How did your cat choose you

10 signs your cat loves you

How do you recognize the affection of cats? With these behaviors, your kitty shows you that she loves you.
1. The cat won't leave you alone. If she follows you to the bathroom or moans, if you don't want to let her into the bathroom and if you don't move from your side so that you almost trip over her while making coffee, that's a good sign.
Cats have clear behaviors that tell us that they are comfortable around their owner.
Your fluffy stalker enjoys being around you.
2. The cat is sleeping near you If your cat prefers to stretch out on your keyboard for an afternoon nap rather than in its litter basket, then you can be sure of their love.
Not all cats always seek close proximity. However, if your cat is always in the same room as you, it is a sign of affection.
If she "copies" your behavior, it is also a sign of affection.
Besides, if she visits you at night too.
The types of closeness are very different. Some cats prefer to sleep on their owner, others next to him - by the feet or by the head.
3. The cat shows you its tummy.
Since this is the most sensitive part of your body, it is the greatest vote of confidence.
4. The cat is happy to wait for you at the entrance She's just as excited about your return because she misses you all the time. That's why she is already expectant at the door (sometimes loudly) as soon as she hears your steps or the key.
5. The cat complains when you go away. When you leave the house in the morning to go to work, is the end of the world howling and moaning every time? Then be happy about the longing that your ball of fur has for you.
7. The cat blinks slowly.
8. She brings you "presents" Admittedly, we would prefer not to receive these gifts. Especially those of us who have sensitive stomachs. But that is one of the highest possible expressions of a cat's reverence. After all, she caught something for us. How selfless. So she is proud of words of praise.
9. She drools on you or licks you off A cat only does this if it is absolutely comfortable.
Or she'll give you a "head nut".
Intensive eye contact also shows trust.
10. She gives you a massage. A massage also means maximum relaxation for cats. If she's groping on you, that's a good sign.
The cat's body language is not very subtle. She shows her feelings in a very unmistakable way. Nevertheless, we may be unsettled in the role of the owner due to their fluctuating moods.

If after years of living with your fluffy companion you sometimes wonder if he loves you, you will find the answer in the picture series.

How does your cat show you that she loves you? Leave a comment below!

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