Slapping children on the face may bruise them

Violence in Upbringing: How Bad is a Slap?

Will the parents be shown if they contact them?

If parents seek help on their own initiative, they will not be shown, that would be counterproductive. A complaint is usually made out of the situation by witnesses, or if severe damage to the child is evident. The law also provides for parents to be accompanied and supported. Specialists decide what is appropriate in each individual case.

Is it best not for parents to punish their children at all?

Parents have to point out boundaries and signal that what you've done has consequences. Psychologically, it is important that the child experience frustration as well. Only in this way can it develop morality and learn what is good and what is wrong. But I have found that very committed parents in particular want to avoid frustrations. The children are overprotected for a long time. Later, however, one expects them to have a high tolerance for frustration and great achievements. It doesn't go together.

What are the consequences of wrongdoing?

It is important that action and consequence are related. Unfortunately, the classic is still the withdrawal from television, computers, sweets ... Flat-rate fines usually have little effect. It is better: if a child throws everything around, it has to tidy up, otherwise it may not go outside, for example. Parents should criticize their child's behavior, but accept the child anyway.