Which celebrities look better with age

Celebrity Men: These actors get more attractive as they age

As they say: Men are like wine because they get better with age! This definitely applies to some specimens - while Hollywood stars like Ryan Reynolds, Patrick Dempsey and Charlie Hunnam used to be very cute and were considered a teenage crush, today they convince with lots of sex appeal, including gray hair and first wrinkles to change. On the contrary, the older they get, they seem to have matured and turned from a baby boy to a real guy. In our gallery we have summarized for you which successful actors have made it into our top 11 and in any case do not need to be afraid of getting older ...

These celebrity men have gotten hotter with age 🔥

Striking facial features, gray hair, a radiant look and lots of charm - our teenage idols from childhood have by no means lost their good looks over the years, but just seem to become more attractive with each passing year. They all have one thing in common: They have the George Clooney Effect, which - as the name suggests - was named after the prime example, George Clooney. This is the perfect symbol for the fact that some men only become more beautiful with age and gain sex appeal despite increasing wrinkles, a small beer belly and gray hairs.

At 58 years of age, the Hollywood star just looks better every day and is the dream man for many women. And other men follow: One who gives George serious competition isPatrick Dempsey aka McDreamy, who was a real eye-catcher in the past, but seems to mutate into a heartthrob with every gray hair gained. We have researched for you which actors still belong to the type of man "the older, the more beautiful" - you can get your own picture of them in our picture gallery! 😍

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