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As has been a tradition for many years, we would like to thank you, our valued customers, on the last pin board of the year for your loyalty in 2014 with a few "merrymaking" items and a raffle for the rarest wines in the world. Good luck with your win and have fun with our side dishes!

In today's bulletin board we present friends of French wines absolute insider tips from Bordeaux at highly attractive prices, the famous pins in a haystack: Vom Maison Dominique Thienpont two wonderful everyday wines and from 'Le Puy' an absolute top cuvée, which challenges the most famous wines of the region. Pierre Clavels Cult wine 'Les Garrigues' receives a coup de coeur and the same FIVE Châteauneuf-du-Pape from Pinard de Picard win a large comparison sample! What a triumph for our Rhône winemakers. We present the winners and delicious everyday wines from all domains. Inspiring droplets come from Boudau and La Péira and our exclusive goods from the Beaujolais are included in the vinological Olympus by the French specialist press: Desjourneys reached the “list of the 20 best French wines” of the year, framed by the country's much more expensive prestige wines!

Friends of Italian wines can look forward to: The new vintage of our bestseller and our customers' favorite, Burlotto, has just arrived and the Barbaresci der Cantina del Pino are celebrated by Parker with dream ratings.

Bordeaux: high time for great wines at low prices!

Bordeaux is a legendary wine-growing region. With great locks. With wonderful wines. And amazing prices.

Because Bordeaux is by no means just Grand Cru Classé in the high-end range in terms of quality and price. On the contrary! In Bordeaux there are also great wines for every day and every occasion. Authentic in style. And as attractively priced as our bestsellers from Langedoc-Roussillon. Wonderful drops that show that Bordeaux is not just a luxury for a few, but can put a smile on the face of connoisseurs for every budget and every occasion. Admittedly: Those are the rare exceptions. The real pearls. The truffles that you have to look for and find carefully. And we have such discoveries at hand for you today! Because Bordeaux was and is home to great wines that come from excellent terroirs and Germany is the most important buyer of Bordeaux wines in Europe. And that has it's reason: A good traditional Bordeaux (WITHOUT extraction aimed at high points and unfortunately alcohol excesses that are all too often fashionable) at a fair price there is no need to shy away from competition. Worldwide!

Because it is only the prices of a few dozen premium goods (which undoubtedly produce world-class wines in great vintages) that shape the reputation of an entire region and create a picture that does not correspond to reality. Because there are several thousand domains (no one has ever counted them exactly) in this blessed area on the Gironde. And quite a few of them do a good job. And some also a very excellent one. But hardly anyone knows them and takes notice of them and their wines. Because the most influential journalists in the world, whose points determine prices, do not report on them. While we had already recommended some insider tips for the Bordelais in the past with great success (and since then you, dear customers, have repeatedly asked for other tasty alternatives to the high-price plants), we have in the last Months ago ransacked this prestigious region in search of the undiscovered truffles of the region.
The result: Three insider tips Bordeaux - authentic enjoyment at highly attractive prices. One for everyday life, one for special occasions and one of the highest quality for those special moments in life ...

We cordially invite you, dear customers, whether you have been a Bordeaux lover for a long time or have avoided this prestige region because of the prices, to join us on this exciting journey, away from the high-priced products and the well-trodden paths to make real discoveries. “Le roi est mort, vive le roi” (“The king is dead, long live the king”) was the heraldic formula used in France to announce the death of the old king and at the same time to proclaim the new king. In this sense: “Long live Bordeaux”!

Maison Dominique Thienpont

A sonorous name of the Bordelais: Thienpont. One of the most famous Bordelais wine merchant families for generations, with great success since 1842. The extensive holdings of the brothers and cousins ​​from the Médoc to Pomerol and the Côtes de Francs include such sonorous, prestigious goods as Vieux Château Certan and Le Pin with excellent ones , fine wines that are given top marks year after year and are in demand all over the world. High-end wines at high-end prices. But Jan and Florian Thienpont, who took over the Maison Dominique Thienpont in the 4th generation in 2012, are responsible for two wonderful wines, small insider châteaus that are still little known on the market, but are among the biggest insider tips in their respective price range count all over Bordelais. We would like to expressly recommend these two pearls to you today, because this is how Bordeaux is really fun. Promised!

Order no .: FBO440112

Contents: 0.75 l
13.0 vol.%

La Marotte, Bordeaux Supérieur, rouge 2012
(corresponds to 9.27 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

What a charming red Bordeaux from the famous Thienpont family, who run such legendary estates as Le Pin and Vieux Château Certan, which is already extremely accessible. The wine is made from old Merlot and Cabernet vines and is full-bodied, juicy, with structure and elegance and with juicy, round tannins, plenty of red fruit, plum, cassis and mint and delicate notes of herbs and spices. A classic Bordeaux nose that seductively caresses the senses. Long, pleasantly fresh finish with creamy, round tannins. Great everyday wine, to be drunk until around 2017.

By the way: on the funny label with a lovable “cliché French” is the designation of origin “Vins de Comptoir Controlée”, a loving allusion to its great cousin Vieux Château Certan!

Order no .: FBO441010

Contents: 0.75 l
13.5 vol.%

Château Clos Fontaine, Côtes de Francs, rouge 2010
(corresponds to 13.20 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

A few years ago Dominique Thienpont bought a few acres old Merlot vines on the plateau of the Côtes de Francs, in the hinterland of Saint Emilion, the smallest appellation of the Bordelais, but blessed with wonderful soils (a limestone base). In the region, the area characterized by rolling hills is known as the "Tuscany of Bordeaux".
And this extremely delicate and elegant drop tells the story of its great terroir and is reminiscent of times gone by, when the great wines of the Bordelais were not alcohol bombs, but the epitome of finesse! The grapes are picked by hand, fermented in stainless steel and the wine then matures for 18 months in barely palatable oak barrels. The Thienponts are interested in an honest, drinkable, yet sophisticated Bordeaux, which is affordable for everyone and which one likes to enjoy solo, but which also accompanies a feast in a congenial way because it tastes so delicious. In the past, Bordeaux stood for this elegant, fresh style with delicacy and refinement, today it stands for opulent wines that are thickly laden with tannins and that are expensive and hardly to be consumed voluntarily in their youth. In contrast, our gem is a delicious, classic-traditional Bordeaux with a claim and individual character, with enchanting, very complex fruit (red berries, cassis, mint, fine spice, cedar wood, light tobacco notes), powerfully concentrated and elegant at the same time, wonderfully matured on the palate , with lively acidity, nice balance and ripe, creamy, butter-soft, downright polished tannin. And at an unbeatable low price! To be enjoyed from now until around 2020+

Dear customers: Château Clos Fontaine is one of those artisanal wineries that go beyond journalists' reviews and offer the best Bordeaux quality at extremely attractive prices. This is a reference wine for a Bordeaux under 10 euros. Ralf Zimmermann also puts it in the basement by the box!

Vieux Château Certan. A magical sound. Like Le Pin. Real thienponts. Like our “Marotte” and our “Clos Fontaine”.
© Philippe Roy


L’Expression originale du Terroir - Authentic Bordeaux wine, budding world class at a provocatively low price!

Le Puy has been no stranger to our customers since last autumn. But still an absolute insider tip in the scene. Although the REVUE DU VIN DE FRANCE is now also celebrating the estate (“individual style versus Bordelais uniform porridge”) and last year it knocked out 12 highly rated prestige wines (at average market prices between 50 and 180 euros) in our blind sample. THE surprise, our pirate from biodynamic cultivation! A name that has to be remembered and Tino Seiwert's greatest Bordeaux discovery in the last 10 years. "Personal favorite wine category!"

Le Puy is a traditional good!

Passed on from father to son since 1610. Carefully guarded from generation to generation. Preservation of an ancient cultural and winemaking heritage. This is home. Money does not dominate here. No shareholders need to be satisfied. No foolish wine-fashion follies stand a chance. Here the Grand Vin has only 12.5% ​​alcohol even in the 2010 vintage. And is incredibly balanced. Just like in the good old days!
“To me, being a winemaker means observing nature. To be curious, thoughtful, hardworking, 'brave' and meticulous. To love nature with its living beings and to be respectful of one's fellow human beings. As a winemaker you are an “artiste”, an artist, and still act methodically. Sometimes you have to think boldly, but at the same time reflect intensely enough. Be hot-blooded and patient at the same time. Quite stubborn at times. To be a winemaker means to give the wine lover the best of himself through his wine ”.
Jean-Pierre Amoreau, a Bordelais character, a man made of real shot and grain, is a committed lateral thinker. He passionately explains his idea of ​​a Grand Vin de Bordeaux. And just make HIS wine. Doesn't care about journalist points. And logically, his wine is harmonious and balanced. No over-extraction, no wood orgy, no excess alcohol, no onomatopoeia. No wine for primeur tastings when hundreds of wines are tasted daily and only the loud ones on the tired palate still catch attention.

“Souvenir de Bordeaux - souvenirs: Go now and say hello to the beautiful Garonne, and the gardens of Bordeaux, where the footbridge goes on the sharp bank and the brook falls deep into the river, but over it looks a noble pair of oaks and white poplars ... ”(Hölderlin, 1803)

Instead, a really great wine for relaxed evenings by the fireplace. In the old traditional Bordelais style. Finesse and elegance in aristocratic garb. If you like modern Bordeaux wines with 100 Parker points, you might not be happy here. Or is it?

Because in our last year's blind test of 2009ers rated 94 to 100 Parker points, there were already some die-hard lovers of the modern Bordeaux style among the 10 participants. And the overall winner was our gem from the immediate vicinity of the famous locations of Saint-Emilion!
And it was clearly my personal favorite, even ahead of the 100-point Léoville-Poyferré. The latter is a demonstration of depth, concentration and almost brute strength with 14% alcohol; Le Puy, on the other hand, with its 12.5%, as was the rule for the greatest wines of the Bordelais in the legendary 1983 vintage, for example, a tender, cuddly cat on velvety paws and a formidable mineral nest.

Dear customers: It was one of those wine tastings that you will never forget. The vinological dogmas shattered. Mind you, I'm not interested in a price-enjoyment ratio. It's just a question of quality. (And of course, as always, personal preferences. But wine is never just something objective. Wine is feeling!)

Instead of 32.90 euros
just29.95 euros

Arrival offer by December 23, 2014!

Order no .: FBO420210

Contents: 0.75 l

Puy, Château Le Puy “Émilien”, rouge 2010
(corresponds to 39.93 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

Order no .: FBO420210M

Contents: 1.5 l (Magnum)
12.5 vol.%

Puy, Château Le Puy "Émilien", rouge 2010 (Magnum)
(corresponds to 46.00 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

The singular quality of the "Emilien" (that's the name of our cuvée) from Le Puy has its origin in outstanding terroir. On the same rocky plateau on which the prestigious estates of Saint-Emilion and Pomerol are located, are the carefully tended, biodynamically farmed (also certified, which is not so common with our French friends), limestone and clay vineyards of our Château Le Puy, which are the second highest vineyards in the Gironde. From this hill (already called "hills in wonderland" because of the excellent wines) you have a wonderful view over the valley of the Dordogne. And the "newly" built part of the Château le Puy was built in 1832 by the grandfather of the current patron, Bartholomäus Amoreau. The original part, however, dates back to the early seventeenth century. The château is surrounded by a Gallic moat. The natives from the time of Asterix and Obelix made their tools out of flint in this area and it is not uncommon to find remains of flint in the vineyards today. Like the fabulous minerality in the bottle, which makes me think of great red Burgundy or the legendary Morstein from Klaus-Peter-Keller. It is the lime that speaks!

Tradition: from fathers to sons ...
Dear customers: Many of you have turned your back on Bordeaux in recent years. Be it because of excessive alcohol (sometimes over 15%), or because of the prices. But you can come back! Because they really still exist Absolute top wines from the Bordelais at the most attractive price.

It is truly time to rethink. Because 'Le Puy' is probably the hottest insider tip in the Bordelais at the moment!

We hardly dared to dream of such a fantastic wine at such an affordable price from the 2010 vintage: Finesse, elegance, freshness, balance and a harmonious balance of all components on the jubilant tongue. And that with only 12.5% ​​alcohol. What an aristocratic plant that is completely alien to anything over-concentrated, jam-like or plum-like, which is now a tiresome fashion trend in so many interchangeable Bordeaux oenologist wines. Instead, an authentic expression of his grandiose, chalky terroir, pure drinking pleasure!

From the classic noble grapes Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, from exemplary cultivated vineyards, Jean-Pierre Amoreau vinifies a very fine, intensely aromatic wine with pronounced fruit and harmonious balance. On the nose, the noble aromas of classic Bordeaux red wines of a fabulous complexity (red and blue berries, cassis, sweet raspberries, violets, lilacs, classy coffee beans and noble spices) are quite unique in this price range, which our blind sample also does demonstrated impressively. This extremely fine, elegant, deep cuvée then pampers the tongue with still present, creamy, ripe tannins and clear hints of beguiling black cherries, cassis, blackberries, Asian spices and a gripping minerality from limestone. All of these magical ingredients are wonderfully packaged in a silky texture. This is how this extremely fine wine presents itself full of race and elegance and with a solid, mineral, precise core on the middle of the tongue. What a noble wine with great potential that is balanced and aristocratic to spoil the palate.Put this “Grand Vin” in a blind sample with much more expensive Prestige plants. It could change vinological worldviews! You can enjoy it immediately after several hours of ventilation. However, we recommend waiting until autumn 2015, because great wines from the Bordelais need time to mature. Peak 2017 to after 2030.

PS: Le Puy 'Emilien' will be out biodynamic cultivation and vinified from vines that are around 50 years old. In the cellar, there is no chaptalization, no fining and no filtering and the 24-month aging takes place in used barriques of the best French provenance, which give the wine almost no woody taste. Noblesse oblige!
Le Puy "Emilien". Good from tradition and experience!


Pierre Clavel, sympathetic cult winemaker of the Midi, lovingly vinifies handcrafted unique items in organic farming instead of soulless techno wines, and at outrageously low prices!

Order no .: FLA010213

Contents: 0.75 l
14.0 vol.%

Pierre Clavel, Les Garrigues, rouge 2013
(corresponds to 11.93 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

The enchanting perfume of the south!
And also a “Coup de coeur”, the highest and very coveted award, in the wine guide “Guide Hachette” 2015, with the decided judgment: “A reference from Langeudoc!”

Dionysus and Pierre - a congenial duo. Born to be a winemaker, ordered to enjoy, sworn to wine, they like the world. Loosely based on Goethe's "Faust" ;-)
What a pleasurable “cultural program” with the autochthonous grape varieties of his wild and romantic region: Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache!

Truly: Pierre Clavel, the sympathetic cult winemaker of the Midi, “gives” us the most dramatic red wines so far in his glamorous career with the vibrantly fresh, yet dense, full-bodied, concentrated 2013 vintage! The legendary "Les Garrigues" boasts a voluptuous elegance: waves of delicious perfumes of Provence rise from the glass (noble herbs of the garrigue, red berries, oriental spices, green pepper and floral fragrances), enchanting and beguiling all the senses. A wonderfully harmonious “southern wine” with fullness and lustful opulence, with melty, creamy tannins and champagne in the blood! And an animating vintage freshness! To enjoy from now on, peak autumn 2015 until after 2020.
A truly Dionysian drop! Extremely favorable price-enjoyment ratio - even by the standards of Languedoc! Such bargains are available once a decade, maybe!

Truly a top wine compared to most other organic wines in a similar price range. Typically Pierre Clavel. Chapeau, mon ami!

PS: Paula Bosch, Germany's “grande dame” of sommeliers (for many years an institution in “Tantris”, Munich), euphorically celebrated Clavel's “Garrigues” more than a decade ago in her highly acclaimed column in the magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Since then, the 'Garrigues' has been state of the art in its friendly price range.

And in the “best vintage in Languedoc since 1998”, according to the enthusiastic verdict of the Revue du Vin de France, also the “best 'Les Garrigues' of all time”, Tino Seiwert. You can take my word for it!

And then we recommend three more bestsellers from the popular figure at the foot of Pic St. Loup:

Order no .: FLA010512

Contents: 0.75 l
14.0% by volume

Pierre Clavel, “Bonne Pioche”, Pic Saint Loup rouge 2012
(corresponds to 15.87 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

Pierre, one of Languedoc's quality pioneers, was able to acquire another great plot of land with valuable vines in the mythical Pic St. Loup massif, in the wild and romantic hinterland of Montpellier, and has made one of the most stylistically independent wines here after switching to organic cultivation. which you can find in the entire south of France: What a fine-nerved fragrant cuvée (especially Syrah, plus Grenache and Mourvèdre), what a concentrated variety of aromas, especially characteristic blue and red berries, cherries, noble chocolate, mint, plus fine spicy notes, a little pepper and elegant smoky notes. This great wine flows transparently and fragrantly from the glass; on the palate, concentration, density, depth, even a touch of lust find their harmonious counterpart in a subtle finesse and a rare elegance and result in a flavor complexity that is very unusual. original character of grapes from grandiose parcels and an expressive, unmistakable style.
To enjoy from now on, peak in spring 2015 to approx. 2025

Order no .: FLA010312

Contents: 0.75 l

Pierre Clavel, La Copa Santa, rouge 2012
(corresponds to 21.20 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

Order no .: FLA010312M

Contents: 1.5 l (Magnum)
14.0 vol.%

Pierre Clavel, La Copa Santa, rouge 2012 (Magnum)
(corresponds to 21.33 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

The FEINSCHMECKER degustation, which put the Copa Santa at the top in front of the world-famous, but many times more expensive top wines of the Côte Rôtie from Guigal, has become legendary! Cult wine status! Because his lovers know: Copa Santa is much more than just a wine, Copa Santa is a pure attitude towards life!

They are not just our winemakers. They have been our friends for years: Estelle and Pierre Clavel.

Order no .: FLA010413

Contents: 0.75 l
14.0% by volume

Pierre Clavel, Le Mas, rouge 2013
(corresponds to 9.20 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

Our best-selling organic red wine from Languedoc inspires every connoisseur from the first sip, and has been for many years. What a fascinating drinking fun for every day! “Le Mas” is the reflection of a noble soul: Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to get to know Pierre knows about the seriousness of this great man without airs and an always wide open heart.
This little stuff has been thrilling experts for over (14!) Years: Joel Payne, the editor of Gault Millau, has included it in a large Languedoc report in VINUM “Best bargain in the whole of Languedoc”. Simply the finest organic, unbeatable in its price range!
And 'Le Mas' is also enthusiastically praised by Jens Priewe, an icon of wine journalism, in FEINSCHMECKER: “Hot tip: pleasantly cheap reds for cozy evenings! They are back, the decent reds for little money. "

The FEINSCHMECKER celebrates our jewel Moncuit as one of the best goods in Champagne and gives a decided judgment: "The most impressive in all of Champagne seems to us the price-performance ratio at Pierre Moncuit."

Champagne is considered to be the origin of very expensive wines. All the champagne? No! For you, dear customers, we have crossed one of the most exciting growing regions in the world several times intensively and after extensive tastings we decided several years ago for a small but extremely fine winery that is highly valued by insiders worldwide and many connoisseurs in France, where the domaine has acquired a legendary reputation and is counted by not a few connoisseurs alongside big names such as Krug, Selosse, Jacquesson and Bollinger as one of the top five in the region: Fantastic qualities at unbelievably low prices!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a wine journalist who wrote the most informative book on the German market about Champagne, who invited me to accompany him on his tasting trips and from whose knowledge I benefited enormously. Gerhard Eichelmann, you all probably know as the editor of the standard work “Deutschlands Weine”, is one of the most competent minds of the German wine scene and probably nobody knows the Champagne better than him.

We owe it to him for this treasure in our program, the sparkling drops of which our customers have been enjoying for over six years and whose beguiling pearls top retailers and restaurants all over the world are vying for.

No wonder that the FEINSCHMECKER euphorically praised our friendly family dominion in a very well-founded report on the "BIG champagne SMALL houses": "The most impressive thing about the Champagne region seems to us to be the price-performance ratio at Pierre Moncuit." What prompts FEINSCHMECKER editor Emanuel Eckardt to this hymn of praise is the artisanal, individual, terroir-oriented style of carefully tended vines on OWN top plots, which the exclusive, small but fine family businesses can work out in their champagnes, in contrast to one - albeit on highest level - leveling style of the big houses that buy many of their grapes from the winegrowers. We quote from the brilliantly researched FEINSCHMECKER analysis: “Champagne from small houses is often particularly good for them personal handwriting of the winemaker, expressing the characteristics of the vineyards and vintages. These exclusive addresses produce outstanding quality - some at amazingly low prices. A journey of discovery for the advanced! This narrow elite of winemakers, who produce their own champagne in the lee of large corporations and champagne houses, are perfectionists who control every step from cultivation to vinification and bottling to sale and develop their own, highly individual style. Unlike large champagne houses, whose cellar masters put all their skills into bringing a product onto the market that guarantees the same standard and style of the house year after year, the winemakers emphasize their personal signature and the character of the terroir. "

Nicole Moncuit, grande dame of Champagne

And what are the special features of our gem from what is probably the most famous growing area in its world-famous region? The siblings Nicole and Yves Moncuit run the over 100 year old winery, which is one of the best in Champagne, in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger: THE wine-growing village in the heart of the Côte des Blancs. The "slope of the whites" is a gently swaying mountain range, the vines stand on calcareous clay, ideal soil for Chardonnay. Blanc-de-Blancs champagnes have therefore always been praised for their elegance. Yves, responsible for sales, and Nicole, specialist in production and vinification, complement each other perfectly, even if the sister apparently has the last word on a crucial question. It determines how long the wines are allowed to mature, and it gives them time: "Chardonnay takes five to six years." Nicole Moncuit, an ascetic looking beauty, has tied her white hair in a ponytail. She has been putting together the cuvées for more than 30 years. “We basically don't use wood,” she explains, “too much perfume. It also distorts the color ”. To do this, it allows malolactic fermentation and consistently follows its principle: one grape variety (all of their champagnes are pure Chardonnay!), one great location, one vintage. She never mixes wines from different locations or vintages, even if there is no year on the label. The estate has 20 hectares of vineyards, 15 of them in the Grand Cru Le Mesnil-sur-Oger and four in Sézanne on the southwestern edge of the Champagne, where marls, sand and clay on a chalky subsoil shape the character of this world-class champagne.

Fantastic qualities are those that FEINSCHMECKER illustrates with a memorable image that you have to let yourself melt on your tongue: “In Germany, Moncuit champagnes are even below the basic prices of the big brands in terms of price. Now you shouldn't compare an ASTON MARTIN with a GOLF. But IT IS STRANGE WHEN GOLF IS MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE. "

Could there be a nicer compliment for the spectacular qualities of our proverbial gem? Hardly likely. Do not miss out on these fine pearls, dear customers. Even the top of the domaine, champagne of the absolute world class, cost less than the average quality of the famous names. Noblesse oblige. But not on the label, but in the bottle.

PS: A small personal note about the patroness of our exceptional master: Very precise, with a calm voice, Nicole Moncuit speaks to us, an unusually sympathetic, very "quiet" patroness. Everything onomatopoeia is alien to her and her charisma reminds me a little of Werner Schönleber, the upright character winemaker from the Nahe. And just as Werner's Rieslings are home wines with an unmistakable soul, never intrusive or ostentatious, but filigree and full of finesse, Madame Moncuits champagne, an essence of the great terroir of Le Mesnil, which not a few connoisseurs for the best of the hold all of the champagne. And what are these fabulous qualities! You can always recognize great champagne by the fact that it has a harmonious maturity and a creamy, soft texture on the tongue, that it is ripe and full-bodied and yet fresh and racy-vibrating and offers a coherent, beguiling taste experience. The acid must never taste unpleasant, never the dosage lead to a sticky sweetness! Great champagne is also amazingly durable and capable of development, extremely complex and multi-layered on the tongue and can be enjoyed easily and carefree. Simply drunk solo, or as usual in Champagne, as a congenial accompaniment to an entire menu! Have fun, dear customers, with these ingenious champagnes from one of the great women of the wine world, who play in a league with the greatest prestige champagnes in the world - and at almost outrageously low prices. It is not the label that makes champagne: the truth about the quality lies in the glass, as always. Cheers!

Order no .: FCH020100

Contents: 0.75 l

Pierre Moncuit, Cuvée Hugues de Coulmet
(corresponds to 37.27 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

Order no .: FCH020100M

Contents: 1.5 l (Magnum)
12.5 vol.%

Pierre Moncuit, Cuvée Hugues de Coulmet (Magnum)
(corresponds to 38.67 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

From Sézanne in the south-western part of Champagne, where marl, sand and clay on a chalky surface shape the character of the wines, the grapes for this extremely delicious cuvée “Hugues de Coulmet”, a fresh and elegant, floral, extremely lively Brut Blancs de Blancs. At Domaine Moncuit, the dosage must never dominate the terroir character that characterizes this grandiose entry-level wine into the magical world of champagne in a beguiling way. A perfect aperitif that can easily accompany an entire menu and which, stylistically, stands out like a beacon from the mass of soulless, often sweet and tangy supermarket champagnes as a reference quality. We have never had a cheaper top-quality champagne in a glass.

And the FEINSCHMECKER praises: "Great class!"

Order no .: FCH020200

Contents: 0.75 l

Pierre Moncuit, Cuvée Pierre Moncuit-Delos Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs
(corresponds to 42.67 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

Order no .: FCH020200H

Contents: 0.375 l (demi / filette)

Pierre Moncuit, Cuvée Pierre Moncuit-Delos Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs (Demi / Filette)
(corresponds to 49.33 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

Order no .: FCH020200M

Contents: 1.5 l (Magnum)
12.5 vol.%

Pierre Moncuit, Cuvée Pierre Moncuit-Delos Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs (Magnum)
(corresponds to 44.67 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

The "Pierre Moncuit-Delos" cuvée from the legendary Grand Cru location Le Mesnil-sur-Oger will appeal to all champagne lovers with its scent of white flowers, but also spicy white pepper and the hint of roasted almonds and typical of the Chardonnay grape warm bread in memory as well as with its creamy fullness and its grandiose mineral finish from the best limestone soils of Champagne, which is otherwise only found in much more expensive luxury champagnes. Fantastic quality (“Great class!”, FEINSCHMECKER), which can effortlessly play luxury brands on the wall in blind samples!

And SAVEURS judges: "Great, the Cuvée Pierre Moncuit-Delos Grand Cru easily keeps up with other LUXURY BRANDS"! Bargain alert!

© age fotostock / LOOK-foto

Order no .: FCH020305

Contents: 0.75 l
12.0 vol.%

Pierre Moncuit, Grand Cru Millésime, Blanc de Blancs 2005
(corresponds to 62.67 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

Top cuvée - world class at a provocative price!
Eichelmann: "Complex and haunting: Côte de Blancs in its purest and most fascinating form!"

“Pierre Moncuit's vintage champagnes are complex and haunting, and are regularly among the greatest champagnes. They are fine and elegant, impress with their length and sustainability: Côte des Blancs in its purest and most fascinating form ”, praises Gerhard Eichelmann in his standard work“ Alles über Champagne ”. “A great champagne, creamy, soft, ripe, harmonious, complex, full and fresh at the same time,” enthuses the FEINSCHMECKER. And there is no longer any doubt: 2005 is one of the greatest vintages in the last 20 years: "Outstanding Champagnes"According to Eichelmann's decided judgment in his champagne handbook. A world-class champagne with noble perlage and huge aging potential that you can even pay for - Truly a noble Aston Martin among the pearls!

PS: We actually get constant calls from amazed customers who know what really big champagnes usually cost and who downright refuse to believe the price for this noble and rare world-class champagne and are convinced that it must be a misprint act. No, it's not like that. But you are definitely getting one of the greatest values ​​in the entire wine world here!

World famous locations ...

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Contents: 0.75 l
12.0 vol.%

Cuvée Nicole Moncuit Vieille Vigne Millésime 2004
(corresponds to 79.87 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

Eichelmann: 5 stars. Top rating!
"Tino, is that the champagne that tingled so nicely in my navel?"

High-end champagne. In a homeopathic dose. From a celebrated vintage at Moncuit: Gold medal in the CONOURS DES VIGNERONS and recommended by GUIDE GILBERT ET GAILLARD as “champagne of great quality, complex and with great aging potential”. Let the festive season begin ..

From Champagne to Châteauneuf. View from the old castle on the Rhône. Sunset. A glass of Châteauneuf in hand. This is how Tino and Ralf like the world. ;-)

Goosebumps atmosphere: the view sweeps from Châteauneuf-du-Pape down to the majestically gliding Rhône.
The sun is sinking in its waters ...
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Dear customers, now we come to one triumphant success of our Rhône winemakers:

Five Châteauneuf-du-Pape from Pinard de Picard win a large comparison sample!

In its current December issue (12/2014), VINUM is testing the great Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines, especially those from the 2012 vintage. The five most highly rated wines all come from the Pinard de Picard range. With terrific ratings between 17.5 and 19/20 points. Another five of our wines are almost tied with 16-17 points, including Clos Saint-Jean and Mont-Olivet the only two Châteauneuf-du-Pape for less than 30 euros in this top category. Congratulations to our world-class winemakers from the southern Rhône: You have been vinifying excellent wines reliably for years, which are among the best in France!

We are delighted to quote the overall assessment from the very readable VINUM report:

“CHÂTEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE - In the name of the father

The strong, warming drops from Châteauneuf-du-Pape are booming at this time of the year. Many wines only impress with the first sip, but there is also another side - more than impressive plants: fresh modernists and classics that stand above everything!

The town of Châteauneuf-du-Pape only has 2000 inhabitants - but its name is world-famous. At Christmas, the wine from here is one of the drops that often comes on the festive table. Maybe because nothing goes better with a Christian festival than a papal wine. But CdP also goes wonderfully with winter, because hardly any red wine warms the soul like this.

We present the Winning wines. And from each of these world-class goods, we also recommend a great everyday wine:


Authentic plants from world-famous terroir embody the marriage of tradition and modernity!

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15.0 vol.%

Clos du Caillou, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Réserve rouge 2012
(corresponds to 118.67 Euro / l - prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs)

“Fantastically beguiling fruit aromas that flow from the glass like an aphrodisiac rose perfume. Perfectly ripened tannins ground this weightlessness, noble juiciness extends the finish further and further. Meditation wine - a wine that captivates the senses. Rises with air like an expensive flower. Simply inspiring!
19 points
/ 2014-2044 ”(VINUM)

An intoxicating classic made of velvet and silk for the festive days of life. Tino Seiwert: 97-99 + points

Avignon: City of Popes and Divine Wines
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