What does this hand gesture mean

Perhaps the dab is so popular with children because adults initially encounter it with the obligatory irritation: they can't do anything with it, they don't understand it, they find it pointless, unreasonable, silly. A childish thing.

The fact that the pose sounds suspiciously like Depp makes things not better, but only more conclusive for many parents. In the country of origin of the phenomenon, in the USA, they are already one step further. The dab is already so well established there that politics has identified it as a means of attracting young people. In other words, when the stiff robot woman Hillary Clinton suddenly starts dabbing, which was last year on the Ellen DeGeneres TV show, then you really have to be concerned about a fashion that is unique to young people. (Fortunately, Clinton's dabbing looked pretty pointless, unreasonable, silly.)

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What is the dab? The dab is a dance that finds its completion in a self-confident pose in which you, optionally with your legs slightly bent, turn your head to one side and let it fall into the bend of your raised arm, while you move the other arm in the opposite direction stretching out. In the two million clicked YouTube video "What is the dab?" it is more vividly said that a dabber looks like he's sneezing.

It is certain that Youtube and social media spread the hype worldwide; it is disputed who invented the dab and when. The hip-hop scene in Atlanta is suspect, the year of the dance is estimated to be 2013. (Anyone who still finds the whole matter childish should see the German Wikipedia entry confirmed: "The controversy was cleared up when the hip-hop artist OG Maco officially declared that Migos were the founders of the dab, even though it was actually Skippa da Flippa was. ")

The dab - briefly explained

How to dab

The dab itself is less the finished pose than the movement. Bend one arm, stretch out the other arm, drop your head into the crook of your arm - several times in a row.

Where to dab

Currently in particular on sports fields, school playgrounds and on game consoles. The son of the US MP Roger Marshall dabbed in front of the cameras when he was sworn in, Bible in hand, and received house arrest for this.

Why not dab? Incumbents, dignitaries, and people in general who are not professional athletes, dancers, computer game characters, or children would do well not to dab. The same goes for parents of all ages. For them there was the Becker fist. This is called intergenerational justice.

The name of the dance should refer to weed - colloquially a corresponding smoking technique is called "dabbing". According to this reading, the indicated gesture of sneezing is superseded by that of coughing. Either way, there is something surprisingly well-behaved about the head-crook of the arm. Today there is hardly any reason to dab apart from wanting to dab. Mostly, however, it is used as a casual gesture of triumph. The American football player Cam Newton dabbed on camera after touchdowns, the French footballer Paul Pogba after goals, the Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka after a victory at the Australian Open.

In a hands-on manner, an eleven-year-old boy named Lorenzo outlined the meaning and spirit of dabbing. In a newspaper article he was quoted with various application examples: "If I've just caught the bus in which my classmates are sitting: Dab." If he tunneled someone while playing soccer. "I think he's a good solution. Then he says: You have cashed, but don't take it so hard." Because the formerly subcultural dab has long been part of the mainstream, variations on the basic idea are also popular. For example, the self-deprecating to embarrassing videos of dabbing, who are actually too stuffy or too old for this (suits, grandpas, Hillarys). On the other hand, the dance should not be danced very often in Atlanta's backyards. But also local dabbers are annoyed by the omnipresent success of the dance. Lorenzo: "I know people who dab all the time. I don't dab a lot. Every two days, roughly."

But the hype still persists. And so it would be a miracle if the general election campaign this year should actually pass without a dabbing Martin Schulz.

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