What is video content marketing

Video content marketing as an efficient marketing measure for brand positioning

Video content marketing is one of the most efficient marketing measures when it comes to the sustainable positioning of a brand and deep customer loyalty. Distribution, remembering and further use are the keywords for successful implementation.

The wheel of advertising was not reinvented with video content marketing. Nevertheless, there has been a significant change in the classic advertising spot in recent years. YouTube has become a commercial advertising powerhouse with short commercials before almost any video launches.

In contrast to classic TV spots, YouTube ads are able to reach viewers within a short period of time. This makes video content marketing an efficient and effective way to create brand awareness. In addition to the integration through paid ads, video content marketing is of course also used for distribution on social media channels, the preparation of your own assets (blog, magazine, ...) and active recruiting.

Video content marketing will play a crucial role in 2018 as it provides users with the insight information they are longing for.

Shorter attention spans

The attention span is getting shorter and shorter due to the influence of social media. Short content videos offer the ideal opportunity to convey your company's message briefly and concisely to the consumer. Emotional content attracts the consumer's attention and saves time in the creation of complex productions. People buy from emotions, and they need to be addressed in even less time than ever before.

Content marketing strategies have fundamentally changed the way products are marketed. The use of video content marketing reinforces this effect through its versatile use in, for example, promo videos, live streams, snaps and Insta stories. The emotional depth of short video clips creates a bond with the consumer. This triggers needs that the consumer did not even know he had before.

Appearance on social media

The influencer community shows how appearing on social media can become a real advertising measure. Millions of followers accompany the life of the content creator. The recipe for success lies in the close relationship between influencer and community. Likes, comments and subscriptions maximize the success of fitness, fashion and lifestyle gurus.

This trend is also becoming more and more important in the B2B area. Influencer marketing and behind-the-scenes are no longer a secret. Hip start-ups document meetings in their Insta Stories, share their company values ​​and promote their products and ideas in emotional content videos. Through the use of video content marketing, the customer gets an insight into the philosophy behind the product and will thus build a more loyal bond with the company.

Spread the rumors!

The big appearance on television is planned and the audience figures are forecast above average. But who can rely on forecasts? The probability that fewer people tune in than expected is very high.

Therefore appearances such as television interviews should be used to distribute them on other channels. Surely you can take the video and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and in the newsletter. However, it is doubly worthwhile to put the presentation in new contexts. Different target groups and users can be reached through different formats and encouraged to get involved. Why not produce a follow-me-around video for the YouTube channel about the television appearance? Or an Insta story that accompanies the day from the mask to the after show party? The catchphrase is emotional. This is exactly what the video content marketing strategy should aim at.

Benefits of short content videos

  • Easy to distribute: Short video clips can be easily shared on social platforms.
  • Easy to remember: Often we only remember the most important or most concise sequence from a spot. Just as we only remember the passage “I have a dream” from Martin Luther King's speech.
  • Easy to continue to use: The news feed of the social networks is updating rapidly, so it can be a challenge to keep up. Short content videos provide a remedy because they can easily be reused, supplemented and put into new contexts.

This is why video content marketing is worthwhile

Video content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing measures. The corporate philosophy can be easily shared with the 3.2 billion people on the Internet through short video clips. To produce efficient messages means to distribute them, to use them further and to perpetuate them. The social networks should be understood and used as a digital stage. Today's users are interested in stories behind the scenes and not in classic commercials.

Video content marketing has become indispensable as an effective method to establish sustainable customers. Nevertheless, short video clips should always be seen as an addition to a complete marketing strategy. With the right content mix, maximum brand awareness can be created. In 2018, video content marketing will no longer only take place in the five-minute advertising blocks of prime time.

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