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Pakistani deported

After seven months of incommunicado detention in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Pakistani national and Baloch activist Rashid Hussain Brohi was deported to Pakistan. His family has not yet been able to find out about his whereabouts in Pakistan. Because of his ethnicity as a Baluch, Rashid Hussain Brohi is in mortal danger in Pakistan. Rashid Hussain Brohi moved to the UAE after several family members and colleagues belonging to the Baloch community were killed in unexplained circumstances between 2010 and 2016. Family members believe that Pakistani security forces were involved in the killings.

Rashid Hussain Brohi was arrested by UAE security forces on December 26, 2018. After that, he was only seen once. At around 1:00 am on December 29, armed security forces holding Rashid Hussain Brohi stormed his relatives' home, searching for his passport. His family was trying to get information about his whereabouts and had already made inquiries to the relevant UAE officials. However, the authorities did not provide any information about his whereabouts, the reasons for his detention or possible charges against him.

Amnesty International has official documents confirming that Rashid Hussain Brohi has been deported from the UAE.

Amnesty International condemns the deportation of Rashid Hussain Brohi by the UAE authorities to Pakistan, a country where his "life or freedom is based on his ethnicity, ... his membership of a certain social group or because of his political life Beliefs could be threatened. " (Art. 33, Geneva Refugee Convention). Deportations under these conditions violate international law.

With this Urgent Action, Amnesty International campaigned for Rashid Hussain Brohi and urged the Emirati authorities not to deport him in violation of international law. Amnesty International will continue to monitor Rashid Hussain Brohi's situation and respond appropriately to developments.

No further appeals from the emergency network are currently required. Thank you to everyone who wrote appeals.