Can I get a part-time job


While studying you have a lot to do and often a tight schedule, but you are more flexible during this phase of your life than you seldom again later. This is a good prerequisite for looking for a suitable part-time job for which you can optimally divide up your free time. This works particularly well with a part-time job, because it is the perfect balance between a full-time position and a mini-job, and the salary helps you get through your studies well. At this point we explain for you what you should pay attention to as a student in a part-time job and what rights and obligations you have here. Here you will find your suitable part-time job

Working part-time as a student

If you study and want or have to work on the side, you should first ask yourself whether you will actually manage to take on a part-time job, for example in the form of a student job, where you have to work around 20 hours a week or more. After all, studying is already a full-time job and you not only have to attend lectures and seminars, but also plan homework and presentations, prepare and follow up the material and, last but not least, take exams. So can you still get a part-time job while studying without taking over? If you can answer the question with yes, then the search for a suitable part-time job can begin!

Flexible time management

A part-time job has the advantage that you can better balance private and professional matters and that you can also take time into account for your own needs. You work part-time an average of 20 hours a week and can agree on fixed or flexible working hours. For example, if a part-time job with 20 hours is advertised, you can work two times eight hours and one time four hours or four times five hours.

The best thing to do here is to reach an agreement with your employer at the beginning and adapt the working hours to your lecture schedule. Possibly you can also work a few of the hours from home as a home office. However, the limit for a part-time job has already been reached at 20 hours a week, everything that goes beyond that falls under full-time employment.

Benefits for part-time students:

  • Flexible working hours (adapted to studies)

  • Flexible work schedules

  • Spontaneous missions

  • Better salary than with the mini job

  • Professional experience and still enough free time

Rights and duties in a part-time job

Even if you work part-time, you are to be treated like a full-time employee, since the need for social protection is the same as in normal working life. The student status also makes it possible to work largely free of health care and unemployment insurance beyond the marginal earnings limit (450 euro jobs). However, if you exceed the 20-hour limit, you will not only be kicked out of family insurance and have to insure yourself, but you can also lose your student status. So in the end you can work as much as you want alongside your studies, as long as you don't lose sight of what has priority here.

In addition, part-time student jobbers, like other employees, are entitled to:

  • Continued payment of wages in the event of illness (up to 6 weeks)

  • Public holiday remuneration (it is not permitted to intentionally bypass public holidays!)

  • Paid vacation (annual minimum vacation of 24 working days; so if you work full two months during the lecture-free period, you are entitled to four days vacation)

  • Christmas bonus, if applicable (if stipulated in the collective bargaining agreement or works agreement)

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