Are you happy with your job

Dream job or job - how satisfied are you with your work?

Are you happy with your job? Home office, short-time work and layoffs are just a few examples of the current change in the world of work. Many people had to and still have to adjust to it. But almost everyone is worried. In such moments, one's own situation is often reflected on, and the question almost inevitably arises: "Dream job or job - how satisfied are you with your work?"

For me or for others?

More than ten years ago, I worked as a student in the call center of a mobile operator. It was my first permanent position and I was able to flexibly determine the working hours myself. In addition, it was still the case at the time that anything over € 5 an hour in a part-time job was like a blessing. So it wasn't a problem to always answer the same questions and problems from customers.

Some time ago I met a former colleague who still works in the call center. I wanted to know how she has dealt with repetitive customer problems over so many years. "Sometimes I would like to scream over the phone: what are you calling me - it's your own fault if you can't use your cell phone!" She admitted emotionally.

About a year ago I gave up my secure and lucrative permanent position in order to realize my business idea independently. I cannot say whether it will work as intended and whether my idea will really go down as well as I think it will. But if I don't try, I'll never find out.

The jump into the deep end was already worth it. I used to have to do what the customers or the boss asked. Today I have to initiate and implement every single step myself. That sounds more romantic than it is, because it involves a lot of initiative and insecurity. But when something is done, I know it's my personal merit. Nobody else can pat themselves on the back for it.

It'll be done soon

Heinz, an old friend of the family, will soon be 90 years old. He has now been retired for almost as long as he was previously head of an administration department. And that's exactly what he's very happy about. “I didn't enjoy my work. Every month that I now get pension, I have worked hard for myself. "

After all, he is only now feeling adequately rewarded. He now enjoys life, which he could never do in his professional life. "Yes, I could have done it," he finally corrects himself. “I just didn't do it. I first had to give up my role in order to find myself. "

Everyone knows such and similar stories. And as the statistics show, most people are frustrated and dissatisfied with their job. And so the answer to the question: "Dream job or job?" Is often quite clear. But is the only way out of somehow holding out like Heinz and hoping for retirement? To get past working hours like a mild flu? Or just jump into the deep end and start looking for your dream job in great uncertainty?

Now, in the midst of an economic upheaval with an unpredictable outcome, nobody will advise you to do so. But simply waiting and doing nothing cannot be the solution either. So there has to be another way.

When dreams tend to frustrate you

Even if that seems unimaginable for many at first: The external circumstances do not have to play as big a role as one thinks. To do this, however, you must first clear up some calendar wisdom. "If you can dream about it, it can also come true!" "Don't compromise!" "Each of us has a super talent, a job in the world." "Find a job that you would also do unpaid."

All of this sounds great, but in practice it is likely to cause more frustration than joy. Because sooner or later most jobs are exactly that: Jobs! And not the ultimate way to fulfillment and happiness in life. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't look for a job that suits your skills and values. For example, strict vegans will find little joy in the sausage factory and ambitious salespeople will not be good art teachers.

On the other hand, there is no reason to believe that the world was just waiting for me of all people to demonstrate my supposedly unique talents in the here and now. That shouldn't be an obstacle to trying. However, I am of the opinion that there is no kind of cosmic basic right to a dream job.

Assess your own job correctly

We humans want to see meaning in our actions. We need to feel that it doesn't matter whether we are there or not. Apple founder Steve Jobs already knew that. He said: “You can only do a good job if you love your job.” But do you have to be in your dream job? Or can you also love different aspects of the bread job?

If you look at your own situation calmly and are honest with yourself, you will see whether the current activity is a daily joy, an intermediate step towards a higher goal, or whether it is a necessary evil that ensures that food is on the table. In all three cases, the positive aspects have already been identified.

Those who follow their inner voice and earn enough money to live without fear: perfect! But it is also worth recognizing that the current job is only a milestone and raises the following questions.

  • Where do i want to go
  • How far have I come?
  • Which elements of my dream job do I already encounter today?

The most common situation, however, is: I go to work because that's the way it is. After all, nothing is given to you in life. Then you can quit internally or try to answer the questions mentioned and draw the necessary conclusions from them.


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