Can rappers have the same name

Model of US rap That's chopper - and that's how the style came to Germany

With the chopper style, the rap pace is really pushed. The rapper packs double or triple the amount of syllables in a Verse line, hence the division into double and triplet time. To then flow it cleanly and understandably is quite a challenge.

In 1980, Kool Moe Dee and his crew The Treacherous Three were the first rapper to rap in double time and called this new technique "The New Rap Language".

Almost a decade later, Twista made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest rapper with 11.2 syllables per second. His hometown Chicago and the American Midwest are especially known for their many chopper rappers.

During this period, Eminem made a name for himself in the rap scene. With his group Soul Intent and the song "Biterphobia" he showed as early as 1995 that he can master the rap style pretty well.

Around the turn of the millennium, more and more rappers appeared who had a talent for linguistic tropical storms. One of them: Busta Rhymes. With "Dangerous" he landed a top 10 hit in the USA in 1997.

Faster than Busta Rhymes? Go! Twisted Insane or Tech N9ne break all speed limits in addition to Busta. Tech N9ne regularly brings the talent of the scene into the studio in its "Worldwide Choppers" series.

The trend arrived in Germany in 2000 because:

Samy Deluxe has ascended the throne as the first German-speaking double-time king. Back then with his crew Dynamite Deluxe.

During the same period, Kool Savas, Olli Banjo and Kollegah also show that they can deliver technically strong choppers. In 2006 the style reached a climax in terms of flow variations with Hollywood Hank. On his album "Soziopath" he dances back and forth between double time, halftime and a triplet technique - as if it were the easiest in the world.

To date, very few rappers have come close to the technical level of Hollywood Hank. One of the exceptions: DCVDNS in the appropriately named song - "German Choppers".