Why can't a person remember being born?

11 signs you've lived before

Quite a few people assume that they have already been in another body in this world and have been reborn. This thought is not that absurd - after all, we only live for a few decades before we die and it seems to many to be incomprehensible that their soul will then disappear from the world forever.
Belief in rebirth also helps many accept that they will one day die. After all, you don't know what will come after that and the thought that you will get another chance in the form of another life helps people come to terms with death.
It is not for nothing that there is a belief in life before life in many cultures. The doctrine of reincarnation is particularly widespread in Buddhism and Hinduism. Hinduists in particular assume that the soul is immortal and migrates from one body to the next. Thus, according to this teaching, people who have been born again always remember a little of their old life.

Belief in rebirth

In Germany, belief in rebirth is not that widespread. According to a survey by Statista from 2012, over 70 percent of Germans do not believe in reincarnation.
After all: 22 percent of Germans are sure that there will be rebirth, and 7 percent do not know whether it exists or not. And the rebirth business is booming. Quite a few websites deal with life before life and self-declared experts give instructions on how to remember your past existence.
And then there are testimonials: A three-year-old child from Syria reported about his previous life and his cruel death by an ax, and on the American television channel "Fox2Now" a woman told about her two-year-old son who insists that he was once a woman be.
Now you can relegate these stories to the realm of children's imagination - or ask yourself: Have I actually lived before? And if so, how can I ever find out?
We hung around on esoteric and less esoteric websites and put together a list of signs for you that should indicate that you have lived before.
Here are 11 signs you've lived before:

1. You have recurring dreams

There's this one dream you've had several times. Everything feels real: the people in it, the surroundings, the experiences. But: It has nothing to do with your reality. You are not familiar with the people and you have never seen the surroundings.
This is supposed to be because your subconscious wants to show you your previous life.
Everyone has had the feeling that they are not experiencing a moment for the first time. Often it disappears after a short time, but sometimes you are convinced that this moment has already happened before.
People who believe in rebirth think: Maybe you actually had a similar experience - but not in this, but in your previous life.

3. You can see through people quickly.

It's strange: You are being introduced to someone for the first time and you still have the feeling that you have met them before. And that happens to you a lot.
In general, you can see through people's behavior very quickly. You look them in the eye and you know immediately which character is behind them. One theory says that this is due to the fact that you have already lived so many lives that you have met all these souls before and accordingly recognize them quickly.

4. You think you remember past events that you did not experience at all.

Allegedly, there are supposed to be people who remember the Second World War or the French Revolution - even though they were only born in the 1980s. These could then be memories of a past life.

5. You can predict the future.

Those who believe in rebirth think that it helps to better assess what happened, what is happening, and will happen now.
If you keep impressing your friends with predictions that actually come true, according to one theory, it is because your soul has been around so long that you can immediately recognize patterns and assess what will happen.

6. You have fears and phobias that you cannot justify.

We often know where certain phobias we have come from: a traumatic experience in childhood, the fear of the unknown. But sometimes we just cannot explain why we are afraid of snakes, for example, when one has never harmed us.
Some believe that these phobias arose from a traumatic experience in our previous life.

7. You have pain that seems to come from nowhere.

Suddenly your knee hurts and you have no idea where the phantom pain can come from? This could be because the injury was not inflicted on you in this but in another life and you still remember the pain even though your other body was injured.

8. You like to be alone.

The reason according to the reincarnation theory: When your soul is in the world for the first time, you still try compulsively to make social contacts and to be there everywhere. But if you've played the whole game before, you'll either spend your time with people you really like or prefer to be on your own.

9. You have a soul mate.

If you get along with someone from the very first moment and you don't need words to express your feelings for one another, then it could be because you have met in another life - and were already close confidants there.
The explanation of some people who believe in rebirth: This feeling was so strong that it outlasted death and is still present in your current life.

10. You feel older than you are.

Some people are wiser than they should be at a young age. This could be due to the fact that their soul is already significantly older and more experienced.
You have already lived a few lives on earth, so according to the theory of rebirth you are much more self-reflective than other people.

11. You often feel out of place.

Everyone has had the feeling that they don't belong. But some people always think they were born in the wrong time or live in the wrong country.
That could indicate that they are missing their previous life. Maybe they were happier then - maybe they just long for certain places or people from this life.
Admittedly, many of the points could be applied to almost anyone. Because who hasn't had sudden pain, déjà vu or a soul mate? Supporters of the reincarnation theory would of course argue that this is because we have all lived in a different form before.
So let's agree: Those who believe in rebirth will find these points to help them better understand signs of their previous life. Those who do not believe in rebirth can happily dismiss these points as nonsense. We will probably never be able to find out who is right.