How long should normal adult teeth last

Ideal tooth position - what does it look like?

Jaws that are too close together, large gaps between teeth, strongly tilted, crooked or overlapping teeth can lead to problems. which should not only be solved for reasons of aesthetics. Fortunately, misalignments can be treated and corrected at any age. Adults who did not wear braces in childhood or who only got crooked teeth later do not have to put up with it, but can instead plan appropriate corrective measures together with their dentist or orthodontist.

With custom-made fixed or removable correction aids such as brackets or braces, the ideal tooth position can also be achieved later. This is particularly useful if there are tangible complaints, e.g. B. when chewing, when speaking or due to pain and tooth damage, which can be reduced or completely eliminated through tooth correction.

In children, crooked teeth should be corrected early onso that language development runs smoothly and no speech defects such as lisping or mumbling develop. It has also been proven that serious tooth and jaw misalignments can also impair social behavior and learning behavior. Because healthy and aesthetic teeth are important for self-confidence, self-confidence and daily well-being at any age.