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Monkey D. Luffy - in the German version Monkey D. Luffy called[2] - is the captain of the Mugiwara pirate gang who ate from Gomu Gomu no Mi when he was a little boy. Driven by his life's goal of becoming the king of the pirates, he throws himself into adventure again and again and actually never thinks much about the risks.

Luffy is the son of the leader of the Revolutionary Army Dragon and the grandson of the famous naval hero Garp. Because of their childhood together on the island of Dawn, a brotherhood connects him with Ace and Sabo.

His greatest treasures are his straw hat, which his great role model Shanks once gave him as a child and which he does not yet know is that of the former pirate king Gold Roger, and his friends, whom he meets on his journey and with whom he has many in common Adventures - and without which, as he himself says, he would be completely lost.[3][4][5]

Luffy's story


Life in Foosha Village

As the son of the rebel Monkey D. Dragon and grandson of the equally famous naval hero Monkey D. Garp, Luffy lives as Shanks ’protégé in Foosha Village, for whose gang he was a kind of mascot. He wanted to become a pirate from an early age; so much so that when he was seven he tried to gouge out his left eye to walk around like a real pirate with an eye patch. He still has the scar under his left eye from this project.[3][6][7]

Whenever Shanks and his gang came to Luffy's home, he would wander around them - especially in party's bar. He's always begging Shanks to take him with him. But even if Luffy has a blow in his opinion that is second to none, Shanks and his people keep teasing him that he's just a little kid. So Shanks puts him a glass of juice, which he drinks enthusiastically.[3]

He eats from the Gomu Gomu no Mi after Shanks and his gang took the fruit into the bar. When he stands up for his great role model and starts an argument with the mountain bandit Higuma, he gets into trouble and is finally thrown into the sea by him. Shanks rescues him there, since Luffy can no longer swim after eating the devil fruit and also threatens to be eaten by Kinkai no Nushi, and sacrifices his left arm. Before leaving, Luffy Shanks promises to assemble a strong pirate troop himself in order to become the king of the pirates with them. To always be reminded of this promise, Shanks gives him his straw hat.[3]

Encounter with Ace and Sabo

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Luffy's grandfather Garp is not at all enthusiastic that Luffy was so influenced by Shanks and when he is eight he drops him off with Curly Dadan, in whose care he had already given Ace to the three-year-old Ace. The encounter between the two is not exactly friendly at first, because Ace spits in little Luffy's face.[8]

Luffy doesn't let Dadan's tough methods get him down either and decides to win Ace as a friend. That's why he follows him through the forest, but he has no interest in the little one and tries to kill him with several traps, like rolling tree trunks. When Ace comes back in the evening, it seems as if Luffy is dead, but he does return later, albeit badly wounded. Luffy does not allow himself to be dissuaded from his plan and pursues him for three months until he can finally follow him to the Gray Terminal, near which Ace and his friend Sabo have a hiding place where they keep their treasure, which they have stolen from minor thefts collected to become pirates later. When the two discover little Luffy, they tie him to a tree and want to stab him with a dagger, but they cannot bring themselves to do it. Shortly afterwards, Polchemy shows up because Ace has ambushed a pirate of his crew. Ace and his friend go into hiding, but lose Luffy, who is picked up by the pirates. When he calls for Ace, Polchemy realizes that he needs to know him, which Luffy frankly confirms by calling Ace his friend, who tried to kill him a few moments ago. When Polchemy asks the little boy where Ace is and the money they took from him, Luffy pretends that he doesn't know anything, but he is so bad at it that Polchemy sees through his lie and takes him to his shelter.[9]

Once there, the pirates tie up Luffy and quickly realize that he is immune to normal brute force, because, as Luffy again frankly reveals, he has eaten from the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Polchemy finally hits him with his special gloves and continues the torture, but the little one remains stubborn. When Polchemy is finally fed up and wants to kill Luffy with his sword, Ace and Sabo appear and storm the hiding place. They free Luffy and even defeat Polchemy in a fight before they bring him to safety, treat him and talk to him about why he has not divulged anything when he is otherwise a real crybaby. Luffy says that he didn't want to say anything to the pirates, because otherwise he and Ace couldn't be friends anymore and because he wouldn't have anyone else. When he tells Ace that he needs him and wants him to live, Ace begins to accept little Luffy, and the three become the best friends.[10]

Since they all want to get stronger, they practice in training battles. Luffy is already developing the Gomu Gomu no Pistol against Ace, but he has not yet mastered his devil's powers properly, so that the arm only hits the ground and then hits his own face with a ricochet. In 100 fights against Ace and Sabo, which he gets from the two of them every day, he cannot win one, while the one between Ace and Sabo is even. But Luffy is sure that he would show the two of them if he were ten years old himself - and completely disregards the fact that Ace and Sabo would be 13 by then. The three of them also hunt again and again and drag their prey to Dadan's lair. The three eventually sneak into town, pretending to sell the skin of a captured alligator. There, on the edge of the Goa Kingdom, behind the wall, they meet a band of bandits who the three of them already know before they later collude in a restaurant in the central city of the Kingdom. The three hear someone calling for Sabo, and when they are back in the forest, Ace and Luffy force Sabo to reveal to them what kind of secret Sabo has from them. He declares that he is the son of a nobleman and that he ran away from home. He's ashamed because, unlike the two of them, he still has parents - but Luffy and Ace don't care. The three decide to become pirates and seal their promise with some sake that Ace stole from Dadan and drink to their brotherhood. The three of them spend the next few weeks fooling around, defending their meals from Dadan's bandits and taking special care of little Luffy. The three of them occasionally get new clothes from Makino, and Garp visits the three of them too, albeit to give them a good beating. The three even move out of Dadan's house into a small, self-made tree hut.[11]

One day their luck comes to an end when Sabo's father hires Bluejam to bring his son back. Sabo stops the Bluejam pirates from killing Ace and Luffy by voluntarily returning to town with a father.[11] Luffy and Ace are then used by Bluejam to hide boxes in the Gray Terminal, and without knowing it, they lay incendiary bombs with which the aristocrats of the kingdom want to burn down the Gray Terminal and everyone living there, as they await the arrival of a Tenryūbito .[12][13]

Luffy as a pirate

First steps in the Eastblue

At the age of 17, Luffy sets out to assemble a strong gang with whom he wants to travel the oceans and - as he promised Shanks - to look for the One Piece. When Luffy finally leaves his home, his boat leaks on the way. He escapes into a locked barrel and drifts around waiting on the sea, where he finally drifts to an island on which Lady Alvida's base was.[3][14]

Luffy realizes that he would be completely lost on his own. Therefore, he wants to look for a gang of at least ten strong members who swear loyalty to him as captain. The first thing he does is look for a swordsman with Zoro as a strong comrade, whom he can trust in every situation, and with Nami a gifted navigator who is also a talented thief. Other members of his gang are Usopp, from whom he has already heard a lot through his father Yasopp, and the SmutSanji.[16][17][18]

Together with them, he made a name for himself on the Eastblue when he defeated three of the most dangerous pirates of the Eastblue in face-to-face clashes: both Buggy, Don Krieg and Arlong ultimately had nothing to oppose, which is why his first bounty from the Navy was 30,000 .000 berry is fixed. The fact that he also stopped Kuro was not taken into account by the navy, as the pirate had been considered dead since his execution after the bogus arrest.[19][20][21][22][23]

Proud and with the new bounty in his back, he and his gang set off for the city of Loguetown, the birthplace of Gold Roger, where he was also executed. Here he is almost publicly executed by Buggy on Gold Roger's scaffold. Eventually his father, the revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon, comes to his aid when he threatens to be captured by Captain Smoker and allows him to escape so that he and his crew can escape onto the Grandline and continue his adventure.[24]