How do I hack a Facebook ID

Sensitive data from over 500 million Facebook users was collected in a major hack attack. Now they are being sold through Telegram.

  • over Telegram are currently data from Facebook users offered for sale.
  • According to the seller, it is more than 500 million Data.
  • This mainly affects phone numbers that are used during a Data leaks were stolen.

Kassel - A huge data leak on Facebook is currently causing a stir. The data of millions of users was stored in one Hacker attack on Facebook stolen. They are now being offered for sale through a Telegram bot.

The seller of the chopped Facebook data claims to have more than 500 million records, US media reports. The vulnerability in Facebook was closed in August 2019, but the data leaked at the time can still pose a security risk for the users concerned.

Hack at Fabebook: Phone numbers are offered for $ 20

In which Data hack Phone numbers were stolen from Facebook, among other things, and these are now being offered for sale via Telegram, reports Vice's online magazine Motherboard, for example. Interested parties can use the bot to check whether the phone number is for any Facebook account is available. To do this, the Facebook ID must be sent to the Bot The record can be purchased for around $ 20. Those who want to buy a larger amount of data will obviously get a discount

CEOMark Zuckerberg

It is also possible to send a phone number to the bot to find out which one Facebook ID this one heard. The authenticity of the Data was confirmed by motherboard. Also Facebook confirmed that the data for sale was related to a 2019 vulnerability which has since been closed. Facebook also confirmed that newer data is not part of the leaked record. Recently, a popular online program was hacked and passwords stolen from millions of accounts.

Millions of Facebook users affected: Experts discovered a huge data hack as early as 2019

The 2019 data leak isn't the only thing that could still affect user security years later. In September 2019, security researchers discovered a publicly accessibleDatabase with 420 million phone numbers from Facebook users, reports the online magazine Golem. These are said to have been compiled through an abuse of the friend search function via telephone number.

Security experts warn that Phone numbers are not changed frequently. Much of the ones hacked years ago Facebook data should therefore still be relevant today and could be used for attacks.

According to experts, it is particularly worrying that the purchase of the data via the Telegram bot is very easy. Currently also stands Whatsapp Criticized for a change in data protection regulations, but users can better protect their WhatsApp data with a few tips. (Sarah Neumeyer)

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