Why are office jobs so stressful

Why an office job is damn exhausting too

It seems to be one of the great mysteries of everyday office life: Although we hardly exert ourselves physically on our office chair between chatting in the coffee kitchen and having lunch in the fresh air on our office chair - on some evenings it still feels as if we are on it Construction toiled.

Mental exhaustion is when people with an office job feel at the end of the day as if they have exhausted themselves. But how does this mental fatigue arise?

Work psychologists now know a great deal about this. According to them, one of the most important reasons is that we have to constantly control ourselves - Work psychologist Anne-Kathrin Konze gives a comprehensive overview of the topic of mental exhaustion in her dissertation (2019, PDF)make us do things that we don't really want of our own accord. For example in the following situations:

1. When we lack motivation

There are many indications that our work is more strenuous when it is not in line with our personal goals. For example, if we have to "force" ourselves to do something, How can we find meaning in our work? Maren Urner answers that herebecause it seems unattractive to us.

2. When we need to withstand distractions