Acne makes people ugly

The worst part was when my mom approached me about my pimples in the morning

Something like swimming was fatal for me. I had tried so hard to cover up the pimples. In my world I couldn't do that with my layer of make-up. Or later, when I wanted to stay with friends and when there were boys with me, I always had to sneak into the bathroom so that nobody could see me. I had to somehow manage to make me feel like it doesn't look that bad anymore.

A big problem for me was that I couldn't leave the inflammation alone, but always had to press on it. I couldn't let go of it and that made the whole thing even stronger. I did it excessively at times and couldn't stop at all. I knew that would make it worse, but I couldn't stop myself. It was kind of like a vicious circle. Most of the time I squeezed out the pimples in the evening. The morning after it was even worse because it continued to inflame during the night. For me it subsides after two days, if I press, then after four days. It is also experience that you gain.

I got various things to treat the inflammation myself with. For example with healing earth. I had the feeling that it had already helped, but not in the long term. I also put alcohol on it because I didn't want it to catch fire. It helped at first, but then it got even more red and the skin became really thin. I should have gone to a doctor back then. I should have taken advice on what you can do yourself or what better not to do.