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"Jobvite does the things a Talent Attraction Pro needs ... without a lot of fuss"

Comments: I have used all major Applicant Tracking and Applicant RM systems. Jobvite is the cleanest of what might be termed the "minimalist" systems. It gets the job done without a lot of feet. Very user-centric and intuitive, ramp-time is fairly short. Some of the bells (campaigns, email "slams" etc.) have a steep learning curve; This is problematic for me since I am working specialist positions rather than commodity positions.

Advantages: There are three elements with Jobvite that are just the best:
1. Each landing page is clean and consistent. Any TA Pro knows that every implementation of a system like Jobvite is modified to meet the needs of the client. I've used Jobvite at two companies and while there were the expected differences, the overall look, feel and function was essential the same, module to module.2. Jobvite has done a great job of integrating the engagement side with the rest of the functionality. One of my personal metrics for ATSs is "can I get from Point A to Point B in four or fewer mouse clicks." Jobvite has done themselves proud in meeting a metric they likely didn't know existed. 3. Jobvite has sufficient points for adding significant information about a candidate as the candidate moves through the selection process. This is important for many reasons and most TA Pros know what they are.

Disadvantage: There is one issue that drives me up a wall with Jobvite and it is pervasive throughout the application.Data and information that should be passed to 1. other common applications or 2. stay with the applicant as the applicant is moved within Jobvite to other requisitions (and this is a hyper-common occurrence) JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN.Two examples:
1. Jobvite makes it very easy to send a quick note to a potential candidate from within a requisition. Problem - that note doesn't get passed to the primary email client AND if the candidate tries to reply, the reply does not go directly to the primary email client. Drives me up a wall. 2. In my organization, we have very close control over visa sponsorship. If I reject a candidate for requiring visa sponsorship and note that fact in the NOTE function, that is not married to the candidate's record. Having this functionality would save Talent Attraction team time.

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  • Reviewed on 2019/04/24