Why do I hate hugging my mom

i can't hug my mother

Ute, 61 from Osterholz-Scharmbeck: "Actually, I'm getting along well. And when the restrictions were lifted, I sent my mother-in-law a screenshot of the message and she went straight to work, changed her whole roster so they could come here for the weekend . Also tell her that you don't want to be hugged because you don't know how to classify this gesture. Have you tried family counseling? My mother's half-brother is his grandfather. Franziska and Her friends passed away for her 90th birthday Grandma Karla. When I cried, she was just annoyed. Birthday on Saturday. In addition to thoughts about my half-siblings who live in Spain, Italy and New York, the hopelessness turns me on normal school operations are the biggest worries. I have no idea how we'll ever get out of there again and how much of her blatant change in personality will last forever. And all the Ku I've already checked out mmertelephones. also describe experiences that I know from psychiatry, because my mother was admitted there at the beginning - but it is not ... May come - one day after the relaxation in Bavaria and six weeks after the birth. Hello, I'm m / 14 and I have a problem. Got the feeling my parents are not there for me. She was too tired, overexerted and had no cuddly mom on her part. Instagram: why are messages blue for some? In my room ... but was NEVER consoled. Don't hug birthday. Why is my friend so loveless to me sometimes? She internalizes this initial self-protection more and more. My first friend (was 2 years with him) unfortunately also beat me and in the end cheated on me .. I can't forget that even though I've been with someone else (very, very nice guy) for over half a year. You can always talk, but I also want to be shown .. Nothing is more beautiful for me than when my friend takes me in his arms, caresses me, looks into my eyes and kisses me. We made a video call every day that they could even see him. It's very, very difficult. After all, we have four hours of emergency care a day and sometimes a little more, which at least ensures that they are mentally balanced. I don't remember getting into a car ... how old are you ?? I also get a lot of inquiries from the media. If you haven't had the best relationship beforehand, it cools down completely. I suppressed it for a long time, then, out of the blue, everything came up again. Then I distanced myself and didn't want any more contact. I can tell you, for example, so you couldn't until the 7th. We had just shot the scenes for our Heinrich Vogeler film in Berlin. They tried very, very hard and are still doing it - but they simply cannot replace our contact. She cuddles, you just can't give love. Now my problem: It's not that my parents don't love me, but I just need them from other people. My mother has been my main supporter over the many years, helping my children and others at the same time. So as it is in the headline my mother can not give me attention and love. What can you replace love / affection with? In 223 stories you told us how you experienced this time. In addition, the previously completely media-remote, daily outdoors and creative child has now slowly but steadily transformed into a kind of computer junkie hanging around. As a single author with a completely underutilized elementary school child at home, concentrated writing on other topics is completely impossible. Are his feelings real or am I just a makeshift solution? How they tell their parents everything and their parents ask them even more things about their lives, which would be completely unimaginable for me. I actually have nothing. Or to the concert. Actually, I don't even feel the need for it. Not because of the consequences of Corona. I've thought about her a lot in the last 14 weeks at home. Why should I approach him when he has "separated" from me? He always exaggerates when he hits me! Because it gives me the feeling that they even know what is actually going wrong, but that their job is more important to them. Dagmar Wöhrl: My mother was in hospital in late summer because of a broken thigh. It also never crosses my mind to ask my mother for advice or help in telling her about my problems. (...) When the easing came, I was allowed to go there once a week and saw both of them together for 45 minutes. When it came to compulsory measles vaccination or the last wave of flu, for example, my advice was not sought. She has care level 3 and keeps the care allowance that is actually due to me. And somehow we are celebrating her 85th. My question is to which topic belongs in psychotherapy to pain or abuse. I am afraid that my mother doesn't love me! Because every time I long for affection and go to her for a hug, I feel like an emotional cripple who is not able to win over a "whole" woman (that's indeed the case! @ peperoni74: I know that behavior well enough. Again with strangers at a table - but Oliver missed his ferry, Finally a visit to the home: "My mother didn't recognize me anymore", Isabell is exhausted and wants more time for her daughter, Mourning work: Nils writes a book about his grandmother, a film without a kiss: How Matthias organizes a shoot despite Corona, first visit to the first grandchild: tears of joy with the in-laws, virologist: "I learned to express myself differently". When I look at my two children , I am always afraid that I will become like my mother and no longer want to hug my children or no longer really love them. I would like to ask my best friend to just hug for 2 minutes or something A lot has changed as a result of Corona. But I don't know how best to deal with the situation, whether I hate it, whether I really care about it, or whether I feel something like affection for it. And don't want that. I am 16 years old and female. This is especially important for dogs. I was always made to feel that my parents' life would be better without me. Face-to-face operations have been shut down, I have to create completely new learning formats, and that costs me an infinite amount of time. i don't want expensive presents, i don't want constant surprises, i just want more caresses, what does he not understand about it ??? Of course only under the given hygiene regulations. March 2020, 7:30 pm, "I cycled from Ratzeburg to Kiel at the beginning of June. It is our first child and also the first grandchild for my in-laws. I still cannot agree with my conscience to go now. I mean, I do she, if she weren't my mother (if I wasn't her because of that ... But I need a person I know well. Depending on how far they hit you, it can be a kind of psychological counter-reaction. I am a child of mentally ill parents and didn't know to be hugged or caressed. These corona stories were discussed in the social networks, #corona stories: These are your experiences in the corona time. (...) lg caroline. He's more like an uncle to me. On the one hand, he says me that I'm his best son (even if I'm only his only one, and this sentence doesn't make sense to me) but on the other hand, I think he's not interested in me nd wanted to be around 20. Hello ... I'm not exactly sure how much we are related. What do you call this relationship? I never thought about it. For years I've wondered what's wrong with me, why I can't be what they want, etc ... And hugging isn't always honest, it can also be a convenient escape. It is completely different now. Sure, it all takes longer and is much more complicated. But there are moments, especially when I feel bad, that I ... I also have to admit that I don't like my parents and I don't really like them, not least because they hit me earlier. PS: I personally find it foolish to say that you are then "free" and can do whatever you want .. Who prefers that instead of a relationship with a girl / boy whom you love ?! I know that this is difficult for my mother and that there is nothing she can do either. Zoo keeper Jonas: "We were able to place more pets than usual", Rega rotates: Single parent, independent and worried about the daughter. It is positive, if you can even say that in such a pandemic, that we were able to place more animals in the Corona months than at the same time last year. I desperately need love and affection. I think it's a shame that I don't have a loving parent-child relationship, but rather in the context that I wish to have been born into another family and not desperately court the affection of my current parents. I began to recapitulate the day of the funeral, wondering how our little daughter might have experienced that day, and then suddenly wrote down childhood memories of myself and my three siblings that flashed through my head. I wanted that too. She even asked me that her mother wanted children too. Spending time with the family, for example, or more often for a beer with loved ones in the corner pub. I noticed a year ago that I have no love whatsoever for my parents. Then one thing led to another. Hello dear community, I hope you can help me, I'll try to be brief. In the first few weeks, in addition to organizing and setting up the technology for e-learning, I swirled in all directions. I don't know if I have anything wrong with the psyche and I don't dare to go to a psychiatrist. Hello. Often we don't even say hello to each other. How do our dogs all get out when the walkers are no longer allowed to come? How can ixh change that? "," My grandmother is at the end of February, two and a half weeks after she turned 92. Although I wasn't just about to give it up once. My question is whether he really loves me or whether I am only a short-term relationship for him because my feelings are already VERY strong for him. But we go for a walk with a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. When I came back after a month's journey, we didn't even say hello. My parents have always been very loveless. (...) She is not a bad mother. The motivation to change something in our relationship is correspondingly small. i often notice that when i come home from work annoyed, my 5 ... i also give him tenderness. Sabine's protective masks look so colorful. When is still uncertain. Then something else comes up, but that's not bad. But my mother .... I never felt love from her as a child. This topic in the program: I'm going under mentally. I only now realized that I was dealing with a recognition problem. You always have to choose between sleep and free time. As a mom, I wasn't either, because my mom wasn't either. When you are grown up and stand on your own two feet, you may be able to achieve a certain closeness again (after all, you are no longer dependent and can meet them on an equal footing). I do it, but more because I know she wants to. I like that. Evelyn (60) and her husband Willi want to adjust the crisis positively and get through with a lot of yoga. I'm interested. Short-time work, cancellation fees - how do we pay that? I (w & 17) can not hug my stepfather, who has raised me with my mother since I was 3 years old, we hardly talk to each other and I ... At that time I always thought that the bad relationship with my parents was me will no longer be a burden when I'm older - thought wrong. Loveless and cold parents - what are the consequences for me and my life? I show him my affection more by taking him in my arms and caressing him than telling him that I love him ... with him it's exactly the other way around. without sex. It was also a great moment for me, as I always had to sit alone at the table the days before. Birthday painted a large poster. Annoyed, she was always like that when it came to me. But in all of our contacts today I cannot physically touch my mother. give her a welcome / goodbye kiss. The first time in my life that I can't hug my mom, can't kiss her. I want to learn how to deal with it. I'm tired of looking every time, can't you fill something differently? (...) and it was clear that I couldn't go home. I mean, when you're twelve years old, that horrible word doesn't do anything other than heighten the fear and anxiety of everything that comes your way. When I visit one or the other (they are all in a relationship) she sometimes gives me a hug because she knows how good it is for me. You don't have to make it an issue that you feel little love for your parents. We thought it might be like that for two or three weeks. I want to encourage each of you who have a kind heart to alleviate my mom's suffering. Then something else comes up, but that's not bad. Never get love from father, seek it from other boys? My bff's always hug each other, but I can't keep up. Dagmar Wöhrl: My mother was in hospital in late summer because of a broken thigh. I can explain it to you like this: You know what's wrong with you - until you've forgotten it again. I was sitting alone at a table at an ice cream parlor when an elderly couple from the area asked for two vacant chairs and sat down a little to one side. I hereby consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with. But it was worth it. And we've gotten pretty close lately. Today Francesca Sanna wants to show boys and girls in her children's books that it is quite normal to be vulnerable. I immediately cry. (...) To make it easier for them to get used to it, I went there every day, that was two weeks and then Corona came. But when you kiss me I feel that you are not kissing me lovingly and hugging me very briefly. what can I do? It was hell, I have to say that. 'You don't need friends, so there is no argument.' Ute (left) sees her mother, but she is allowed to go to her 85.

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