How can I start learning Arduino

How best to learn to program, or ......

Hello, have been following for a long time what can be done cheaply and skillfully with circuit boards and microcontrollers. What makes me appear here now .....

Want a grill temperature rules.

Later automate some of the house and maybe try to change the programming in a hybrid car in a meaningful way (it will probably never get that far)

But first of all barbecuing ...

With radial fan and temperature sensor, actually one of the easiest things apart from the "setting" of the whole thing, which I would prefer to be stepless with an algorithm.

I have now bought an Arduino as a set with pretty much every sensor system that was available on Amazon.

My question now is how do I best find my way into the topic?

There is a 10 step program on Youtube that seems to be really helpful.

I have already heard of 2 programs with which you can configure prefabricated blocks. I would like it best, but then you probably never get behind what REALLY happens and works and in case of a problem you will probably not find a problem.

How would you most likely start dealing with the topic after you already know your way around?

A link? Tips?

I would also like to receive a program that would probably not be that complicated, but it still takes a quarter of an hour, and the hardware is unknown.

Thank you in advance, I'm curious