What is ASK in digital communication

Digital consultation: “Master's degree? Ask me anything! "


On Tuesday, February 16, those interested in a Master's degree can get free advice and ask the heads of the course personal questions about the "Business Transformation Management" and "Communication Management" courses. It starts at 6 p.m.

The bachelor's degree is over - but what now? If you are still unsure and have unanswered questions about a master’s degree in the field of “Business Transformation Management” or “Communication Management”, the digital consultation hours of the Communication & Economics department are the right choice.

Look forward to 60 minutes of questions and answers with the head of the Business Transformation Management program, Prof. Dr. Ina Kayser and course director for communication management Prof. Dr. Matthias Johannes Bauer.

In a short introduction, led by Dorothee Schulte, Head of Sales in the department, also answered these questions:

  • Who is this course suitable for?
  • What types of study are there?
  • What should a student bring with them?
  • Who usually studies this subject?
  • What specialization options are there?
  • What career opportunities does the degree offer?


Interested parties can register here free of charge.