Which companies are leaders in sustainable technology

RankingTop 10 sustainably managed corporations worldwide

Is sustainability in danger of degenerating into a hollow buzzword? A number of companies strive for climate protection and against the waste of resources on the flags. A CO2 balance can be calculated relatively easily by investing in reforestation projects, plastic packaging can be replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives without fundamental changes. On the other hand, how employees are dealt with is sometimes a completely different matter.

The most sustainable companies in the world

The "Wall Street Journal" wanted to find out which companies are run most sustainably worldwide. According to the information, more than 5500 listed companies were examined on the basis of up to 165 factors from these areas:

  1. environment
  2. Employees (employees and workplace)
  3. social capital (external social issues and aspects of the products, for example affordable prices)
  4. Business model & innovation

According to the WSJ, the analysts rated the respective guidelines, initiatives and actual performance of the companies. The data were said to have come from the companies themselves or from over 8,000 media sources. The results were published in October 2020.

According to the ranking, these are the most sustainably managed companies in the world.

# 10 Sekisui Chemical (Japan)

Japan is notorious for inhumanly long working hours. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Tokyo-based plastics manufacturer Sekisui Chemical has committed to reducing the average annual working time to less than 2000 hours by the end of 2020. For a five-day week, that would correspond to just under eight hours a day. Sekisui Chemical therefore landed fourth in the “human capital” category among the more than 5500 companies examined. The Japanese group performed significantly worse in terms of social capital (89th place), environmental factors (38th) and business model & innovation (30th).

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# 9 Georg Fischer (Switzerland)

Europe leads the way in sustainable management according to the WSJ ranking. Every second company in the top 10 comes from the continent. Georg Fischer from Switzerland is making the start. The industrial company, which was founded in 1802, was seventh in terms of its workforce, and twelfth in terms of business model & innovation. The assessment was less positive for environmental factors (48) and external social issues (82).

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# 8 HP (USA)

The world of work in the USA is shaped by extremes. Members of powerful unions enjoy strict occupational health and safety, while much of the economy has a hire-and-fire mentality. Two US corporations were voted into the top group worldwide by the Wall Street Journal. Hewlett-Packard secured eighth place with good results in the areas of “Business Model & Innovation” (eleventh place), “Social Capital” (22) and “Human Capital” (23). In efforts to protect the environment, it was only enough for 79th place.

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# 7 Meliá Hotels International (Spain)

Of all things, environmental protection is a weak point for the companies presented so far in the WSJ's sustainability ranking. The picture is very different at Meliá Hotels International in seventh place. The Spanish hotel chain was also able to achieve seventh place worldwide in the environmental category. In all other areas it was a maximum of 36th place.

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# 6 LG Electronics (South Korea)

You won't find China in the top 10 particularly sustainably managed companies. Two Asian industrial nations were able to place themselves in the top group. Besides Japan, that was Korea with LG Electronics. The electronics manufacturer scored fourth place in the "Business Model & Innovation" category and 16th place in social capital. According to the analysts, there is room for improvement in the work environment (67th place) and environmental protection (89th).

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# 5 Iberdrola (Spain)

The electricity provider Iberdrola shows: In the WSJ ranking, the final verdict is often better than the evaluation of the individual categories. The Spanish group, which also offers green electricity in Germany, was between 17th and 82nd place in all four areas.