyone who is mentally ill or mentally impaired.

Holy Father in Heaven, please help that Mum is being helped effectively today and that she comes home healthy! And please help that we speak peacefully with one another!

Lord in heaven, let mom recover, help her talk to me tomorrow and everything will be peaceful! Lord, let her come home despite her age and let her live a few more years. Forgive me for my impatience with you! Mama get well!

Please pray for my brother Markus that he will seek help and also accept help because of his alcohol addiction, and to cure his alcohol addiction. To help my brother Stefan with his physical ailments. Help my mom with the whole thing

Dear God please come into our house and protect us. Please help the people in Belarus, Russia and the USA.

For peace and quiet in me, to maintain my relationship and my friendships.

I ask for support and divine help for my brother who has diabetes and my beloved husband. Please God help heal his wound. To do this, light a candle. Amen

For Jörg and everyone who is innocently convicted. May you, Lord, let the truth come to light.

A friend's wife has lung cancer and is on oxygen and chemo. Now she has water in her lungs and the chemo has to be reset after removal. Lord Help the woman to bear her sufferings. Give her strength and Holy Spirit

For Andrzej that his intervertebral disc surgery is a success. Thanks.

I ask for support and God's blessing in all my work, financial and family concerns. May I learn humility and eat well.

I ask for guidance to go the right way and I ask for forgiveness for my weakness. I pray for my deceased. I ask for the 4.9. To put up a candle for my late husband Thank you dear Lord Ingja

Dear God. I ask you for help for my son in his current situation, thank God

For a personal matter, thank you!

For all Christians who are persecuted, mistreated, killed, disadvantaged because of their faith.

For my father!

Dear God, I ask you to protect and guard us and lay your protecting hand over our families. Please give a lot of strength, faith and hope to all sick people. Thank God. Amen

Dear God, I ask you to give my papa a lot of strength and hope. Please put your protective hand over my parents and give them strength, courage and health. I thank you good god. Amen

Please dear God hear my prayers, protect my family and me from the coronavirus! Thanks amen!

Dear God, I ask you for help and protection in these difficult times. We can't do it alone. We are nothing without you. Amen

Jesus please. Protection and security and a vision and protection from hostility of all kinds

Dear God, I thank you that you stand by us and have strength against us. Thank you for being with us, giving strength, courage and hope. Please keep protecting and guarding us. Thank you good god.

Dear God, please help a dear parishioner who is in rehab after a stroke so that the consequences are not too serious and that she can go on with her life with her spouse and children and grandchildren.

For my husband that he survived the difficult situation at the moment and that our love is strong enough! Dear God, hold your hands over us and thank you for our greatest gift, our little daughter!

For all who are committed "to the greater glory of God".

For anyone who cares about others.

Dear God please guard and protect us, hold your valid hands over us and protect us from all evil and incurable diseases. Your Klaudia and Günter. Help us. Thanks.

Dear God, I ask for peace for humanity. I beg you to watch over and protect us. Bless us and hold your protective hands over us. Thanks.

Dear God, I ask for health for my dear husband Günter.

I ask for prayer support

For all who love you, Jesus Christ, with all their hearts. ❤️

For everyone on a pilgrimage or on the Camino de Santiago. May their concerns be heard.

For everyone whose vacation is now beginning, that they can relax and regain strength after these unfamiliar and challenging months.

For everyone who finds themselves in a situation of upheaval in their life, good prospects.

For our dear Inge: give her strength to survive the upcoming operations.

Thank you, Creator God, for Comet Neowise and the great joy it spreads. 🤗 I ask you for the explorers of the universe.

For everyone who finds it difficult to adhere to rules, laws and regulations.

For everyone who cares about the mental and physical well-being of others in their job.

For everyone who feels that they have been treated unfairly.

For Father Reinhard, the Carmelite religious family and for all other religious communities

For good cooperation between tenants and landlords.

For a good friend. Give her strength and confidence in these stressful days.

Greosser God, please end this corona pandemic.

Dear God, please work in my unhappy marriage that at least now in old age there is peace and harmony.

For my dear Jeli for God's support for the upcoming birth ❤

Saint Benedict, patron saint of Europe, please help us that we trust God's guidance, especially now in the Corona crisis.

For Brother Clemens and the large religious family of St. Benedict. Help us too, Lord, to find and live the right amount of work and prayer.

Dear God, give us hope and confidence.

Dear God, give each of us the right words every day when we talk to other people.

Dear God, help us that we all remain open, courageous, upright and curious!

For all first communion children. May you, Lord, always be with them with your blessings. 😊

For the parents of the star children, that they can cope well with the loss and find consolation and support.

For all of our star children, whose names we could not name or hear in the funeral hall today.

For those who have faith doubts that they will not give up looking for the truth.

For all women who expect a child to be able to develop a good relationship with them and love them.

For all priests who celebrate their consecration day today and in these days. 🙂

Dear holy apostles Peter and Paul, I ask you on behalf of Pope Francis, all pastors, that they fearlessly live the Gospel and proclaim it with joy.

For my nephew Paul. May the training as a nurse give him joy and may he recognize you, Jesus, as a friend in difficult times.

For Father Peter, may his work in the retreat house be beneficial.

For all those who don't like themselves, who despair of themselves and their current situation and don't have the courage to dare to try something new.

For Tobias.

For Claudia, that she can let go of her deceased husband and open up to a new love.

Lord, I pray for my cousin Maria. That she recovers well from her heavy fall and is healthy in body and soul. Thanks.

Dear Saint John the Baptist, grant that many people may recognize Jesus as the Son of God, worship him, praise and praise him, serve him.

For everyone who is being baptized these days. May belief in you, the Triune God, guide and strengthen them.

For all couples whose desire to have children is not fulfilled. That they can give their life a different meaning.

For all the many unborn children and their parents.

For all who refuse to accept others, are not ready for communication and reconciliation. Open their hearts, take away their fear, give them trust and mercy.