Eat Russians in Russia potato chips

18 Russian Snacks The Rest Of The World Really Needs

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You didn't live until you ate pickle and dill chips.

1. Plyushka

This is the simplest and cheapest pastry you can buy in Russia. It's just bread with melted sugar on top and it tastes amazing.

2. Sausages in a dressing gown

There are also sausages wrapped in batter in Russia, only there the sausages are the right size, which is awesome.

3. Fresh cucumber sprite

Truly the most refreshing drink in the world.

4. Mini bagels

They are harder than normal bagels and are bite-sized. Basically, they're perfect in every way.

5. Pickle and dill chips © Lay's

It is a mystery why these chips are unknown outside of Russia.

6. Mushroom sour cream chips © Lay's

Seriously: Russia has the best types of chips.

7. Baikal, which is somewhere between Coke and Pepsi.

And somehow still tastier than both.

8. Mischka confectionery

These are very traditional Russian chocolate bars. Made of a waffle coated in milk chocolate, they're simply the best.

9. Vanilla ice cream waffle cup

The perfect snack on a hot summer day.

10. Salted herrings and onions

That puts an end to the hangover quickly.

11. Cherry pierogies

These are basically cupcakes with a cherry filling. If you live in Russia, then you have definitely gotten stuffed with it by your grandma at some point.

12. But also any other kind of pierogi.

Especially those with apples are delicious.

13. Chicken Kiev

You can't go wrong with breaded chicken.

14. Dried, shredded squid

Sounds disgusting and looks like it, but strangely enough, it's delicious. It's also very salty, so it's the perfect hangover snack.

15. Okroshka soup