What Causes Coca-Cola Addiction

But now - at the latest 40 minutes after a Coke - I finally feel awake, which today only very few people seem to be able to do without caffeinated stimulants - not even me. The caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors. This floods the brain with activating messenger substances, the release of which would otherwise have been hindered by adenosine.

45 minutes after a coke

Five minutes later I am enjoying dopamine - a messenger substance that is one of the happiness hormones. Dopamine is also known as the reward hormone, it is always released when you do something with enthusiasm or have achieved a goal.

However, since it happens more and more often today that everyday life is completed without any enthusiasm and many people no longer even pursue goals, the cola or other drugs come at just the right time.

60 minutes after a coke

After an hour, the phosphoric acid has also done its job and bound a number of vital substances such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. in the small intestine, so that these can no longer be used by the body. Since many people nowadays already suffer from a magnesium and / or zinc deficiency anyway, drinking cola intensifies this problem.

However, a lack of vital substances is now associated with almost every illness, so that cola drinkers - similar to smokers - have to take food supplements every day to compensate for their cola-related deficit due to the overexploitation that they cause with their health.

Cola & Co - What happens if I NO longer drink Cola?

So Cola leads, among other things. blood sugar fluctuations, chronic inflammatory processes, the storage of fat, the loss of nutrients, internal stress and a rise in blood pressure. The cola drinker does not notice any of this at first, because his brain is simultaneously clouded by artificially created feelings of happiness, which leads to more and more cola being drunk - just as it should be for a drug. At some point - many years later - one wonders where the diabetes, the vascular disease, the heart problem, the sick joints, the allergy etc. come from.

As a result, a single cola stresses the human organism for at least an hour. With 1.6 billion Colas sold every day around the world, it is hardly surprising that heart disease, diabetes, malnutrition and obesity are slowly but surely leaving people to waste. Because it's not just colas that have the effects mentioned, but also other caffeine and sugar-rich soft drinks.

I was very overweight, always struggled with blemished skin, suffered from poor concentration and chronic fatigue. I got used to drinking cola (and coffee too) - and became a different person. My excess weight melted away, my skin became flawless within three months, I have excellent concentration and don't even need the caffeine kick in the morning to wake up.

Anyone who is already struggling with health problems or obesity will feel an enormous sense of well-being and an improvement in the symptoms, as well as experience rapid weight loss, if they just remove the daily consumed cola and other caffeinated and sugary drinks from the menu.


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