How does a portable bluetooth speaker work

How do bluetooth speakers work?

Music in the Air - you would like that too, wouldn't you? What would be an absolute no-go for one person is true heaven on earth for another. How nice that tastes are so different. But there are certainly compromises that one can open up to, right? Bluetooth speakers are such and also useful, because if one person loves peace and quiet, the other can crank it up in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, loggia and etc .. Convinced? We don't expect that from now on, but you could think about it. But a completely different question also arises, how do the Bluetooth speakers actually work? The current Bluetooth speaker test gave the corresponding answer.

Listen to your favorite music anywhere - simply wonderful!

Well, bluetooth speaker as an absolute one A marvel of technology it would certainly be a bit presumptuous to describe it, but Bluetooth speakers "work", at least it seems, with one trick or two. These loudspeakers are part of the Bluetooth short-range radio system, which is the simplest method of transmitting your favorite music to loudspeakers that operate wirelessly. Today it is a matter of course and good form that this technology finds its way into notebooks, smartphones or tablets. It is advantageous if the receiver is in the same room because the range is limited to around 10 meters, but this does not affect this innovative technology.

Bluetooth speakers, the little ones that make it big!

Bluetooth speakers impress with their small dimensions and extraordinary compactness. In order to enable perfect playback, loudspeakers and music players have to enter into a liaison and are "linked" with each other as soon as they are first contacted. These "Marriageβ€œ, Also known as pairing, is carried out by simply pressing a button on the Bluetooth speaker. The radio box symbol then appears in the transmitter settings so that it is possible to select it as an external audio device. Now sounds from the computer, tablet and smartphone are played that are identical to the sound of the film. System boundaries are alien to the short-range radio Bluetooth, it spreads beyond them, and Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Co. support it. There may be differences in the sound, as there are devices that compress the signal before it is transmitted. Furthermore, with Bluetooth it is only possible to supply one loudspeaker at a time, so step by step is the order of the day.

Bluetooth speakers, now and still in the fast lane!

It becomes more and more difficultto avoid the short-range radio Bluetooth and thus the Bluetooth speakers. But why should I? The users of smartphones & Co. appreciate this network technology, in which the most diverse electronic devices are linked to one another via radio, and actually it is so easy to play your favorite music everywhere, provided you want it too, right?

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