What can make a person greater

Enlarge person

Enlarge person

School:Transformation; Degree: HXM / MAG 1
Time required: 1 round
Components: V, G, M (iron powder)
Range: Close (7.50 m + 1.50 m / 2 steps)
Aim: A humanoid creature
Duration of effect: 1 min / level
Saving throw: Tenacity, no effect; Spell Resistance: Yes

This spell instantly causes a humanoid creature to double its size and become eight times its weight. The creature grows by one size category. She receives a size bonus of +2 on strength, a size penalty of - 2 on dexterity (up to a minimum of 1) and, due to the increased size, a penalty of - 1 on attack rolls and AC.

A humanoid creature that becomes “large” as a result has an attack surface of 10 feet and a natural range of 10 feet, and the target's movement rate does not change.

If there is not enough room to grow, the creature takes on the maximum possible size and is allowed to make a strength roll (with the increased strength) to blow up its prison. If that check fails, the creature is constrained by the surrounding material without taking any damage - the spell cannot be used to crush a creature because of its size.

Any equipment worn by the creature is also enlarged. Melee weapons do more damage as a result. Other magical properties are not affected by the spell. Any enlarged item that leaves an enlarged creature's possession (including projectiles thrown or fired) immediately returns to its original size. So thrown and projectile weapons do their normal damage, and projectiles deal as much damage as the size of the weapon with which they were fired. The magical properties of enlarged weapons are not enhanced by the spell.

Different magical effects that increase size are not cumulative.

Enlarge person bans and is the counter-spellDownsize person.

Person can enlarge with the help ofdurability be made permanent.

Enlarge mass person

School:Transformation; Degree: HXM / MAG 4
Aim: A humanoid creature / level, any two targets cannot be more than 30 feet apart

This spell works like Enlarge personbut can affect multiple creatures.

Magnify legendary person

You can increase the target's size category by up to two levels, maximum huge. If the target grows by two size categories, its weight increases 25 times, it gains a size bonus of +4 on strength and it suffers a size penalty of -4 on dexterity. Furthermore, due to its new size, it receives a penalty of -2 on attack rolls and AC. A medium-sized humanoid that is enlarged to the Huge category has an attack surface of 4.50 m and a natural range of 3 m.Legendary Person Magnify counters and banishes Downsizing legendary person.

Reference: GRW - page 312