What do you enjoy being alone?

Time for yourself20 things that you should definitely do alone

Whether you are feeling exhausted, have moved to a new city, your friends are all scheduled, or you need time to think - our 20 activities cover all of your needs.

Sometimes we are so anxious to fill every free minute with social events that we forget to take a step back and spend time with ourselves again.

Whether you are the focus of any party or more of an introvert, alone time is important. Not just to do the things that would otherwise be left lying around. Time alone can also be great fun or help you get to know yourself better.

In order to make your alone time as valuable as possible, you should organize it well. Scroll through and get inspired.

20 things you should do alone

When you feel up and running

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1 Go for a hike or a long walk in nature with a good playlist or an exciting podcast.

2 Try a new workout that you've wanted to do for a long time. An hour of yoga, a new dance class or a round of jogging - the main thing is that you move and have fun.

3 game tourist! Take a day trip to the nearest town or pretty village. Or take a look at a corner of your home that you don't yet know well.

4 Take yourself out to dinner and order what you feel like. Eating alone can be uncomfortable at first. But you will be amazed how intense the taste experience can be if you have no distractions.

5 Get creative. Go to the hardware store and buy clay, wood, or fabric and get started on a small DIY project. You can find inspiration here.

6 Go to the movies alone. Laugh heartily or cry when you feel like it - don't worry, nobody will see you!

7 Take a Brocki tour and look for old treasures in second-hand stores. You might find one or the other cool vintage piece.

You can find tips for vintage shopping here:

8 Go to a concert, an interesting reading or a panel discussion. In many cities there are free concerts at music colleges or events in smaller bookshops on weekdays.

When you need time to think

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9 A walk to a nice, quiet place is just the thing now. On the way, one or the other problem will certainly be solved and when you reach your destination you will enjoy the peace and time for yourself. By the way, the latest trend is called forest bathing.

10 Free travel: Get on a tram or get on your bike and just go for it. Let the landscape and your thoughts go by and take a deep breath.

11 Download a meditation app and try it out, maybe it is for you. And if not, now you know.

12 Take a long, relaxing bath. Sounds mundane, but warm water, a few candles, and quiet music can work wonders.

13 Go offline. Check emails, scroll through Instagram, write WhatsApp messages ... For a change, turn off your cell phone and laptop for a few hours and enjoy an offline time without distractions and flashing screens.

Tips on how digital detoxing works:

If you are bored

Image: Joshua Rawson-Harris / Unsplash

14 Organize your closet and clear out old items that you no longer want. Bring your clothes to an organization for those in need or plan a clothes swap party with your friends.

You can find tips on how to do it here:

15 Go to a field of flowers and pick a pretty bouquet. Or put together your own arrangement in a flower shop.

16 Swing the wooden spoon or put on your baking gloves and try a new recipe. If you have leftovers, invite friends or neighbors over and throw an impromptu dinner party.

17 Learn something new: how about a new language or try your hand at calligraphy?

Maybe a bullet journal is something for you too?

18 Visit a museum and only see what you feel like doing. No boring guided tour, no audio guide, no booklet - examine the art with your eyes and try to interpret it your way.

19 Grab a good book, pack a picnic and make yourself comfortable in a beautiful park.

20 Plan a trip - and better yet; also compete alone. Traveling as a couple or in a group can be fun, of course. But you are also dependent on other wishes and ideas. Treat yourself to the luxury of exploring a new place at your own pace and according to your taste - without having to compromise.

You should definitely see these 10 places before 30:

Still not enough? Here are more ideas:

Tips against boredom: There is always something to do

Have you been staring at the ceiling for hours? Then you need these tips against boredom. Meaningful, fun and helpful: these ideas will give you something to do.

Yes, we love Netflix too and we are only too happy to be pulled under the spell of the streaming service. But let's be honest: Free time can also be used more sensibly. For example, if you can be inspired by our tips against boredom and tackle something new. Try it out right away.

Click your way through the picture gallery and discover 50 tips against boredom - one of them is sure to suit you!

Gallery: Linda Freutel

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Cover picture: Ryoji Iwata / Unsplash

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