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Construction and final cleaning

Make the new building or renovation ready for handover with a final building cleaning. Our employees take care of the final cleaning during or after the construction phase. We dispose of the building rubble and any kind of handicraft pollution. With professional cleaning you can be sure that the surfaces from the basement to the roof can be handed over clean.

We would be happy to make you a separate offer for the General building regulationsthat can be done during the construction period or for the Final cleaningwhich is made after the construction period. Contact us by phone, email or using our contact form.

The building cleaning removes soiling in new buildings, conversions and renovation work during the construction period or for the completion of a building. Building cleaning includes almost all internal and external cleaning work on the building site. A lot of dirt, rubble and construction waste accumulates on the construction site, when building a house and during renovation work. In order to be able to adhere to the usually tight schedules and to enable smooth workflows during construction, it makes sense to leave all cleaning services to professional building cleaning companies.

These can relieve the construction company already during the construction period and ensure a tidy construction site through a major construction cleaning or intermediate construction cleaning. The cleaning of the construction site containers and the sanitary facilities during the construction period can also be part of the construction cleaning. After completion of the construction work and before the construction acceptance, a final cleaning can bring the building in optimal condition and help to discover any construction errors in good time before the acceptance. The building cleaning then gives the building the finishing touches and makes it ready for occupancy.

Building cleaning

The major building cleaning or intermediate building cleaning takes place at the same time as the construction. During a major construction cleaning process, building rubble, coarse soiling and accumulating construction waste such as the remains of consumables are removed. Qualified cleaning companies are the best point of contact for the proper disposal of construction waste, as they can also properly separate construction waste into individual materials. Interim cleaning is a good way of removing building soiling after construction progress has been completed. Depending on the progress of construction and the needs of the construction company, it can be agreed with the cleaning company how roughly or finely cleaned the construction site will be left for the subsequent craftsmen.
Final cleaning

After completion of a construction, the remaining construction rubble, construction waste and handicraft dirt must be removed in order to get the building ready for occupancy. When the building has been completed, but the following handicraft activities are still to be expected, final cleaning is advisable. This is where dust, streaks and water stains are cleaned, foils, markings and labels are removed, and coarse dirt and packaging materials are removed. In order to hand over the building ready for occupancy, building cleaning is essential.
Last corrections before the building inspection

Building cleaners have a particularly important function in the final cleaning of the building, as they not only clean the building of any construction dirt, but can also check the property for existing defects. Some construction defects or construction errors can only be identified after the building has been cleaned. Cleaning companies pay attention to such defects and inform the construction company. So final corrections can be made in order to prepare a flawless object for the building inspection.

Construction cleaning

In order to hand over the property completely ready for occupancy, a final or final cleaning should always be carried out. The cleaning service has to remove all handicraft dirt such as labels, paint and varnish splashes as well as mortar and cement residues. Unnecessary joint sealant and construction dust must also be removed in order to hand over the building in optimal condition. The maintenance of newly laid floor coverings is another cleaning service that building cleaning companies offer for building cleaning.

For cleaning after construction work, an experienced cleaner should definitely be used so as not to damage the newly completed building with the wrong chemicals or unsuitable mechanical cleaning methods. Cleaning companies only use experienced building cleaners who are qualified for all types of cleaning for professional cleaning before handover.

It is well known that shavings also fall where planing takes place. Everywhere on the construction site there are building rubble and the remains of consumables such as stones, clinker bricks, tiles, plaster and packaging that can damage the building.

We ensure cleanliness and order. Whether office complex, housing estate or apartment building Top Clean Crew is your reliable and competent partner for your building cleaning in Wiesbaden, Mainz etc.

Our skilled staff creates order and an overview on the construction site and thus lowers the risk of accidents, subsequent work is no longer hindered by dirt. The construction cleaning includes, among other things, the professional removal of construction rubble during the construction period, the provision of further containers and their cleaning.

We offer:

  • Building cleaning
  • Container cleaning
  • Container service for rubble
  • Interim cleaning
  • Final cleaning
  • Fine cleaning

We always have an open ear for your wishes, because your satisfaction is important to us.

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