Why do dogs make good pets

Pet dog: advantages, disadvantages

Is a Dog a Good Pet? If you want a dog as a pet, you will find interesting information in this article about what advantages and disadvantages a dog has as a pet and what you should definitely know before buying.


Dogs are loyal friends

dogs like to learn tricks

dogs like to be caressed

dogs like to play

The sight of a dog wagging its tail cheers up

dogs to comfortwhen one is grieving or feeling alone


Go for a walk - even in bad weather or illness

Ticks in the flat

time for playing, exercising, engaging

Collect feces go for a walk

costs for food, toys and veterinarian

Dog hair in the flat

Dogs often give off a distinct one odor

Go for a walk

Small dogs can be incredibly playful and have a great urge to move, while big dogs don't always want to run a “marathon” - and vice versa. Character, temperament and breed determine how much exercise a dog needs.

Portuguese Water Dog - Photo: Brook Robinson / Shutterstock

Dogs enjoy learning

Dogs are very enthusiastic animals and learn with a lot of joy. There are many great tricks that a dog can quickly "master" with a little training using the usual commands such as sit, down, and off. A demanding occupation is especially important for the four-legged friend, because otherwise it can happen that he is unbalanced and develops disruptive behavior.

What convinces your parents!

1. Going for a walk or going for a walk improves fitness.
2. A dog as a pet helps to forget the stresses and strains of everyday life.
3. Dog owners quickly make new friends with other people and / or dog owners.
4. In an emergency, a dog can protect its owner through its presence or through special training.
5. Children learn to be responsible.

Checklist: it has to be right!
  • All family members should agree.
  • A dog must not be left alone for more than five hours.
  • A dog needs at least 2 hours of attention a day.
  • A dog needs space.
  • A dog needs to be fed 2-3 times a day and needs fresh water.
  • A dog needs to be able to run outside (park, forest).
  • No dog hair allergy

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