Why are children expensive

These days a well-known fact has been given numbers again: Children need things, that's why parents need to spend money. "Who can afford a child" is the analysis of the online retail experts at the Picodi platform; and sentences like: "Preparing an apartment for a new family member requires solid costs." According to figures from the Federal Statistical Office, the analysts come to 3127 euros for pregnancy and the first year. That doesn't even have a high impact, because "up to the age of 18" is estimated at 130,000 euros per child, and the Bavarian Consumer Center even rates 230,000 euros when the child finishes studying. It is impossible to imagine how expensive children are who do not finish their studies!

Now you can argue about a few things like the question of what children need (sweets, consequences?) And how much of it. The questions have also become more complex: Is an open door enough to hear the sleeping child, or does a baby monitor need it? Should the latter also measure the temperature and have a camera? But apart from the fact that many goods can be bought second-hand for little money and that there have been children in front of cameras, all the figures are also unrealistic from an economic point of view, not only in view of the absence of gainful employment. If you include all the massages and therapist talks with which many people make their parenting easier: there must be millions.

After all, the good news can also be formulated economically. Children cause falling marginal costs. Anyone who previously thought that it was because trousers can be worn is wrong. The real reason is: Even if the money is enough for costly compensations such as massages and good wine, there is no time for it. Anyone who thinks that is common should read analyzes on expensive children. The reassurance there is also carried out in economic categories: a baby's smile, just to be on the safe side, does not outweigh any money in the world.